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Author: 0 Hamas and IS both say they killed Israeli policewoman

The injured officer, named as 23-year-old Hadas Malka by police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld, died from her wounds after being taken to Hadassah Hospital's Mount Scopus campus. All three men were from the village of Deir Abu Mashal, near the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah. The attack occurred at two separate locations near the Damascus gate of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Author: 0 Cindy slams the gulf coast

As per AccuWeather's report, the storm is now heading toward the north-northwest and according to their hurricane expert, Dan Kottlowski, the storm's center will likely make a landfall near the border of Texas and Louisiana on Thursday morning.

Author: 0 Turkey, Saudi Arabia to try to reduce tensions over Qatar

The farmers are the latest victims in the escalating spat, which began 5 June when Saudi Arabia , the UAE , Bahrain and Egypt cut all diplomatic ties and suspended air and sea links with Doha , accusing it of supporting terrorism and controversial political groups.

World Media Park Friend Gets 3 Years in Prison; Collusion Charges Loom
Author: 0 Park Friend Gets 3 Years in Prison; Collusion Charges Loom

The court acknowledged that she ignored the law and procedures for her daughter's success, and that she took it for granted that others should help her achieve this goal. Choi's 20-year-old daughter, Chung Yoo-ra, an Asian Games equestrian gold medallist, fled to Europe last year. Choi was also charged with intervening in government affairs behind the scenes, triggering enraged South Koreans taking to the streets for months-long candlelit rallies to demand Park's ouster.

World Media US Jet Shoots Down Syrian Pro-Regime Drone
Author: 0 US Jet Shoots Down Syrian Pro-Regime Drone

It said operations would continue over Iraq . The Syrian fighter bomber shot down Sunday violated another exclusion zone around the forces surrounding Raqqa . Iran has established a drone airfield inside Syria not far from a USA military base, US officials said Tuesday. But the coalition said the move was defensive.

Author: 0 Former Molina CEO calls Senate health-care bill 'heartless'

The House has passed a version that Trump initially celebrated but later reportedly called "mean." Anthem is the only firm selling health insurance exchange coverage in all 88 OH counties. "I can't support a bill that will greatly increase premiums for our older Americans", she said. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is pushing for a vote before senators leave Washington , DC for the Fourth of July recess.

World Media Iran says its missiles into Syria hit IS targets
Author: 0 Iran says its missiles into Syria hit IS targets

Israel's military and Israeli defense analysts have mocked Iran's first strike on the Islamic State militant group ( ISIS ) in Syria , arguing that numerous missiles Tehran used in the raid missed their targets. The attacks have showcased the depth of Iran's military presence in Syria: Iranian drones launched from areas around Damascus allowed Revolutionary Guard commanders to assess the damage done by the missiles in real-time.

Author: 0 NY lawmakers adjourn without deal on NYC schools

But Republicans in the state Senate, along with Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, want continuation of mayoral control to be linked to strengthening charter schools , which is something Assembly Democrats have adamantly rejected. "We would have preferred to have tied everything up with a nice neat bow and returned to our districts with nothing at all left on our plate, but under the circumstances, that just wasn't possible", Flanagan said in a statement announcing the Senate's plan to adjourn.

World Media Supreme Court to hear major challenge to partisan gerrymandering
Author: 0 Supreme Court to hear major challenge to partisan gerrymandering

Has the Supreme Court decided gerrymandering cases in the past? But the Supreme Court has always been tolerant of partisan gerrymandering - and some justices have thought that the court shouldn't even be involved. "Too many Americans have had the key to their power - their votes - stolen by the very system that was instituted to secure their rights", Morris Pearl, chairman of the group, said.

World Media Collins: Trump should give clear answer on Comey tapes
Author: 0 Collins: Trump should give clear answer on Comey tapes

The former FBI director also revealed that he had turned over memos about his conversations with Trump to the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller, who was assigned to oversee the Russian Federation investigation. Trump asked, though he went on to say such a request wouldn't have been inappropriate . Comey confirmed what Trump had said when he fired the FBI director last month: Comey had told the president on three different occasions that he wasn't the target of a criminal investigation.

