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World Media Does Trump believe in climate change or not? Aides won't say
Author: 0 Does Trump believe in climate change or not? Aides won't say

The president's twitter feed once was filled with references to "so-called" global warming being a "total con job" based on "faulty science and manipulated data". "We're really disincentivizing great men and women from serving, because they don't know if they should move their families to Washington and they have to give up their businesses and divest", Conway continued.

Author: 0 EU, China believes Trump climate decision 'a big mistake — EU chief

Those urging the Trump administration to keep the US promise on the Paris agreement have made opposite charges around the potential jobs impact. Luckily, we won't be needing the agreement-or to take any action at all, ever. Seven out of 10 Americans support remaining in the agreement, according to a national poll conducted by the Yale Program on Climate Communication after the election.

World Media Saudi, UAE pledge $100 mln to Ivanka Trump womens' fund
Author: 0 Saudi, UAE pledge $100 mln to Ivanka Trump womens' fund

When President Donald Trump set his hands on a glowing orb during his first foreign trip to Saudi Arabia, social media lit up with science fiction jokes. "[And stand] together against the murder of innocent Muslims, the oppression of women, the persecution of Jews, and the slaughter of Christians". On Tuesday, he is set to meet with Abbas in the West Bank and deliver a speech at the Israeli Museum.

Author: 0 House Intelligence Committee issues subpoenas in Russian Federation investigation

Nunes has unilateral authority on the House intelligence committee to issue subpoenas, although the committee's rules recommend he consult with the top Democrat as well, who is now Schiff. Trump's fellow Republicans, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, have urged him to tweet less and more wisely. Interviewed later on the "PBS NewsHour" program, he said there might be a "benign" explanation for Kushner's proposal for a backchannel with Russian Federation, but added, "One ...

World Media Theresa May invokes post-Brexit trade with India to win votes
Author: 0 Theresa May invokes post-Brexit trade with India to win votes

Yes, there is a block of those that now have a massive debt, and I'm looking at ways that we could reduce that, ameliorate that, lengthen the period of paying it off, or some other means of reducing that debt burden. Some berated those on the left who campaigned to leave the European Union neoliberal straitjacket that has crucified the people of Greece, together with the bloc's racist Fortress Europe policies that condemn countless thousands of refugees to drown in the Mediterranean.

World Media Ariana Grande to return to Manchester for benefit concert
Author: 0 Ariana Grande to return to Manchester for benefit concert

Greater Manchester Police say two men were arrested overnight in Manchester and in the Withington area south of the city. Not only did Abedi work within the ISIS cell but he was also in contact with a prolific recruiter for the Islamist terror group by the name of Raphael Hostey who was based in Moss Side.

Author: 0 Philippine leader slams Chelsea Clinton over rape criticism

Duterte again came under fire for telling the soldiers in Iligan City last week that if a soldier raped three women , he would take responsibility. Clinton tweeted in response that rape is "Not amusing". The southern Philippines, particularly the resource-rich but poverty-wracked Mindanao region, has always been a hotbed of activity by fundamentalist groups.

Author: 0 Merkel warns against "simple answers" after Trump meetings

World leaders have said they regret US President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord . "It's very easy for us". With the USA pursuing an "America First" policy, the response on the opposite side of the Atlantic must be " Europe First", he says, with the aim of building a European defense whose hands are not tied but rather will be able to pursue Europe's interests independently.And he warned against "accelerating climate change by weakening environmental ...

World Media Eight including suspended Youth Congress leader arrested in calf slaughter case
Author: 0 Eight including suspended Youth Congress leader arrested in calf slaughter case

Hari, Joshi Kandathil, Sharafuddin Kattampally, N.K. Varun, Sudeep James, Jastison Chandikolli and Shamej Peralasseri. Youth workers of the Congress and the BJP clashed in Baldevbagh locality today when the saffron activists tried to storm the Youth Congress' office with a portrait of cow in protest against the slaughtering of a calf in Kerala recently.

World Media Amit Shah visiting Kerala to polarize votes for 2019 elections: Congress
Author: 0 Amit Shah visiting Kerala to polarize votes for 2019 elections: Congress

Kerala BJP in-charge H Raja had said Mr Shah's meeting with bishops is aimed at "understanding each other". God's own country as Kerala is popularly known as is on the BJP's radar for long and Shah will head there for a three day tour. One of his first meetings on this trip would be a meeting with bishops in Kochi on Saturday, to underline the BJP's efforts to build bridges with the Christian community, which accounts for 18-20 per cent of votes in the State.

World Media North Korea Creates Its Own Version of The Apple iPad
Author: 0 North Korea Creates Its Own Version of The Apple iPad

The new product is featured and acclaimed in the latest edition of the country's Foreign Trade magazine . On Apple's website, "iPad" is listed as a trademarked term. Nobody knows what OS the Ryonghung IPad will run on, but if past tablets are any indication, it'll likely be a heavily-neutered form of Android. This isn't the first time Apple has had an influence on North Korean tech.

