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World Media Trump says he's calling it a 'travel ban'
Author: 0 Trump says he's calling it a 'travel ban'

Supreme Court . President Donald Trump on Monday lashed out at the mayor of London over a statement he made in the wake of the attacks in the city, urged Congress to approve his infrastructure plans and rebuked his own Justice Department for what he said was a " watered down " version of his travel ban.

World Media UK Labour leader accuses Theresa May of 'pandering' to Trump
Author: 0 UK Labour leader accuses Theresa May of 'pandering' to Trump

Ms May sought to portray the Labour leader as weak on defence and said that he had deserted "proud and patriotic" people while he said there would be no more "holding hands" with Donald Trump . "It doesn't make me a pacifist". However just 30% agreed that Mr. Corbyn should be given a fair chance at leading the country, while 56% said he would be a "disaster" as prime minister.

World Media British Prime Minister Says Police Have Identified 3 Attackers
Author: 0 British Prime Minister Says Police Have Identified 3 Attackers

The second attacker Rachid Redouane, 30, who police said claimed to be Moroccan and Libyan, and also known as Rachid Elkhdar with a different date of birth. Police said there would be "increased physical measures on London's bridges to keep the public safe". They say Archibald was struck by the van driven by the attackers and died in her fiancé's arms.

World Media IS claims responsibility for London attack
Author: 0 IS claims responsibility for London attack

In a desperate plea which left host Susanna Reid speechless, Charlotte said: "I can't get through to her". Diana Krecsy, CEO of the Calgary Homeless Foundation, said the message from Archibald's grieving family was powerful and she hopes it fosters understanding around homelessness and inspires people to help.

Author: 0 Police identify London attackers but names not released

Redouane claimed both Libyan and Moroccan nationality. "We send praise and absolute respect for the police officers who responded with eight minutes to kill all three of the London Bridge terrorist murderers". Detectives are still working to identify the third attacker. Eleven people remain in custody for possible connections to the attack and one person has been released without being charged, according to May.

World Media Travel ban critics say Trump is hurting his case
Author: 0 Travel ban critics say Trump is hurting his case

The president has intensified his push for the travel ban in the wake of the vehicle and knife attack in London that left seven people dead and dozens injured. "These tweets are basically winking at his supporters to say, obviously, I'm only doing this so that the courts will uphold it", Vladeck said. "The travel ban will target Americans traveling overseas for terrorists.

World Media Diplomatic crisis in Gulf; nations cut ties with Qatar
Author: 0 Diplomatic crisis in Gulf; nations cut ties with Qatar

A senior Iranian official said on Monday the decision by some Gulf Arab states and Egypt to sever diplomatic ties with Qatar would not help end the crisis in the Middle East . It further accused the nations involved of seeking to impose "guardianship" over Qatar . Egypt has announced that it will ban flights to and from Qatar starting Tuesday at 6am Cairo local time (4am GMT), and that it will close off Egyptian airspace to Qatari aircraft.

Author: 0 Trump vows to do whatever is necessary to protect US

Seven people were killed and 48 others were initially admitted to hospital. She told BBC Breakfast she is "enormously proud" of the officer, who was in a serious condition in hospital on Monday morning. Neighbors identified Butt from the film's footage Monday, pointing to a scene in which he is shown participating in a provocative prayer session at Regents Park, near London's biggest mosque helping to display a black flag covered in white Arabic lettering similar to the one used by the ...

World Media IL superintendents press lawmakers to pass budget
Author: 0 IL superintendents press lawmakers to pass budget

Instead, House Speaker Michael Madigan said that the House will hold public budget hearings in June, beginning with one in Chicago on June 8. Rauner blamed Democrats for his failure to get his budget proposal enacted - and for wrecking the grand bargain.

Author: 0 Ariana Grande's Manchester benefit gig raises 2.35 mn euros

She says Olivia Campbell-Hardy's mum told her the 15-year-old would've wanted to hear the hits. Piers Morgan has apologised to Ariana Grande after he criticised her decision to fly back to the U.S. The 52-year-old outspoken British television personality previously slammed the "Problem" hitmaker for flying back to the United States immediately after the atrocity, but took to Twitter on Sunday (04.06.17) night to apologise to the star after she organised a benefit concert in the English ...

Author: 0 Trump Says Has 'Total Confidence' in Son-in-law, Key Adviser Kushner

Obama director of national intelligence James Clapper, meanwhile, told NBC Kushner's reported attempt to initiate back channel talks with Moscow "certainly arouses your concern about what is going on, given [that] Russian Federation, at least for my money, is our primary adversary".

Author: 0 Arab nations cut ties with Qatar, saying it backs terror

Qatar has for years presented itself as a mediator and power broker for the region's many disputes, but Egypt and the Gulf Arab states resent Qatar's support for Islamists, especially the Muslim Brotherhood, which they see as a political foe.

World Media General Election: Labour continuing to close gap on Tories new poll shows
Author: 0 General Election: Labour continuing to close gap on Tories new poll shows

Mr Corbyn said: 'Of course not, that is why I made the point ... about the need for president Obama's agreement with Iran to be upheld, it's quite important actually, and also to promote disarmament in Korea'. "The mask has finally slipped", John McDonnell, a lawmaker who would be finance minister if Labour win the election, said in a statement. Negotiations for Britain's departure from the European Union are due to begin 11 days after the election and the prime minister admitted the ...

Author: 0 Putin says he 'didn't really talk' to Flynn at Moscow dinner

When Kelly asked about Russian interference in the election during the panel, Putin likened the accusations to prejudice. It has reportedly expanded to include the President's son-in-law Jared Kushner , who serves as a senior adviser to Trump, as well as his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort .

