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World Media Student detained in N Korea is mourned at hometown funeral
Author: 0 Student detained in N Korea is mourned at hometown funeral

Rodman, who has traveled to the Communist regime multiple times, became emotional when discussing criticism of his visits to the country, and insisted that the visits are "worth it". USA doctors who traveled to the North last week to bring Warmbier home recognized that the North had provided him with medical treatment, the spokesman said.

Author: 0 Senate Healthcare Bill Makes Major Cuts to Medicaid

Cassidy claimed that Medicaid enrollees could join the individual marketplaces, which have been doing poorly because not enough people are opted in. He pulled out the Senate Republican bill. It differs from the House bill in many specific details, but retains its broad shape and overall implications.

World Media U.S. fells 2nd aircraft this week over Syria
Author: 0 U.S. fells 2nd aircraft this week over Syria

The F-15 plane downed the drone around 00:30 on Tuesday (21:30 GMT Monday) north-east of Tanf, according to a USA military statement . "I can tell you it was an Iranian-made drone", Davis said, declining to speculate on who specifically was operating it.

World Media Three more POPSKs in Odisha soon
Author: 0 Three more POPSKs in Odisha soon

Sushma Swaraj , on Saturday, announced opening of 149 new POPSKs across the country in the scheme's second phase. These will fall under the Kochi regional passport office. He said that since coming to power in May 2014, the NDA government had put together a total of 251 passport service centres and POPSKs. The minister said when she took charge in the ministry, she realised that "proximity" was the biggest hurdle in applying for passports.

World Media Menendez: Senate health care bill 'devastating' for NJ Medicaid recipients
Author: 0 Menendez: Senate health care bill 'devastating' for NJ Medicaid recipients

Durbin called the way that Republican Senators crafted the legislation disgraceful, complaining about the lack of public hearings and debate. Rand Paul of Kentucky, who has rejected the plan along with fellow Republican Senators Ted Cruz of Texas, Mike Lee of Utah and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, said fundamental problems still remain that would leave taxpayers subsidizing health insurance companies.

World Media Police officer beaten to death in India-held Kashmir
Author: 0 Police officer beaten to death in India-held Kashmir

Sajad Ahmad Sheikh, a resident of the Nowhatta area of Srinagar , where the mosque stands, said that people were saying that Officer Pandith had come to the mosque to kill Mr. DGP S.P. Vaid said that two persons had been arrested and many more attackers identified. The curbs under Section 144 preventing the gathering of five or more people at any place were imposed in areas falling under the jurisdiction of Khanyar, Nowhatta, M.R.

World Media Sushma slams Meira Kumar with 2013 Lok Sabha video
Author: 0 Sushma slams Meira Kumar with 2013 Lok Sabha video

The BJP has hit back at the accusations of Dalit politics, questioning why the Congress failed to make Ms Kumar the President while it was in power and had the opportunity to do so. In the April 2013 speech, Ms Swaraj had accused the UPA government of corruption. It is not for the first time that Swaraj and Speaker have come face to face.

World Media Menendez Weighs in on 'Devastating' Senate Health Care Bill
Author: 0 Menendez Weighs in on 'Devastating' Senate Health Care Bill

But he said "it's going to be very hard to get me to a "yes" on the bill. The AHCA disguises discrimination as flexibility and makes health care less accessible and more expensive for those who need it most. I urge readers to urge our senators to oppose any legislation that will deprive the citizens of meaningful health care coverage. Vilsack, however, replies that uncertainty over continuing support for Obamacare from the Republican-controlled Congress and the Trump Administration ...

Author: 0 Prez polls: OPS faction to support NDA nominee Ram Nath Kovind

After holding consultations with his party colleagues, KCR too offered his support. He said Nitish had given approval to vote for the candidate he desires. Following his nomination, Kovind has been meeting several senior BJP leaders. "We made a decision to extend support to NDA's presidential candidate Ram Nath Kovind as his tenure as governor had been peaceful", he said.

Author: 0 Trump Warns Travel Ban Ruling Comes at a 'Dangerous Time'

S.C". What sparked the release of Trump's wrath is the fact that the 9th United States Circuit Court unanimously upheld the decision to block his revised travel ban . But the 9th Circuit sidestepped that question, saying they didn't need to answer it because the legality of the travel ban could be decided on narrower grounds: It violated immigration law.

World Media South Korea tests missile with warning to North
Author: 0 South Korea tests missile with warning to North

The Korean War started on June 25, 1950, when Communist North Korean troops launched a surprise attack across the 38th parallel into South Korea . Soldiers had previously been defecting at the rate of just one a year from North Korea. South Korea successfully launched a test missile with a range capable of striking anywhere in North Korea, reports the New York Times . "Due to the hysterical action of Trump, a rough and reckless war maniac, the same extremely unsafe situation as the one in ...

Author: 0 Nationwide Manhunt Ends In Georgia

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal said in a tweet Thursday evening that the two men were taken into custody after a vehicle chase. The two men had been on the run since early on Tuesday, when authorities said they got through a door that should have been locked on the prison bus.

World Media Trump under investigation over alleged obstruction of justice
Author: 0 Trump under investigation over alleged obstruction of justice

The Post reported that the obstruction of justice investigation of the president began days after James Comey was sacked as the FBI Director on May 9. Sad!" he wrote. "Despite the phony Witch Hunt going on in America, the economic & jobs numbers are great. Supporters of Trump condemned the news leaks regarding the new investigation.