World Media Tester slams Senate health-care bill; Daines, Gianforte seek input
Author: 0 Tester slams Senate health-care bill; Daines, Gianforte seek input

According to two Republicans in close contact with Senate GOP leadership granted anonymity to describe private conversations, McConnell is threatening to bring the bill to a vote next week even if he doesn't have the necessary votes. States could not get exemptions to Obama's prohibition against charging higher premiums for some people with pre-existing medical conditions, but the subsidies would be lower, making coverage less affordable, Pearson said.

World Media Auto bomb detonated near Kabul bank killing 20
Author: 0 Auto bomb detonated near Kabul bank killing 20

At least 34 people had been killed and around 60 wounded in the attack , Omar Zwak, spokesman for the provincial governor, told TRT World . The intense fighting is still going on between the security forces and militants. Hayatullah Hayat. U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said last week that President Donald Trump had given him the authority to establish troop levels in Afghanistan .

Author: 0 Qatar's neighbours issue demands to end crisis

Earlier, a law was passed in Turkey on ratification of an agreement between the two countries on the deployment of a Turkish military contingent in Qatar. Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has agreed with Saudi Arabia's King Salman and the new crown prince to "increase efforts" to end tensions in the region related to the dispute with Qatar, Turkish officials said Thursday.

Author: 0 United States lawmaker shot by anti-Trump gunman showing improvement

The Democrats bested the Republicans 11-2 Thursday, breaking the 39-39-1 tie between the two teams - for now. The annual Congressional Baseball Game pits Republicans against Democrats, but this year the focus has turned to showing unity in the wake of the shooting.

Author: 0 Government health insurance markets holding up, barely

That's about 15 percent of all people who buy ACA health insurance. Medicaid could become a major source to pay for those cuts, Isasi observed. In fact you can't keep health insurance premiums, deductibles, copays and benefits where they are now if the government contribution is cut way back.

Author: 0 London Mosque Attack: Suspect identified as Darren Osborne

He later died but it is not clear if it was because of the attack . Details about the assailant were sketchy, but the assault - the most dramatic against Muslims in London in recent years - suggested a new, unsafe level of polarization in British society.

World Media Baghdadi death near 100 percent certain: Ifax quotes Russian senator
Author: 0 Baghdadi death near 100 percent certain: Ifax quotes Russian senator

Confusion over the fate of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi continues to linger even as Russian Foreign Ministry said Thursday it's "highly likely" the Islamic State group's leader was killed in Russian airstrike earlier this month. On Tuesday, a spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry appeared to backtrack on the initial claim, saying Baghdadi's death "could not be verified".

Author: 0 Man dies in 'attempted attack' in Paris

Chrystel told the Associated Press "we were better off inside than outside". It is the second attack on police in the street in three months and comes amid a nationwide state of emergency following a string of terror attacks in the country.

World Media Trump policies could roll back US-Cuba ties, says Mexican academic — Interview
Author: 0 Trump policies could roll back US-Cuba ties, says Mexican academic — Interview

The directive still leaves much of Obama's policy in place, including diplomatic relations and reopened embassies, the ability of Cuban Americans to travel and send money to family, and the congressionally mandated trade embargo. That could have far-reaching effects since the military touches nearly every corner of the Cuban economy. The new commerce restrictions will focus on dealings with businesses owned by the Cuban military's holding company, known as GAESA.

World Media Froome to lead Team Sky in Tour de France challenge
Author: 0 Froome to lead Team Sky in Tour de France challenge

Ian Stannard and Luke Rowe have helped to keep Froome out of trouble on flat stages in past Tours but Stannard suffered with a virus and had to leave the Dauphine early. Former world champion Michal Kwiatkowski is rewarded for a hugely impressive spring with a place in the squad, which is completed by Colombian climber Sergio Henao.