World Media Former DOJ contender hits Trump over travel ban tweet
Author: 0 Former DOJ contender hits Trump over travel ban tweet

The Trump administration asked the Supreme Court to reinstate the ban. Guthrie asked Conway whether or not she thought Trump owed an apology to London's Mayor Sadiq Khan for quoting him in a "misleading and inaccurate way", and tweeting four times in one morning about the "travel ban".

World Media Trump U-Turns On Climate Change: Top Aide States POTUS Is A Believer
Author: 0 Trump U-Turns On Climate Change: Top Aide States POTUS Is A Believer

Independents are much more pessimistic on these questions, with just over one-quarter (26 per cent) saying that leaving the agreement will help the economy and 33 per cent saying it will create more jobs than it costs. Questions about the Trump administration's commitment to combating climate change resurfaced after the president announced earlier this week that the USA would exit the Paris climate change agreement.

Author: 0 Manchester concert to assist victims

Grande praised the crowd for being "strong and unified" and told her fans "I think that the kind of love, the unity that you're displaying is the medicine that the world really needs right now". One was Grande's highly talked-about performance of her song " My Everything " with the local Parrs Wood High School choir. We love you so much. A surprise appearance from Oasis" Liam Gallagher saw the singer perform a rendition of " Live Forever' with Coldplay before throwing his tambourine ...

Author: 0 Disgruntled employee kills five in Orlando

A lone gunman on Monday returned with a semi-automatic pistol to the Orlando awning factory where was sacked in April and methodically killed five people, then himself, the Orange County sheriff said. Five people have been killed in a shooting at a workplace in Orlando, Florida . The shooting comes one week ahead of the anniversary of the June 12 Pulse nightclub shooting which left 49 dead and dozens more wounded.

Author: 0 Alleged London attacker was a known radical Islamist

Police said Butt was known to security services but there had been no evidence of " attack planning". London police have identified two of the three men believed to be responsible for a terror attack in the British capital on Saturday , which killed seven and injured dozens more.

Author: 0 London attack: More detentions in hunt for accomplices

May said she has protected police budgets and increased the number of armed officers and matched Corbyn's finger-pointing with some of her own, saying her opponent wasn't fit to safeguard Britain at a time of heightened threat. London police say they can not confirm the names of people caught up in the attack. A 55-year-old man has since been released without charge. "A small number of the highest priority investigations involve current attack planning, and these investigations command a ...

World Media 1 dead, 2 missing after Wisconsin mill explosion
Author: 0 1 dead, 2 missing after Wisconsin mill explosion

Recovery crews have been sifting through a mountain of debris. The names of the victims have not yet been released. Columbia County Officials have confirmed that two people are dead and one employee is still missing as a result of the explosion at the Didion corn milling plant in Cambria.

World Media California governor looks to China for climate bond
Author: 0 California governor looks to China for climate bond

The exit of the United States from the Paris Climate Accords has created quite a stir in the global community. Calling China and Germany a golden pair of innovation cooperation, Li said such a partnership has put a high-powered engine to China-Germany pragmatic cooperation.

World Media Maldives joins 4 other nations in cutting ties with Qatar
Author: 0 Maldives joins 4 other nations in cutting ties with Qatar

Qatar is also home to the sprawling al-Udeid Air Base, which accommodates the U.S. military's Central Command and some 10,000 American troops. The diplomatic broadside threatens the worldwide prestige of Qatar, which hosts a large United States military base and is set to host the 2022 World Cup.

World Media Corbyn challenges Theresa May over 'dementia tax'
Author: 0 Corbyn challenges Theresa May over 'dementia tax'

Two years ago, the final polls put the Conservatives and Labour neck and neck. If she fails to handsomely beat the 12-seat majority her predecessor David Cameron won in 2015, her electoral gamble will have failed and her authority will be undermined both inside the Conservative Party and at talks with 27 other European Union leaders.

Author: 0 Alan Johnson says he may have been wrong to write off Corbyn

The party only has seven percent of voting intentions in a recent poll by YouGov-which interviewed 1,875 people on 30 and 31 May. The Liberal Democrats candidate, who is trying win back his Twickenham seat, said Theresa May cared more about cutting immigration than a growing economy.

Author: 0 UK Labour leader goes from no-hoper to crowd-puller

The Labour leader will offer to give people "pride and purpose" in a speech in York later, as he pledges to pump £250bn into industry. Mining Capital's Alastair Ford thinks the general election will pass off fairly unnoticed by global markets and there is not much of an investement play or opportunity around it.

World Media Liverpool close on £35m Salah
Author: 0 Liverpool close on £35m Salah

The Egypt worldwide is coming off the back of a fine season in the Italian capital where he scored 19 goals and provided another 15 in all competitions as the Giallorossi sealed their return to the Champions League. That's what I'm really looking forward to. "We have to, obviously, because around us we have a lot but we will really be a challenger, we will fight".

World Media US reassures Australia of continued close ties
Author: 0 US reassures Australia of continued close ties

Tillerson, who reports have suggested was among those who counselled Trump not to scrap the deal, said last week the United States would pursue unilateral efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions despite plans to pull out of the Paris accord.

World Media What Trump And The Rest Of NATO Want From Each Other
Author: 0 What Trump And The Rest Of NATO Want From Each Other

The act was being widely denounced online. BRUSSELS | President Donald Trump exported the confrontational, nationalist rhetoric of his campaign across the Atlantic on Thursday, shaming European leaders for not footing more of the bill for their own defenses and lecturing them to stop taking advantage of US taxpayers.

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