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World Media May, Corbyn clash over Brexit plans with UK vote a week away
Author: 0 May, Corbyn clash over Brexit plans with UK vote a week away

I think debates where the politicians are squabbling amongst themselves doesn't do anything for the process of electioneering. "People are saying Jeremy is a strong leader, and he is - he's got integrity and he's got principles and that is certainly coming across", she said .

Author: 0 Ethiopia's Tedros Picked To Lead World Health Organization

Geneva: A former Ethiopian health minister, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has been elected the new Director-General of World Health Organization (WHO). He was nominated by the Government of Ethiopia, and will begin his five-year term on 1 July 2017. All three candidates said that if they won, they would reform the WHO's bureaucratic system, put an emphasis on universal health care, and prevent the next worldwide pandemic.

Author: 0 Britain may be heading for hung Parliament

But on Wednesday the race was electrified when a projection by the polling company YouGov suggested that far from winning a landslide, May's majority would be wiped out - and that the opposition Labour Party could form a government by partnering with a smaller group such as the Scottish nationalists.

Author: 0 Ariana Grande to hold benefit concert for Manchester terror attack victims

Meanwhile, by Friday morning, police had made their tenth arrest in relation to the Manchester terror attack. Investigators are now working to determine if suspected bomber, Salman Abedi , was part of a much wider terror network. As of Thursday, the identity of the officials who leaked the information remains unknown but at a press conference, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said his country would continue to share intelligence despite the leaks.

Author: 0 Why Trump is attacking Germany over trade

Merkel , however, had also said Germany's relationship with the USA was of "outstanding importance" but it must also engage with other important nations. This is in contrast to Europe's , and Ms. Merkel's, relationship with Donald Trump . Spicer said that Trump feels he and Merkel have a "fairly unbelievable" relationship.

Author: 0 Prime Minister Modi meets King Felipe VI of Spain

India and Spain on 31 May 2017 signed seven Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) including one on cyber security and technical cooperation in civil aviation. Modi will also call on King Felipe VI of Spain. Modi will then be received by Putin at the Konstantin Palace, a sprawling regal complex that is also the Russian president's official residence where he hosts world leaders.

World Media Afghans mourn a day after massive truck bombing kills 90
Author: 0 Afghans mourn a day after massive truck bombing kills 90

The White House on Wednesday condemned the suicide bomb attack that took place in Kabul , Afghanistan , killing at least 90 people and injuring hundreds more, including US citizens. Local TV channel Tolo TV also tweeted that a staff member, Aziz Navin, was killed. The blast in the Wazir Akbar Khan area happened near several embassies and not far from the presidential palace.

Author: 0 Rubin: Israelis pleased, over all, with Trump visit

It is unclear if the "pressure" exerted by Trump would resonate with Israeli leaders. As ISIS insults democracy with fresh terror attacks , Trump's proposed ban on radical Muslims entering the USA doesn't look so insane. The Palestinians sharply condemned Israel on Sunday for holding a government meeting near a sensitive Jerusalem holy site at the core of their conflict.

World Media Flynn to give Senate panel some documents in Russian Federation investigation
Author: 0 Flynn to give Senate panel some documents in Russian Federation investigation

The diplomat's calls were recorded as part of routine USA intelligence monitoring of ranking foreign officials, and the Justice Department warned the White House that Flynn could be blackmailed for his statements about those contacts. Cohen could face a subpoena from the Senate Intelligence Committee, similar to what Flynn received. The president's former National Security adviser, Michael Flynn, is expected to turn over business records and other personal documents to the Senate ...

Author: 0 Ariana Grande to return to Manchester for charity show

British Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday night (23 May) raised the nation's threat level to " critical " - the highest possible - and said there is a risk of other "imminent" attacks. Police searched properties in Moss Side and in the town of St Helens in neighbouring Merseyside, roughly 48 km to the west of Manchester. Authorities have so far arrested eight people in a series of raids in northern and central England Wednesday including Abedi's brother.

World Media Big business wants Trump to stick with Paris climate accord
Author: 0 Big business wants Trump to stick with Paris climate accord

But Republicans have slammed the climate deal and Trump joined the chorus when he ran for president. He then tweeted that he would make an announcement this week. More than 190 countries have signed on. President Trump has long questioned the reality of climate change calling it a "hoax" during his campaign for the Oval Office and suggesting the Chinese came up with concept.

Author: 0 Cleveland Police Fire Cop Who Killed Tamir Rice

Officer Frank Garmback , who was driving the patrol auto when Rice was killed, was suspended for 10 days, officials said . On Nov. 22, 2014, Rice was shot and killed by Loehmann outside the Cudell Recreation Center. The final decision to fire Loehmann was made after what Cleveland's Mayor Frank Jackson deemed an " exhaustive process " of investigation. In April 2016 , the city agreed to pay $6m (£4.14m) to the family of Tamir Rice .

World Media China calls climate change 'global consensus'
Author: 0 China calls climate change 'global consensus'

Two senior USA officials familiar with Trump's plans said Wednesday he is expected to withdraw the United States from the accord. "It is of crucial importance that all parties stick to the Paris Agreement". California Governor Jerry Brown, who is preparing for a visit to China, says he will continue to combat climate change regardless of President Trump's decision.

Author: 0 Kellyanne Conway: Jared Kushner's foreign contacts helped make Trump's trip successful

Kushner was reportedly joined by Michael Flynn, who would resign, after just 24 days as Trump's national security adviser following reports that he secretly spoke with Kislyak about sanctions and lied about it. Kushner previously volunteered to share with Congress what he knows about these meetings. But he never provides details whether the article is fake because it is anonymous or because it is leaked.