World Media Congressional shooter acted alone
Author: 0 Congressional shooter acted alone

Tim Slater, special agent in charge of the FBI's Washington field office, holds up a flyer looking for information about shooter James T. Hodgkinson at a news conference a week ago in Alexandria, Va. FBI investigators have not released the names on the list, but Griffith said law enforcement informed him of his connection to the case Thursday - the day after the June 14 shooting.

World Media Promise Kept: Trump Admin Rescinds DAPA Amnesty Program
Author: 0 Promise Kept: Trump Admin Rescinds DAPA Amnesty Program

During the campaign season, President Trump promised to "immediately" cancel DACA- but the DHS announcement reveals that the program will mostly remain in effect. A year ago the US Supreme Court deadlocked on the case, with the effect that the lower court ruling stood. The program, however, was never put in place.

Author: 0 Obama on Senate bill: It's 'not a health care bill'

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell hopes to prop up this bill next week for a Senatorial vote. "It looks to us like the Obamacare subsidies will remain in place and. It rolls back the ACA's Medicaid expansion - making for deep spending cuts to that program, compared with current law. The battle lines are forming tonight in the Senate over replacing Obamacare .

World Media Coalition Forces Shoot Down Iran-Made Drone In Syria
Author: 0 Coalition Forces Shoot Down Iran-Made Drone In Syria

In a statement , the Syrian military described the downing of its plane as an act of "blatant aggression" on the part of the United States and accused the USA of coordinating with ISIS. The shooting down of a Syrian warplane near the central Syrian city of Raqqa, where US-supported Syrian Democratic Forces are deployed to help capture the city from Daesh gangs, threatens to escalate tensions over Syria between Moscow and Washington .

World Media Russian defense minister's plane buzzed by NATO jet
Author: 0 Russian defense minister's plane buzzed by NATO jet

The source said the Russian planes broke procedure when they did not identify themselves or react to air traffic control, RFM FM said. The alliance said it had no information about who was on board the planes. Shoigu was on his way to the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, which is between Moscow and Poland. The situation on Russia's western borders has a " tendency to deteriorate ", Sergey Shoigu said during an on-site meeting of the Defense Ministry Collegium in Kaliningrad on Wednesday.

World Media LIVESTREAM: FBI to detail findings on Congressional baseball shooting
Author: 0 LIVESTREAM: FBI to detail findings on Congressional baseball shooting

The Medstar Washington Hospital Center did not provide further details. It's another sign that the Louisiana Republican is making progress in recovering from last week's near-fatal gunshot wound. Mika was initially listed in critical condition following surgery, but his family said Saturday that he is expected to make a full recovery. Scalise arrived at the hospital "with an imminent risk of death", Sava said.

Author: 0 ACLU Comment on Senate Health Care Bill

The U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation in May to repeal and replace Obamacare, setting the stage for Republicans to make a push for the same results in the Senate. Republican Senate leaders have come under intense criticism, even from within their own party, for drafting the legislation in secret. The Senate's bill would massively cut Medicaid, threatening to completely phase out the program as we now know it.

World Media Australia's suspension of Syrian operations a 'blow' to the US
Author: 0 Australia's suspension of Syrian operations a 'blow' to the US

The drone, an Iranian-built Shaheed-129, was shot down by an F-15E Strike Eagle after it "displayed hostile intent and advanced on coalition forces", the us military said in a statement . All of the strikes, the Pentagon has said, were in self-defense and legal under the Authorization for Use of Military Force passed after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Author: 0 Polls to open for primary elections across Virginia

Perriello had the backing - but not the explicit endorsement - of President Barack Obama , who taped a campaign ad for him. "I have a lot of respect for Bernie Sanders and I love his politics". Ralph Northam has won the Democratic primary for governor, defeating Tom Perriello . Fauquier has just 21 precincts and Stewart carried 51.26 percent of the vote compared to 38.77 percent for Ed Gillespie and 9.97 percent for Frank Wagner , a state senator from Virginia Beach.

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