U.S. Czech Nuclear Power Plant Used A Bikini Contest To Hire Interns
Author: 0 Czech Nuclear Power Plant Used A Bikini Contest To Hire Interns

A nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic made its intern search look more like Miss Hawaiian Tropic. and as you'd probably guess someone's in really hot water. Social media users blamed the power station of giving importance to looks over qualification and knowledge while hiring interns. "We think photographs are very tasteful".

Author: 0 GOP leaders add penalty for lapsed coverage to health bill

The Senate bill unveiled last week was immediately criticized by both conservatives and moderates in the party, casting doubt over whether Republicans could win passage. In an interview on Monday with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, the Wisconsin senator rejected political pressure to pass the Senate bill as it stands, calling it "wimpy reform".

Author: 0 These senators will make or break the GOP's health care push

Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska is the latest in a slew of Republican lawmakers to say they are now uncomfortable with voting for the Senate GOP's Obamacare repeal bill. The CBO estimates that modification in the bill would slightly increase the number of people buying insurance in the individual market compared to what the bill would do without it.

Author: 0 Ruling in travel ban leaves myriad questions unanswered

The justices at the highest USA court narrowed the scope of lower court rulings that had completely blocked Trump's March 6 executive order. In reinstating part of the president's order on Monday, the Supreme Court said those without an established, bona fide tie to a person, school, workplace, university or other entity in the United States could be temporarily barred from the country.

Author: 0 Israel Begins Construction On First Settlement In 20 Years

A picture posted with his announcement shows construction vehicles digging up ground. Israel is moving forward with plans for almost 4,000 housing units and has issued 2,000 tenders for settlement construction in the occupied West Bank and east Jerusalem , he added.

Author: 0 White House says Trump tweet meets Comey tapes records request

While White House officials have said the firing was due to concerns about Comey's actions at the Federal Bureau of Investigation , Trump told an interviewer the Russian Federation investigation was one of his concerns in taking the action.

U.S. Trump meets wireless, drone executives on new technologies
Author: 0 Trump meets wireless, drone executives on new technologies

Melania went on to discuss the details of one of her first major White House events since moving to the District-the annual congressional picnic-before the interview shifted focus to her husband and the ongoing Russian Federation investigation.

U.S. Shooter Had List With the Names of 6 Congresspeople, Says FBI
Author: 0 Shooter Had List With the Names of 6 Congresspeople, Says FBI

House Speaker Paul Ryan says he visited Congressman Steve Scalise and that he's "doing well" and "his spirits are up" as he recovers from the gunshot wound he suffered last week. But the list lacked any context and the F.B.I. said a review of computer searches showed he had only done a cursory search of two of those members of Congress.

U.S. UVA Children's Hospital Specialties Nationally Ranked by US News & World Report
Author: 0 UVA Children's Hospital Specialties Nationally Ranked by US News & World Report

U.S. News and World Report ranks St. Louis Children's Hospital in the top 50 in all ten pediatric specialties it surveyed. Cincinnati Children's was ranked among the top five in seven of the 10 specialties, including a No. The remainder is based on expert opinion among pediatric subspecialists throughout the country. Boston Children's Hospital is made up of great stories.

Author: 0 Supreme Court playground ruling feeds school voucher debate

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and other proponents of school voucher programs are praising a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that said a Lutheran church was wrongly denied a state grant for its preschool playground. The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday sided with a church that objected to being denied public money in Missouri, potentially lessening America's separation of church and state by allowing governments more leeway to fund religious entities directly.

Author: 0 Key Republican senators jeopardize GOP's push to pass Obamacare replacement this week

The much-awaited Congressional Budget Office report yesterday found the number of uninsured will soar to 49 million by 2026 - or 22 million more than under Obamacare . The CBO analysis suggested some ammunition GOP leaders could use, saying the Senate bill would cut federal deficits by $202 billion more over the coming decade than the version the House approved in May.

U.S. CBO Scores Senate Health Care Bill: 22 Million More Uninsured by 2026
Author: 0 CBO Scores Senate Health Care Bill: 22 Million More Uninsured by 2026

If the Senate passes a bill, it will either have to be approved by the House, the two chambers would have to reconcile their differences in a conference committee, or the House could pass a new version and bounce it back to the Senate. When more people get health-insurance coverage, as they did following the implementation of the Affordable Care Act , they get more incremental care.

Author: 0 Will Trump Pull Out of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks?

Hadas Malka. The Hill cited a report from the Jerusalem Post , based on a translation from an article in al-Hayat, an Arabic newspaper based in London. The talk between Kushner and Palestinian Authority President#Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah on Saturday was tense. Erekat accused Israel of "inventing new excuses", and trying to "deviate attention" with claims like incitement, "every time there is a chance for peace".

U.S. Supreme Court rules for church preschool in religious liberty case
Author: 0 Supreme Court rules for church preschool in religious liberty case

At issue in Trinity Lutheran Church v. Comer was the school's denial of grant reimbursement to nonprofit groups for the cost of purchasing and installing playground surfaces using recycled tires through a state program. The case was in regards to the state of Missouri and the Trinity Lutheran church. The Supreme Court concluded its work for this session on Monday siding with religious institutions in a major church-state decision.

