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Author: 0 Hostage-taker in Australia acquitted of 'terror' plot

He had called a female escort and arranged to meet with her at the said location. But when the 36-year-old Colombian woman arrived, Khayre killed the building's concierge, a 36-year-old Chinese-Australian man, and took her hostage. He also raised concern over granting parole to Khayre. "Police are aware of the claim and it will form part of the investigation", Victoria Police senior media officer Natalie Webster said.

Author: 0 Pentagon: 3 US soldiers killed, 1 wounded in Afghanistan

The shooting occurred in the Achin district of Nangarhar province, where USA special forces have been fighting alongside Afghan troops against Islamic State and Taliban militants, said Attaullah Khogyani, a spokesman for the Nangarhar provincial governor.

Author: 0 London Bridge attacker tried to rent larger truck, police say

Police say the London Bridge attackers tried to hire the huge truck to carry out their attack. But the three men failed to provide payment details and the vehicle was not picked up, prompting them to use a smaller van from a DIY store instead.

World Media Spicer: WH Referring 'All Matters' on Russian Federation to Outside Counsel
Author: 0 Spicer: WH Referring 'All Matters' on Russian Federation to Outside Counsel

Spicer is scheduled to lead an on-camera press briefing early Wednesday morning with Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin and will host an off-camera briefing for reporters in the afternoon. You can listen to the entire exchange below-if you really want to. Aides described a White House where no one's position, not even Jared Kushner's , feels entirely secure.

World Media London attackers had Molotov cocktails, tried to rent 7.5 ton truck
Author: 0 London attackers had Molotov cocktails, tried to rent 7.5 ton truck

Commander Dean Haydon, head of the Metropolitan Police's counterterrorism unit, said early Saturday that authorities want to know more about the unusual knives . London remains one of the safest cities in the world, the capital's top police officer declared, while warning people to remain vigilant amid the continued terror threat.

World Media Derrick Lewis looks to Mark Hunt down mark in UFC
Author: 0 Derrick Lewis looks to Mark Hunt down mark in UFC

Lewis, the 32-year-old American, is aiming to lock down his seventh-straight victory in the UFC's unpredictable heavyweight division, while the New Zealander Hunt, former kickboxer of Samoan descent, is out to stop the juggernaut. Hunt has been a loud opponent of performance-enhancing drugs since last summer, when he suffered a decision loss to Brock Lesnar at UFC 200 . Need More winners against the spread? Hooker, 27, improved to 4-3 in the UFC .

World Media Teen dies at protest as Venezuela political unrest persists
Author: 0 Teen dies at protest as Venezuela political unrest persists

The pro-government Supreme Court has already shot down one appeal against the constituent process lodged by Ortega, the highest-profile dissenter from within government since the protests started in April. Maduro also said Thursday he would take legal action against opposition leaders who blame the government for the violence. Opposition members contend such an assembly can not be elected without holding a referendum first.

World Media United Kingdom police search Manchester property as part of bombing probe
Author: 0 United Kingdom police search Manchester property as part of bombing probe

Officials have not ruled out Abedi's acting as part of a wider network - a crucial question that arose last week because of the sophisticated and effective nature of the attack and the timing of his visit to Libya. Its executive committee had met and agreed not to inter the remains of Abedi if his family made a request, said the spokesman. There remain a number of things that concern us'.

Author: 0 Trump calls Comey a liar

Regarding Qatar, home to USA military facilities and a diplomatic imbroglio with its Gulf Region neighbors, Trump said , "We ask Qatar and other countries in the region to do more, and do it faster". Trump was also asked if recordings exist of his conversations with Comey, as he has hinted in tweets in the past. Pundits and legal experts were divided on whether Trump's actions rose to the level of obstruction of justice, a potentially impeachable offense .

World Media Afghan soldier kills 2 US soldiers
Author: 0 Afghan soldier kills 2 US soldiers

One US official confirmed that the incident was a "green-on-blue" attack by a member of the Afghan security forces. A Taliban spokesperson told the New York Times that one of their members was behind the attack. The killings have bred fierce mistrust between local and foreign forces even as the rate of such incidents has dropped in recent years. "Additional information will be released as appropriate".

World Media As Tillerson calls for calm, Trump calls out Qatar on terror
Author: 0 As Tillerson calls for calm, Trump calls out Qatar on terror

In a day of mixed messages and chaotic diplomacy, Mr Tillerson emphasised the economic, humanitarian and military damage he said the blockade was inflicting. The latter hosts the largest US military base in the Middle East, which is involved in anti-IS operations. Saudi Arabia , the United Arab Emirates ( UAE ), Egypt and Bahrain severed ties with Qatar on Monday over long-standing allegations that Doha was courting Iran and fomenting instability in the region.

Author: 0 May's top aides resign after United Kingdom election fiasco

He wrote on the ConservativeHome site: "The reason for the disappointing result was not the absence of support for Theresa May and the Conservatives but an unexpected surge in support for Labour ". "As we do, we will continue to work with our friends and allies in the Democratic Unionist Party in particular". The arrangement makes some Conservatives uneasy.

Author: 0 Police commissioner says London remains one of safest cities in world

The three terrorists who committed the terror attack last week in London attempted to rent a 7.5-ton truck, but failed to pay for it. Police discovered 13 wine bottles containing flammable liquid with rags stuffed in them, essentially Molotov cocktails, and blow torches to ignite them, potentially meant for another wave of attacks.

World Media Trump denies seeking Comey 'loyalty,' dodges tapes question
Author: 0 Trump denies seeking Comey 'loyalty,' dodges tapes question

Here's how this works in the case of Comey . Comey said he did so after Trump suggested in a tweet that their conversations might have been recorded. Trump's private attorney, Marc Kasowitz, seized on Comey's admission that he had orchestrated the public release of the information. President Donald Trump speaks during a news conference with Romanian President Klaus Werner Iohannis in the Rose Garden at the White House, Friday, June 9, 2017 , in Washington .

