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World Media Kushner's firm received loan from Deutsche Bank
Author: 0 Kushner's firm received loan from Deutsche Bank

But, Deutsche Bank has denied the request, citing privacy laws . Separately, Kushner and his mother have a personal line of credit worth up to $25 million from Deutsche Bank, the Post notes . Although Kushner divested some properties in an effort to address potential conflicts, he retains an interest in almost 90 percent of his real estate properties, including the retail portion of the former New York Times headquarters, and holds personal debts and loan guarantees.

World Media Trump claims victory as court partially reinstates travel ban
Author: 0 Trump claims victory as court partially reinstates travel ban

Trump, who last week ordered that the ban be put in place within 72 hours if it was ever unblocked, called the court's decision "a clear victory for our national security ". As elected officials, we have no higher duty than to ensure the safety and security of the American people. The travel ban had been blocked by two lower courts , which ruled that Trump abused his authority and discriminated against Muslims as a religious minority by issuing the ban by executive order.

World Media Govt defers TDS, TCS under GST to ensure smooth rollout
Author: 0 Govt defers TDS, TCS under GST to ensure smooth rollout

Earlier, Assocham had strongly objected to the vague definitions & rules mentioned for eCommerce portals, and the ambiguous nature of the new tax collected at source for e-commerce vendors. With Section 52 not notified, nor has the linked Section 24 (i), giving relief to small vendors on e-commerce. "The way there is an ombudsman everywhere else, under GST also there should be a provision for a Lokpal or ombudsman", Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) Secretary General Praveen ...

Author: 0 Hirving Lozano seals Mexico win to send Russian Federation out of Confederations Cup

Ronaldo expressed his delight at firing Portugal into the semi final after netting his 75th worldwide goal in yesterday's 4-0 thrashing of New Zealand . "Well, they did disallow a goal that was from an offside position". When Ronaldo made a great run that attracted the entire Mexican defense toward him in the Confederations Cup opener, Quaresma found space and didn't waste the opportunity to give Portugal an important opening goal.

World Media Imam still hopes for Syrian mother-in-law visa
Author: 0 Imam still hopes for Syrian mother-in-law visa

But it was somewhat vague about what a bona fide relationship is. Who gets to decide? The case will be examined during the next court term, scheduled from October through June 2018. The court's majority laid out the "bona fide" relationships it had in mind. The court said a "close familial relationship is required". It's unclear how many refugees admitted to the USA already have a family member here, but case workers in Washington state estimate that it's the majority.

Author: 0 Kushner meeting with Netanyahu called productive

Netanyahu's office released a short video showing Kushner, along with envoy Jason Greenblatt and U.S. Ambassador David Friedman , arriving at the Israeli premier's office in Jerusalem . "Jared, I welcome you here in that spirit". While President Donald Trump has spoken of wanting to secure a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians, he has not yet specified what one would look like.

World Media USA official's 'quiet diplomacy' led to Warmbier's release
Author: 0 USA official's 'quiet diplomacy' led to Warmbier's release

The University of Cincinnati Medical Center said he was in stable condition but suffering from a " severe neurological injury ". Warmbier, from Cincinnati, Ohio, was freed this week and returned home after being sentenced to 15 years hard labor in 2016 for stealing a political banner from a North Korean hotel.

World Media Remnants Of Cindy: Heavy Rain, Storms Expected In Middle Tennessee
Author: 0 Remnants Of Cindy: Heavy Rain, Storms Expected In Middle Tennessee

Saturday . Severe storms will be possible Friday into Friday night from the lower Mississippi Valley into the Tennessee and Ohio Valleys and Middle Atlantic areas, with damaging winds and a tornado threat, say government forecasters. A suspected tornado near Birmingham, Ala., damaged some businesses and injured one person on Thursday, while the mayor of the coast Lafitte, La., urged residents to evacuate ahead of a rising tide - two lingering effects of the weakening system that fueled harsh ...