U.S. China's jailed Nobel Peace laureate granted medical parole
Author: 0 China's jailed Nobel Peace laureate granted medical parole

A statement released by Marco Rubio, the chairman of the U.S. congressional executive commission on China , said: "I urge President Trump to seek Liu's immediate humanitarian transfer to the United States". The Nobel announcement sparked renewed calls for his release, led by fellow peace laureates and later by then-US President Barack Obama. Charter 08 was signed by more than 10,000 people, including leading intellectuals, writers and dissidents.

U.S. Senate GOP health care bill vote: The whip count
Author: 0 Senate GOP health care bill vote: The whip count

The Democrats, Trump ranted on Twitter Monday, "have no policies or ideas. All they do is delay and complain". Meanwhile, a nonpartisan coalition of patient and consumer groups - American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network and the March of Dimes among them - urged senators to vote against the bill, saying it "will do irreparable harm to patients, particularly those living with chronic illnesses".

U.S. On trump sued for violation of the Constitution
Author: 0 On trump sued for violation of the Constitution

Racine and Frosh pushed back against that argument at a joint press conference in Washington , DC, on Tuesday. The Justice Department asked a federal judge to dismiss the case on Friday. Trump has refused to release his tax returns to date, breaking with decades of precedent set by previous USA presidential nominees. "It's not hard to conclude that partisan politics may be one of the motivations behind the suit", Spicer continued.

Author: 0 Limited Travel Ban Still Stokes Islamophobia, CAIR-MN Says

All he could think about Monday was how fortunate he had been. Thus, the decision will allow the 120-day ban on refugees to be implemented, given that those people are fleeing their countries of origin and have no prior relationship with United States individuals or institutions.

U.S. Israel starts work on new West Bank settlement
Author: 0 Israel starts work on new West Bank settlement

Jason Greenblatt , the U.S. special representative for worldwide negotiations, arrived in Israel on Monday for preliminary discussions in Jerusalem and Ramallah, and will remain for follow-up talks after Kushner has left, Reuters reported .

U.S. Special counsel investigating Trump for obstruction
Author: 0 Special counsel investigating Trump for obstruction

Examining such possible charges will allow investigators to interview key administration figures including Attorney General Jeff Sessions , Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein and possibly President Trump himself, said the source familiar with the Mueller investigation.

Author: 0 Supreme Court took on gerrymandering case, could dramatically change future elections

Each political party tries to gain the upper hand by concentrating the opposition into a small number of electoral districts and then spreading its own vote across more districts in which it can achieve a comfortable win. But the dozen plaintiffs - voters - said the evidence laid out in a trial in the Wisconsin case showed that "Republican legislative leaders authorized a secretive and exclusionary mapmaking process aimed at securing for their party a large advantage that would persist no ...

Author: 0 Pakistan militant punished as India PM visits US

Mr Modi was greeted by Mr Trump outside the South Portico of the White House . Ahead of his meeting at the White House, Prime Minister Modi took part in a gathering with U.S. Mr Modi described the two countries as mutually reinforcing engines of growth and innovation in an uncertain global economic landscape. Respectively, Trump and Modi both have the first and second highest amount of Twitter followers for any world leader, with Trumps 32 million followers topping Modi's 31 million.

Author: 0 Fear, concern and confusion: Sacramento-area Muslims react to travel ban ruling

Three conservative justices wrote separately to say that they would have reinstated the travel ban altogether, signaling that they will vote to uphold the ban when the time comes. Monday's order appeared focused on balancing the parties' interests, with its argument that Americans aren't sufficiently "burdened" if they have no connection to the foreign national seeking entry, and the foreign nationals themselves don't have a right to come in.

U.S. Hosting congressional picnic, Trump calls for unity
Author: 0 Hosting congressional picnic, Trump calls for unity

On June 22, the White house hosted the annual congressional picnic, which was attended by the President of the United States Donald trump , first lady Melania trump and daughter Ivanka trump with children. She worked for over 25 years in hotel management with Ritz-Carlton, managing properties in Miami, Florida, Washington, D.C., and Arlington, Virginia.

Author: 0 You have done a great job, Trump tells Modi in first meeting

Sounding a reassuring note, a senior White House official who briefed reporters on condition of anonymity said the Trump administration is interested in maintaining the same "strategic partnership" India enjoyed under the Obama administration, when the reserved Obama and the more casual Modi hit it off so well they were dubbed the "odd couple".

U.S. Democrats join Trump to accuse Obama for not halting Russian Federation election meddling
Author: 0 Democrats join Trump to accuse Obama for not halting Russian Federation election meddling

Other Democrats criticized the Obama administration for failure to sanction Russian Federation as soon as the election was over and the Trump administration was warming up to take over the rein of power. After Donald Trump's shock victory in November, some Obama administration officials expressed regret at the lack of tougher action. Then, referring to a Washington Post story last week that chronicled in detail the intense debate within the Obama White House on how to handle the ...

U.S. Support for gay marriage surges, even among groups once wary
Author: 0 Support for gay marriage surges, even among groups once wary

The state Department of Health said it will take information from same-sex couples who want to amend a birth certificate, but was waiting on guidance from the state's high court. "Echoing the court below, the State defends its birth certificate law on the ground that being named on a child's birth certificate is not a benefit that attends marriage".