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World Media Qatar rejects Saudi-led bloc's 'terror' list
Author: 0 Qatar rejects Saudi-led bloc's 'terror' list

Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, his son, became Qatar's ruling emir in 2013, but Sheikh Hamad still looms large in the tight, insular world of Qatari ruling family politics. Qatar, home to about 10,000 U.S. troops and the host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, criticized the move as a "violation of its sovereignty". The move, announced early Friday, is the latest development in the ongoing rift between Qatar and Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates .

Author: 0 Egypt condemns IS-claimed Iran attacks

The ministry also published pictures of their corpses. An Iranian state-run news website says 12 people were killed and 42 wounded in attacks on the country's parliament and the shrine of its revolutionary leader. "They have been angry about Iran's power in the region". Saudi Arabia long has pointed to the absence of IS attacks in Iran as a sign of Tehran's culpability.

Author: 0 Arab nations add names to terror list amid Qatar dispute

His comments were a forceful endorsement of this week's move by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates to cut off ties to Qatar . Qatar dismissed the terror listing as part of "baseless allegations that hold no foundation in fact", standing by earlier defiant statements by its top diplomat to The Associated Press that Arab nations had no "right to blockade my country".

Author: 0 Trump offers to mediate Qatar crisis in call with emir

In a phone call with Qatar's ruling emir, Sheikh Tamin bin Hamad Al Thani, Trump said he wanted to help Qatar and its Arab neighbors resolve the row that has upended any sense of Gulf unity, suggesting a possible White House summit among leaders.

Author: 0 Branson calls Trump 'naive' for exiting Paris climate accord

The people complaining of the withdrawal of the US from the Paris climate accord apparently have little knowledge of its details. Keyserling said the issue wasn't partisan and that City Council hasn't considered the petition. "We see the impacts of climate change every day in the streets and homes of our cities - the extreme heat, flooding, and increasing health issues". "The president is turning his back on states that voted for him", Bruce said.

World Media Trump blames Qatar for funding terror
Author: 0 Trump blames Qatar for funding terror

It said that Mr Trump, in a later call with Abu Dhabi's crown prince, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahayan, called for unity among Gulf Arabs "but never at the expense of eliminating funding for radical extremism or defeating terrorism". But in some of the strongest comments yet, Bahrain's foreign minister, Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, reportedly told the Saudi newspaper Mecca he doubted whether Qatar would change its behaviour.

World Media Duterte offers bounties for militant chiefs in Philippine city
Author: 0 Duterte offers bounties for militant chiefs in Philippine city

The video was first published by ISIS's Amaq News Agency. Only 134 were freed on Sunday, less than on previous days, despite government hopes that more than 1,000 would be able to leave a city battered by 13 days of intense fighting. The equipment turned over today was all new, according to U.S. officers at the ceremony. "All I have to do is to bomb the whole place and level it to the ground", said the President.

World Media Rahul Gandhi detained, hits out at PM Modi
Author: 0 Rahul Gandhi detained, hits out at PM Modi

The Congress on Wednesday termed as "cold-blooded murder" the killing of five farmers in police firing and questioned the prime minister's silence over it. "They should not indulge in such tactics and they should not play with the interests of the farmers", said Rajnath Singh . In retaliation, police opened fire at the farmers' mob, leaving five dead, according to official count, but farmer leaders claim eight were killed.

Author: 0 Qatar slams Saudi, allies terrorism list as 'baseless'

The spat has led to one of the worst Gulf crises in decades, with suspended flights and regional ports closed to Qatari ships. Qatar hosts the Al-Udeid military base, the largest USA airbase in the Middle East . U.S. President Donald Trump, who tweeted Tuesday about Qatar funding extremists, called Sheikh Tamim on Wednesday and offered to host leaders at the White House to resolve the crisis.

World Media Imams condemn 'perverted' terror attack in defiant speech on London Bridge
Author: 0 Imams condemn 'perverted' terror attack in defiant speech on London Bridge

The latest arrest marks the fourth person held over the atrocity on Saturday night, that left eight people dead and scores injured. Four other men remain in custody in connection with the attack on June 3 when three men - Pakistan-born Khurram Shazad Butt, Moroccan-origin Rachid Redouane and Moroccon-Italian Yousef Zaghba - rammed a high-speed van into pedestrians at London Bridge before proceeding on foot on a knife rampage in nearby Borough market.

Author: 0 Xi sets commercial terms for engagement with India

The Prime Minister also spoke of the need for enhancing connectivity in the region and said it was the key for boosting trade and investment. Quoting a Chinese foreign ministry statement, a Reuters report said President Xi emphasised on the two countries working to "appropriately" manage their differences .

Author: 0 Death toll from Tehran attacks rises to 17

But Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi has said "we still can not judge that Saudi Arabia has had a role in this terrorist incident". "We still can not judge that Saudi Arabia has had a role in this terrorist incident". Iranian forces are backing embattled Syrian president Bashar Assad while the Shiite power is also supporting militias fighting against the extremists in Iraq.

Author: 0 "It was not innocent" | Macron speaks on long handshake with Trump

In the video, which was initially shared by Macron himself on Twitter , the French president can be seen walking up the red carpet at the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels toward a group of world leaders. Former reality TV star Trump is known to make visitors flinch with a strong handshake that he often combines with a wrench of the arm to leave his victim off balance.

Author: 0 Penguins clobber Predators to take lead in Stanley Cup Final

The Penguins have come within two games of the first team to capture consecutive Cups in almost two decades due in large part to their resiliency. "I think Sid really understands the opportunity that this team has and he's not taking anything for granted", Penguins coach Mike Sullivan said .