Author: 0 'It's OK to let go!': Man catches teen falling from park ride

Park-goers below start to notice the trouble she is having, and begin to devise a plan for how they will save her when she inevitably falls. Authorities told Radar that the girl is in stable condition with "no serious injuries reported " after being airlifted and treated at Albany Medical Center .

Author: 0 Here's How Muslims Worldwide Are Celebrating Ramadan's End

With Muslims around the world, the United States renews our commitment to honour these values. In his sermon, the emir urged Muslims to imbibe the spirit of tolerance and peace in their daily endeavours as encapsulates in the holy month.Also, Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje charged Muslims in the state to continue to exhibit the strict spiritual teachings of the holy month of Ramadan in their daily affairs.

World Media Politically, Trump and Modi have much in common, but sticking points loom
Author: 0 Politically, Trump and Modi have much in common, but sticking points loom

After meeting the US Secretary of Defence Jim Mattis and Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson in the morning, Modi held a one-on-one meeting with Trump at the White House's Oval Office, followed by a delegation-level meeting after which both leaders gave respective statements before heading for the cocktail reception and a working dinner.

World Media Trump slams Obama, demands 'apology' over Russian Federation probe
Author: 0 Trump slams Obama, demands 'apology' over Russian Federation probe

Trump appeared to be referencing a Washington Post article about the Obama administration's handling of Russia's attempts to influence voters. His second tweet said that Obama "did not want to 'rock the boat.' He didn't 'choke, ' he colluded or obstructed, and it did the Dems and Crooked Hillary no good".

World Media Qatar launches new shipping routes to Oman amid food shortage fears
Author: 0 Qatar launches new shipping routes to Oman amid food shortage fears

On Friday, Tillerson urged Qatar's neighbors to ease their blockade and called for "calm and thoughtful dialogue". "We have legal channels to object to this", he said . Qatar has begun shipping cargo through Oman to bypass the blockade and show it can survive the diplomatic row with its neighbours. Doha denies the charges.

Author: 0 Modi bonhomie: Warm greetings, but the hug came much later

Modi also specially invited Trumps daughter Ivanka to lead the U.S. delegation to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in India later this year. By becoming a major defense supplier the United States can erase the trade deficit and export tens of billions to India each year, creating USA jobs along the way.

World Media Hungary passes bill regulating foreign-funded NGOs
Author: 0 Hungary passes bill regulating foreign-funded NGOs

The governments of Germany and the United States expressed concerns Wednesday about a law passed by Hungary's parliament that regulates civil society groups. The laws regulating NGOs and foreign universities have triggered several mass protests in recent months in Hungary. That decision, which is without precedent, could eventually lead to a suspension of Hungary's European Union voting rights, EUobserver reported .

World Media North Korea denies torturing American detainee
Author: 0 North Korea denies torturing American detainee

Some of the evidence at trial was purported security footage of Warmbier removing a political banner from his hotel. "The fact that Warmbier died suddenly in less than a week just after his return to the U.S. He was in a coma when he was medically evacuated to his home state last week. Tillerson said Wednesday that China had a "diplomatic responsibility to exert much greater economic and diplomatic pressure on the regime if they want to prevent further escalation in the region".

Author: 0 White House Suspects Syria Is Preparing For Another Chemical Attack

The White House issued an ominous warning to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Monday night, pledging that his regime would pay a "heavy price" if it carried out another chemical attack this year. Tillerson and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov talked earlier Monday about the need to secure a cease-fire in Syria, fight extremist groups and prevent the use of chemical weapons, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Author: 0 Narrowed travel ban could sow confusion in USA and overseas, experts say

Trump's first iteration of the ban in January sought to block entry to refugees, immigrants and other nationals-including permanent legal residents of the US - who held citizenship in Yemen, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Libya and Somalia. A stay on the executive order would remain in effect for those directly involved in the lower court challenges to the ban and for those experiencing similar situations to the plaintiffs, such as people with family in the United States or accepted to a U.S.