World Media Pakistan identifies Chinese who Islamic State claims to have killed as 'preachers'
Author: 0 Pakistan identifies Chinese who Islamic State claims to have killed as 'preachers'

Following the killing of the two Chinese nationals , Pakistan's interior ministry has chose to "streamline" its visa policy for Chinese nationals, Pakistan's The Nation quoted a ministry spokesperson as saying. Apart from recruiting young people in China, South Korean missionaries send teenagers to risk their lives to conduct missionary activities in Muslim countries, and compared to Chinese, more South Koreans have been killed overseas due to risky missionary activities in conservative ...

World Media Puerto Ricans back full USA statehood but vote marred by abstentions
Author: 0 Puerto Ricans back full USA statehood but vote marred by abstentions

Although the 3 million residents of Puerto Rico are US citizens, advocates for statehood say the island's current status makes it harder to meet its financial obligations. The US Congress will now decide the fate of its Spanish-speaking territory that is currently in economic turmoil. They also lack full representation in Congress, where only a non-voting commissioner is able to represent the territory.

Author: 0 UAE's Gargash says Qatar isolation could last for years

Representatives for the QIA declined to comment. "It also strenuously denies that Minister Carmelo Abela has made the remarks reported by, or any other remarks whatsoever on the situation concerning Saudi Arabia and Qatar".

Author: 0 United States allies determined to sidestep Trump on climate

BOLOGNA, Italy (AP) - Top environment officials from the Group of Seven wealthy democracies met Sunday in Italy amid ongoing differences between the USA and other members of the club over how to deal with climate change. He said the other G-7 countries hoped to continue "constructive dialogue" with the USA, but insisted on the Paris parameters. In a statement to Reuters , Pruitt stressed the need to move forward on environmental action following the announcement .

Author: 0 Russians targeted 21 election systems, U.S. official says

Johnson said in the late summer and into the fall, he was very concerned about the meddling in state election systems and that the department encouraged states to seek assistance from DHS. "I do not believe our country is made safer by holding this information back from the American public", he said . The biggest impact was to confirm the obvious: The Democratic National Committee favored Hillary Clinton from the start.

World Media South Korean leader observes missile test amid North's threats
Author: 0 South Korean leader observes missile test amid North's threats

South Korea's military plans to deploy the Hyunmoo-2, which is created to hit targets as far as 800 kilometers (497 miles), after conducting two more test firings. Gause said that the two allies should embrace both sanctions and dialogue to achieve the North's denuclearization, which is not a means but a goal.

World Media Australian military suspends air operations over Syria
Author: 0 Australian military suspends air operations over Syria

The drone was identified as a Shaheed-129 that displayed "hostile intent and advanced" on coalition forces at the At Tanf combat outpost used to train partner Syrian forces in the fight against the Islamic State ( ISIS ). The U.S. F-15 shot the drone down after it was intercepted and failed to change course, according to OIR. Washington also described those strikes as self-defence.

World Media Congress hears details of Russia's election meddling
Author: 0 Congress hears details of Russia's election meddling

As part of the investigation into whether President Trump or his associates colluded with Russian Federation to influence the 2016 presidential campaign, the investigators are looking into whether that data made it to the Trump campaign. "To my disappointment, the reaction to a critical infrastructure designation, at least from those who spoke up, ranged from neutral to negative", Johnson said during a hearing Wednesday with the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Author: 0 IRGC Missile Attack Proves Iran Can Counter All Threats: MP

The attack came in the wake of a twin attack carried out by IS on Iran's Parliament and the Mausoleum of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in the capital Tehran on June 7, killing 17 and injuring dozens others. Iran's weapons programme is also a major concern for its Sunni arch-rival Saudi Arabia. The development comes as tensions rise in Syria with Russian Federation and Iran sending US warnings .

World Media Friend of James Hodgkinson: 'He wasn't evil'
Author: 0 Friend of James Hodgkinson: 'He wasn't evil'

Hodgkinson's Facebook profile featured a large cover photo of Sanders, a USA senator from Vermont who ran unsuccessfully to be the Democratic Party's presidential candidate previous year. One of the last encounters anyone had with Hodgkinson in Belleville was March 24, near his home just outside the Belleville city limits. "They don't deserve this, I don't deserve this, my daughters don't deserve all this".

World Media Ram Nath Kovind may have a smooth sailing
Author: 0 Ram Nath Kovind may have a smooth sailing

The Sena's verbal support for Kovind is a departure from its previous practice of supported UPA nominees in presidential elections after ditching the BJP. Today the BJP has the upper hand in Mumbai and, is nearly neck and neck with the Sena in the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, which is said to be the country's richest municipality.

Author: 0 Defense minister: Turkish military base in Qatar exclusively internal issue

He also accused Qatar of leaking a document containing the demands by Saudi Arabia , the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt , which have cut diplomatic ties with the gas-rich state accusing it of sponsoring terrorism. On Thursday evening, the state-run Emeriti channels Abu Dhabi TV and Emarat TV aired footage of the security officer admitting to his alleged role in a plot to slander the leadership of the UAE and Saudi Arabia .

World Media Shutdown in Darjeeling to be partially relaxed during Eid
Author: 0 Shutdown in Darjeeling to be partially relaxed during Eid

The GJM had earlier offered a 12-hour window to the schools in the Darjeeling hills to evacuate their students safely to Siliguri and Rongpo. In Darjeeling , several people led by the GJM activists rallied from Chawk Bazar to Singmari carrying national flags and shouting pro-Gorkhaland slogans on Sunday morning.

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