Author: 0 Qataris Banned From Flying Via UAE as Gulf Curbs Mount

US President Donald Trump waded into the dispute on Tuesday, but seemed to only muddy the waters. The quarrel is the latest chapter in the battle of wills between political Islamists and traditional Arab autocrats which has buffeted Muslim societies for decades.

Author: 0 Iran leaders accuse US, Saudis of supporting Tehran attacks

The Latest on attacks in Iran's parliament building and the mausoleum of the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (all times local): 2:30 p.m. Iran's Intelligence Ministry has confirmed that five of the men involved in terror attacks in Iran had fought for the Islamic State group.

World Media Iran supreme leader: Attacks fuel hatred toward US, Saudis
Author: 0 Iran supreme leader: Attacks fuel hatred toward US, Saudis

Iranian security forces take cover during an attack on the Iranian parliament in Tehran June 7, 2017 . Although the United States military is also fighting ISIS in Syria , as well as Iraq , President Donald Trump said in response to the attacks in Iran that the country is reaping what it sows.

World Media Australia decides to toughen parole laws after fatal siege
Author: 0 Australia decides to toughen parole laws after fatal siege

Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville said the charges were not terrorism related, but it is alleged they related to Khayre's access to a weapon. Police arrested Mr Dalrymple after storming his house and several other properties across the city on Friday in an effort to find the supplier who gave Yacqub Khayre with the guns he used in the Brighton siege.

World Media Police increase patrols in Tehran after Iran terror attacks
Author: 0 Police increase patrols in Tehran after Iran terror attacks

However, it stopped short of directly blaming the kingdom for the attack, though many in the country expressed suspicion that Iran's regional rival had a hand in the attack. Yet Tehran has been active in the fight against Islamic State , another stated priority of the administration. That was notable because of the deep distrust between Tehran and Washington, which don't have diplomatic relations.

Author: 0 Turkish president approves troops to Qatar

Less than two hours earlier, Tillerson had approached the crisis from a different direction - warning that the stand-off between the former Gulf allies was undermining the anti-terror fight. Riyadh , Cairo and their allies accuse Qatar, the world's richest country per capita, of supporting militant Islamist movements across the region.

World Media This is what Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn's constituents think of them
Author: 0 This is what Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn's constituents think of them

A YouGov survey showed May's lead at a fresh low of 3 percentage points with the opposition Labour party polling 39 per cent against the Conservatives' 42 per cent. A nurse, who said she had seen a real terms cut in her pay over the past seven years, asked the Prime Minister why she was not investing in the NHS amid heckling from other guests.

World Media Coast Guard pulled man from failing duct-taped boat
Author: 0 Coast Guard pulled man from failing duct-taped boat

The fishermen had sailed out of Old Port Mangalore at about 9 am today and were heading towards Malpe Harbour . The man was reportedly trying to get to Point Bishop at the entrance of Taku Inlet and was not wearing a life jacket. The district administration and NMPT extended cooperation. The fishermen quickly sent an alarm. I thank all the stakeholders for working as a. Seeking continued support of stakeholders in future, he urged fishermen to follow weather warnings at all times.

World Media What happened to Hussain Nawaz at JIT?
Author: 0 What happened to Hussain Nawaz at JIT?

The PM's son clarified that he did not intend to contest any elections adding that the decision of his younger sibling Hassan to avoid media was his personal choice. When contacted, PTI's spokesman Fawad Chaudhry said that the party legal team had already collected video footages and statements of various PML-N leaders, including federal and provincial ministers, which would be submitted before the court as evidence.

Author: 0 Iran says arrests seven suspects linked to Tehran attacks

The attack on Tehran was the worst in many years, and the first successful terror attack by Islamic State on Iran, if the group's claims are true. Intelligence chief Mahmud Alavi reported that the extremists, all killed during the attacks, had fought in the ranks of IS in Iraq and Syria. However, knowledge of basic geography and regard for facts are not Trump's strong suits, so it is not surprising that he blamed the ISIS attack on Iran.

World Media Iran on Syrian-Iraqi Border Via al-Tanf
Author: 0 Iran on Syrian-Iraqi Border Via al-Tanf

US -backed Syrian Democratic Forces, made up of an alliance of Arab and Kurdish fighters, advance in the village of Sabah al-Khayr on the northern outskirts of Deir al-Zour as they drive to encircle the Islamic State bastion of Raqqa in February.

Author: 0 Trump eases Qatar critique, offers to mediate Gulf spat

It said Qatar may need to tap its sovereign wealth fund and central bank reserves to offset a major outflow of funds, and considers foreign financing of the economy to be at an elevated risk. Qatar sought Friday to enlist support from overseas after Saudi Arabia and its allies placed several Qataris and Doha-based organisations on a "terror list" in an escalating Gulf diplomatic crisis.

World Media Ways the British Election Results Will Affect Brexit
Author: 0 Ways the British Election Results Will Affect Brexit

May received the queen's approval to form a new government by linking with Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party , which won 10 seats. That's odd, because surely one of the most noteworthy aspects of the election was the surprisingly strong showing of the Labour Party under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn .

Author: 0 What might it cost UK's Theresa May to remain in power?

May, who received a mandate from Queen Elizabeth II to form a new government, was forced to rely on Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party's (DUP ) 10 seats in parliament to pass legislation. That will nearly certainly be pushed back even more , as the Conservative Party now has its hands full trying to form a coalition with one or more other parties so as to remain in power.

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