Author: 0 Tech industry on travel ban: The fight goes on

This decision will hold until the court hears arguments on the ban as a whole in October. The justices stated that the executive order "may not be enforced against foreign nationals who have a credible claim of a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States".

World Media N Ireland party signs deals to support UK Conservative gov't
Author: 0 N Ireland party signs deals to support UK Conservative gov't

The covenant, which has guaranteed government support for military veterans and their families since 2000, has not applied to Northern Ireland until now because of sensitivities surrounding the role of the forces during the Troubles. Prime Minister May and DUP leader Arlene Foster went ahead with the "confidence and supply" agreement in spite of warnings from prominent Conservatives such as Lord Patten, a committed Catholic, that the DUP is a " toxic brand " that will make the ...

Author: 0 CBO: Senate bill would leave 22 million uninsured

So far, five Republican senators are expressing opposition to the Senate GOP plan that would scuttle much of former President Barack Obama's health law. Less affluent Americans now on government-managed Medicaid insurance, many of whom supported the president, will see a 26% reduction in their programmes funding over the next decade, resulting in fewer covered and skimpier benefits.

World Media Police Continue Searching for Tennessee Fugitives Around Hudson Valley
Author: 0 Police Continue Searching for Tennessee Fugitives Around Hudson Valley

Police say the two are armed and extremely risky. According to State Police, the pair was spotted Saturday in Pine Bush, which is about 85 miles north of New York City. Police are trying to determine if the fugitives from Tennessee, Heitmann and Stilwell, were involved in the home invasion. Officials say they kidnapped and beat a woman in Mount Carmel and used her to lure the shooting victim from his home.

Author: 0 Was Ed Sheeran worthy of The Pyramid Stage?

While he praised his fellow Best Of You stars' traditional performance style, the 45-year-old said the band would have to stand up against modern artists using advanced music technology and effects. I get given a compound behind the Pyramid Stage. But the crowd wasn't satisfied, with someone starting to a chant of "10 more f**ks'" until Grohl jokingly replied, "Dude, shut the f**k up!" The performance was not Sheeran's first stint at Glastonbury .

Author: 0 Cops shoot pregnant woman who called for help

Several meetings may be happening near the complex Tuesday and Wednesday, including a rally this weekend. Lyles lived at the Brettler Family Place Apartments near Magnuson Park. Monika Williams emphasized that Lyle was not very tall and there was no reason for her to be shot, adding that officers could have just tased her.

World Media Jury Still Deliberating On Verdict In Bill Cosby Trial
Author: 0 Jury Still Deliberating On Verdict In Bill Cosby Trial

Bill Cosby is still waiting for the final verdict for his sexual assault case after the jury failed to reach a verdict during its second day of deliberation. The case was handed to the jury on Monday evening (12Jun17), and during the third day of deliberations on Wednesday (14Jun17), Pulliam appeared on US breakfast show Today to further discuss her reasons for publicly backing Cosby , who pleaded not guilty to three counts of aggravated indecent assault.

World Media Georgia Police Capture Escaped Inmates After Three Day Hunt
Author: 0 Georgia Police Capture Escaped Inmates After Three Day Hunt

The minutes that preceded their escape are still under investigation, but police say the two somehow got out of what should have been a locked, gated rear section of the bus. Rowe, 43, is serving a sentence for aggravated assault and Dubose, 24, for armed robbery, according to the Georgia Department of Corrections. One of the inmates fired on the pursuing deputies, but Rutherford County Sheriff Michael Fitzhugh said his deputies did not return fire and none of them was injured.

World Media Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak Has Been Recalled
Author: 0 Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak Has Been Recalled

BuzzFeed News on Sunday first reported the Kremlin's decision to recall Kislyak after he spent nine years as Russia's US ambassador . His replacement is said to be Anatoly Antonov , the Russian deputy foreign minister. But the Russian Foreign Ministry isn't ready to confirm anything yet. Online news site BuzzFeed , citing three unnamed sources, reported Mr. Kislyak will leave Washington next month after a July 11 going-away party at Washington's St.

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