Author: 0 Trump To Announce US Pullout From Climate Accord

Trump will speak during a 3 p.m. ET event in the White House Rose Garden . President Obama hailed the agreement as " a turning point for our planet and a key test for American leadership in the world ". "We don't want other leaders in other countries laughing at us any more , and they won't be", he said . The European Union wanted countries' emissions targets to be legally binding, a no-go for Obama's negotiators who wanted to avoid having to bring the agreement to the ...

World Media New developments in Manchester attack probe
Author: 0 New developments in Manchester attack probe

The bomber's father, Ramadan Abedi insisted in an interview with The Associated Press that Salman had no links to militants, saying "we don't believe in killing innocents". Both leaders are in Brussels for a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation security summit and Mrs May will use the opportunity to raise concerns in person.

Author: 0 Comey OK'd to testify; House committee issues subpoenas

For the first time since being dismissed as FBI Director by President Trump last month, James Comey will testify publicly for the Senate Intelligence Committee , one of the congressional panels looking into Russian activities during the election.

World Media Arsene Wenger signs new two-year deal with Arsenal
Author: 0 Arsene Wenger signs new two-year deal with Arsenal

Arsenal missed out on Champions League qualification for the first time in 20 years and were thrashed 10-2 on aggregate by Bayern Munich in the Champions League last 16. Sad, mad, inexplicable day. "The lack of respect from some has been a disgrace and I will never never forget it", he told BBC Sport . As well because this club cherishes the values I love.

World Media Germany will only deport Afghan criminals and those posing a threat
Author: 0 Germany will only deport Afghan criminals and those posing a threat

The powerful bomb hidden in a sewage tanker exploded in the morning rush hour in the centre of the city, killing at least 80 people, wounding hundreds more and damaging embassy buildings in the Afghan capital's unofficial "Green Zone". The development leaves Pakistan's cricketers even more isolated in the region. Afghans learned to play cricket in refugee camps in Pakistan after they were forced to leave their homes in the wake of the Soviet invasion in 1979.

World Media The Note: The White House staff shakeup begins
Author: 0 The Note: The White House staff shakeup begins

Dubke's resignation was first reported by Mike Allen of Axios in his Tuesday morning newsletter. He declined to discuss the turmoil inside the West Wing, only saying he was resigning "for a number of reasons - for personal reasons". Whether Lewandowski ends up involved in the White House communications team or not, this administration has a big task ahead. Trump tweeted Tuesday that "we have a MASSIVE trade deficit with Germany, plus they pay FAR LESS than they should on North Atlantic ...

Author: 0 Renewable energy expected to continue growth, despite Trump

Bush. The official has insisted on anonymity in order to discuss the decision before the official announcement. Paris Agreement was opened for signature on April 22, 2016 (Earth Day) at the United Nations headquarters on NY. A USA pullout could deepen a rift with allies and the United States would join Syria and Nicaragua as the world's only non-participants in the 195-nation accord agreed upon in Paris in 2015.

Author: 0 From no-hoper to crowd-puller, British Labour leader Corbyn gains ground

She said she had "not been off the television screens", including taking on Corbyn "week in week out" at Prime Minister's Questions. Liberal Democrat former leader Nick Clegg said Mrs May's comments were "delusional", pointing out that she had backed Remain in last year's referendum.

World Media Korea calls S. Korea's border firing reckless provocation
Author: 0 Korea calls S. Korea's border firing reckless provocation

South Korean activists have often flown balloons carrying anti-Pyongyang propaganda messages and light goods like snacks in to North Korea , to the frustration of the South's authorities. The solid-fuel Pukguksong-2 missile flew about 500 kilometers and reached a height of 560 kilometers on Sunday before plunging into the Pacific Ocean.

Author: 0 Did last night's debate really feature the most left-wing audience ever?

Meanwhile, the SNP's Robertson accused May of lacking the "guts" to take part in the event. She debates Corbyn all the time anyway: May has repeatedly said that since she became leader of the Conservatives in July 2016, she has "directly, week in, week out" debated Corbyn during prime minister's questions in the House of Commons, so there's no need to debate him again before the election.

Author: 0 Trump Set To Pull U.S. Out Of Paris Climate Deal

A White House official said Wednesday that there could be "caveats in the language" announcing a withdrawal, leaving open the possibility that his decision isn't final. Environmental groups criticized the planned withdrawal. "Don't know which way Paris will go, but I've done all I can to advise directly to POTUS, through others in WH & via councils, that we remain", the founder of electric carmaker Tesla and the private space exploration firm SpaceX tweeted.

Author: 0 Jared Kushner Didn't Suggest Back Channel, the Russians Did

Rep. Sean DuffySean DuffyGOP rep: Kushner should have disclosed Russia meeting GOP lawmaker clashes with CNN anchor over Russia probe Allow peaceful, law-abiding working immigrants out of the shadows MORE (R-Wis.) says White House adviser Jared Kushner should have disclosed meetings he had with Russian officials when seeking security clearance.

World Media Iran's Supreme Leader: Saudi Arabia 'cow milked' by US
Author: 0 Iran's Supreme Leader: Saudi Arabia 'cow milked' by US

Iran and the Gulf Arab states are backing opposing sides in the wars in Syria and Yemen, and the unrest in Bahrain. "This package of defense equipment and services support the long-term security of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region in the face of Iranian threats", a White House official said as the USA announced the arms deal last week.

Author: 0 Draft UN resolution would add 15 North Koreans to blacklist

It also said that the Seoul government will strengthen coordination with the U.S., Japan, China and the whole worldwide community with a goal to induce the North to give up its nuclear weapons program through all possible means including both sanctions and talks.

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