World Media Qatar diplomatic crisis: Recep Erdogan ratifies troop deployment to Gulf nation
Author: 0 Qatar diplomatic crisis: Recep Erdogan ratifies troop deployment to Gulf nation

On Monday, five Arab states - Saudi Arabia , Egypt, the UAE, Bahrain and Yemen - abruptly cut diplomatic ties with Qatar, accusing it of supporting terrorism. "We are in talks with Turkey and Iran and other countries", said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the subject, adding that the supplies would be brought in through Qatar Airways cargo flights.

Author: 0 Erdoğan receives Bahraini FM in Istanbul, discuss Qatar row

Qatar's ambassador to Washington on Thursday told the Financial Times that his country relished Mr Trump's intervention and mediation, but after the USA president's remarks, Meshal Hamad Al Thani took to Twitter in apparent surprise. UAE ambassador to the US Yousef al-Otaiba praised Mr Trump's leadership in the face of Qatar's "troubling support for extremism". "Fighting terrorism and extremism is no longer a choice , rather ...

Author: 0 Thousands mourn Tehran attack victims

Iranian authorities have also arrested seven people it suspects of helping militants involved in attacks, a judiciary official said on Saturday. The Iranian foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, has, in a post on his Twitter account, indirectly attacked Riyadh for preparing the grounds for the terrorist assaults on the Iranian Parliament and the mausoleum of Imam Khomeini.

Author: 0 James Comey ratings boost cable, broadcast TV

Comey alleges Trump repeatedly pressed him for his "loyalty" and directly pushed him to "lift the cloud" of investigation by declaring publicly the president was not the target of the probe into his campaign's Russian Federation ties. Trump will be pleased to know Comey's TV tally did not match the 31M viewers Nielsen clocked for Trump's inauguration, nor the 48M who tuned in to watch Trump's first Address to the Joint Session of Congress.

Author: 0 Gone rogue - Afghan commando kills two USA soldiers

The soldiers were killed in an apparent insider, or so-called "green-on-blue", attack by an Afghan ally soldier on USA service members. "We are aware of an incident in eastern Afghanistan", the US-led military coalition said in a brief statement.

Author: 0 UK PM To Seek Queen's Permission To Form Govt

Prime Minister Theresa May has a new best friend in politics: Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party. They won two more seats in Thursday's election, meaning they will now have 10 MPs in Westminster. The party has an unclear stance on climate change, and once appointed a climate change denier as Northern Ireland environment minister. Then there's the party's historical links to loyalist paramilitaries.

Author: 0 Republican officials from 16 states back Trump in travel ban fight

In early-morning tweets , Trump emphatically said he wants a travel ban, a reference to his proposal to bar visitors to the US from a handful of Muslim-majority countries. Betrayed his attorney general and government lawyers by saying the Justice Department should have stayed with the first order, which wrongly ensnared holders of green cards and people with valid visas.

Author: 0 Rex Tillerson calls on Arab nations to ease blockade on Qatar

The Trump administration has repeatedly said it would help the countries resolve their differences, however none of the Arab countries have expressed willingness to have the the mediator. Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov told Qatar on Saturday of its concern over Arab nations cutting ties with the Gulf state and called for talks to solve the crisis.

Author: 0 Police arrest 2 more suspects over bridge attack

All three had the same type of pink 12-inch kitchen knife with a ceramic blade. The flammable liquid was put inside 13 wine bottles, some of which were labelled "Baywood: Fruity Rose", and had rags tied to their lids, police said. Butt rented a white Renault van in the evening instead, using a recently activated mobile phone. Mr Haydon said: "When I come back to Butt trying to get hold of a 7.5-tonne lorry - the effect could have been even worse".

World Media London Bridge terror attack could have been much worse
Author: 0 London Bridge terror attack could have been much worse

It also emerged that multiple petrol bombs were found in the van used in the outrage, while a copy of the Koran opened at a page "describing martyrdom" was discovered in the east London bolthole where the three men plotted the attack. Police raided Redouane's residence on Tuesday and said he had been renting it since April. The mayor said: " London is open". The knives had duct tape wound around the handle, and one had a leather strap attached.

World Media Record number of women elected to Westminster
Author: 0 Record number of women elected to Westminster

The aftermath of the UK's general election , which resulted in a hung parliament and huge losses for the Conservative party, is proving chaotic and unsettling. Sir Keir was today re-elected as the MP for Holborn and St Pancras, nearly doubling his majority to more than 30,000. The vote on Thursday held historic importance as it came on the 104th anniversary of the death of Emily Davison, who sacrificed her life to bring the issue of women suffrage to the top of the agenda.

Author: 0 Trump '100%' Willing To Testify About Comey Discussions

And frankly, James Comey confirmed a lot of what I said . Many Democrats still blame Comey for Clinton's loss, leading Trump to apparently believe they would applaud him for firing Comey. White House press secretary Sean Spicer has said McGahn "informed the president right away" about Yates's warning. He sees no problem in doubling down on his denials - never mind the risks to US security - because he knows his political base will accept his "fake facts".

Author: 0 Russia's Lavrov calls for talks to ease Qatar stand-off

The nations have long criticized Qatar's support for Islamist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood. The US' "expectation is that these countries will immediately take steps to resolve the situation", he added. Qatar does not support terrorist groups, it stressed, pointing out that "our position on countering terrorism is stronger than numerous signatories of the joint statement-a fact that has been conveniently ignored by the authors".

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