Author: 0 Michael Flynn To Turn Over Some Subpoenaed Documents To Senate Committee

This comes amid persistent reports of an imminent shakeup in the White House staff, including the possible firing or demotion of White House press secretary Sean Spicer. Of the seven subpoenas issued, four were related to the Russian probe and three were related to "unmasking" done by Obama officials. Nunes' role in the issuing of subpoenas has been a sore point behind the scenes in the House investigation ever since he announced he was recusing himself from leading the Russian Federation ...

Author: 0 61 mayors adopt Paris climate accord after U.S. pulls out

US President Donald Trump has chose to withdraw the United States from the 2015 Paris climate accord, after months of heated debate among members of his administration. We remain committed to the Paris Agreement. Among the critics were Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo, who ordered that various prominent structures be lit up green to emphasize their opposition to climate change.

Author: 0 Pence hits media circuit to defend Trump's Paris accord exit

In what could herald a tilt away from trans-Atlantic ties, European and Chinese officials joined to affirm their commitment to the Paris agreement, widely considered a landmark deal for bringing together nearly all countries under a common goal.

Author: 0 North Korea launches another missile, which lands in Japan's economic zone

The latest test involved a short-range Scud which flew about 450km before landing in the Sea of Japan (East Sea) between the Korean Peninsula and Japan on Monday, according to the U.S. North Korea is likely showing its determination to push ahead in the face of global pressure to rein in its missile programme and "to pressure the [South Korean] government to change its policy on the North", South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff spokesman Roh Jae-cheon said.

World Media Pacific Islands accuse U.S. of 'abandoning' them to climate change
Author: 0 Pacific Islands accuse U.S. of 'abandoning' them to climate change

Ireland's Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Denis Naughten, denounced Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement , saying: "This is a major setback for the worldwide community and it is essential that the decision of the United States does not weaken global resolve".

World Media Jeremy Corbyn pledges to create one million 'decent jobs'
Author: 0 Jeremy Corbyn pledges to create one million 'decent jobs'

With less than a week to go before the United Kingdom general election , opinion polls continued to show Labour gaining ground and the Conservative party's share of the vote shrinking. At the Corbyn event, the Labour leader said he was ready to begin the Brexit negotiations if his party won the election. In addition, Labour are set to gain 28 seats, which would be a phenomenal blow to both Theresa May , as well as many on the Labour right who are hoping that they can trigger a ...

Author: 0 Gulf Arab dispute rattles Trump's anti-Iran axis

From this perspective, Trump's visit and agreements reached during the trip sent an important signal expected in Riyadh and a message to the power circles of Saudi Arabia and its neighbours regarding the maintenance of the strategic partnership course in the U.S.

World Media Goldman Sachs CEO's first-ever tweet slams Trump's climate decision
Author: 0 Goldman Sachs CEO's first-ever tweet slams Trump's climate decision

French President Emmanuel Macron said the decision was a "mistake for both the United States and the planet". "The World's 2nd largest Carbon dioxide emitter has left the building. Robert Iger, chairman and chief executive of Walt Disney, also resigned from the President's Council. Other tech and industrial sector representatives expressed frustration with the White House's decision and pledged to continue working to combat global warming.

Author: 0 Labour would try to form minority government after election - Emily Thornberry

Mr Corbyn was also speaking about Brexit on Thursday, using a speech in Kent to contrast Labour's approach to the negotiations with that of the Conservatives . If they don't want to vote for it, they are going to have to go back and speak to their constituents and explain to them why it is that we have a Tory government instead.

World Media LeBron, Lue praise Warriors after Cavs routed
Author: 0 LeBron, Lue praise Warriors after Cavs routed

Warriors coach Steve Kerr attended the game, met with commissioner Adam Silver, and stayed behind the scenes while continuing to deal with spinal-fluid issues. The Cavs wouldn't go down without a fight, and would close within 80-68 on Irving's layup with 3:05 left in the frame. Golden State established a theme early: they were going to get to the basket one way or another.

Author: 0 Putin accuses West of meddling in Russian domestic politics

Switching to English, Putin added: "Don't worry, be happy". "Modern technologies allow that to be done quite easily". U.S. intelligence agencies have accused Russian Federation of hacking into Democratic Party emails, helping Trump's election victory, and the congressional and FBI investigations into the Trump campaign's ties with Russian Federation have broken the Kremlin's hopes for a detente with Washington.

Author: 0 Fun in the Son vacation Bible school

George. The church hosts worship services at 10:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. Porter Free Will Baptist Church , 1343 Dixon Mill Road, Sciotoville, will hold Vacation Bible School June 26-June 30 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Bible school will run from 9 noon each day and have a beach theme called "Surf Shack". Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church will hold Summer Fest at the Griffin Auditorium, 234 E.

Author: 0 Trump asks Supreme Court to reinstate travel ban

The Supreme Court would see the truth behind the travel ban, he added. Apart from that, if the travel ban goes into effect, the USA would put Syrian refugee program on hold indefinitely and also ban refugee admissions from other war-torn countries for a period of 120 days.

Author: 0 Trump White House has not declared an LGBT Pride Month this June

The president has so far remained silent on Pride Month and failed to release any proclamation declaring June as a month to honor LGBTQ people. The GLAAD statement pointed out a "stark contrast" to President Barack Obama during his administration, given that he issued a president proclamation for LGBTQ Pride Month each year in office, and advocated for a new era of LGBTQ acceptance including the repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell".

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