U.S. 2 on Thunderbirds jet in Ohio accident taken to hospital
Author: 0 2 on Thunderbirds jet in Ohio accident taken to hospital

Col. Jason Heard , Thunderbirds Commander/Leader. This story has been corrected to show that one of the jet's passengers was Technical Sgt. Kenneth Cordova , not Staff Sgt. We will provide more information as it becomes available. The F-16 appeared to be practicing in thunderstorm conditions ahead of this weekend's 2017 Vectren Dayton Air Show .

U.S. Marginal dip seen in Delhi University's 1st cut-off list
Author: 0 Marginal dip seen in Delhi University's 1st cut-off list

The cut off at Hans Raj College remained at the same mark as past year or saw a dip of 0.25-1 per centage points. The college has the highest cut-off for English (Hons) at 98.75pc, B.Com at 98.25pc. Among these, the highest cut off after five years has not crossed 98 in the best of four for humanities aggregate. Maharaja Agrasen has also published first cut off.

U.S. Behold the World's ugliest dog
Author: 0 Behold the World's ugliest dog

The 3-year-old Neapolitan Mastiff was a favorite of the Northern California crowd throughout the contest Friday night on a stage at the Sonoma-Marin Fair, where she placed her drooopy face spread across the ground when she was supposed to be showing off.

Author: 0 US Senate approves sanctions against Russia over 2016 election

An amendment was added to the popular Iran sanctions bill to expand existing sanctions to Russia-citing its election meddling, its seizure of Crimea in 2014, and its support of separatists in eastern Ukraine. Tillerson was noncommittal about a package of new Russian Federation sanctions during testimony Tuesday before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

U.S. Ferguson attorney: Brown family settlement $1.5 million
Author: 0 Ferguson attorney: Brown family settlement $1.5 million

Brown's death sparked civil unrest in Ferguson and throughout the St. Louis area. The city of Ferguson, Missouri, is settling the lawsuit over 18-year-old Michael Brown's death. The process is expected to cost more than $2 million and could take years. Apollo Carey, the city attorney for Ferguson, told the "St. Louis Post Dispatch " that the city's insurance company paid that amount "on behalf of multiple defendants".

Author: 0 Toomey's Office To Protest Health Care Bill

According to lawmakers who were at the unveiling, members from the left and right ends of the party's spectrum were deeply critical of the effort. Republicans have a 52 to 48 majority in the Senate. "For Wisconsin families struggling to get ahead, this repeal plan has no heart and people are scared that it will make things worse", Baldwin said.

Author: 0 Four GOP senators to oppose current Republican health care bill

McConnell has little margin for error in a chamber where Republicans hold a 52-to-48 advantage and Democrats are firmly united against the legislation. The bill repeals most of the taxes the Affordable Care Act imposes, like the taxes on tanning beds, medical devices and investment income. And at least a half-dozen Republicans - both conservatives and moderates - have raised concerns about it.

U.S. Trump congratulates Handel for winning in Georgia
Author: 0 Trump congratulates Handel for winning in Georgia

Speaking to reporters Thursday, Pelosi said Democrats are proud of the race they ran and she dispelled a question about stepping down. Democrats also lost a special election in SC on Tuesday, in a race that Republicans were widely expected to win.

U.S. Cindy, now a tropical depression, moving inland
Author: 0 Cindy, now a tropical depression, moving inland

National Weather Service forecasters said the storm had dumped from 2 to 10 inches (50 to 250 millimeters) of rain on various spots along the Gulf Coast from southern Louisiana to the Florida panhandle as of Wednesday. Showers and thunderstorms are expected start overnight Thursday as the "moisture streams ahead" of the front, Martrich and the National Weather Service said.

Author: 0 Senate health care bill includes deep cuts to Medicaid

The Senate majority leader made the case that the draft measure is better than ObamaCare , and that it preserves such elements as no ban on preexisting conditions while effectively getting rid of the individual mandate to buy coverage.

Author: 0 Mayor Landrieu Issues Statement on Senate GOP Health Care Bill

It had been crafted in secret over the past several weeks. President Trump has acknowledged that the lack of votes from four Senate Republicans puts the health care overhaul on a "very, very narrow path" to the bill being passed , but signaled a willingness to work with them to make changes , Reuters reports .

Author: 0 Obama slams new Republican healthcare bill

The GOP can only lose two members of their 52-senator caucus in order to pass Trumpcare . Nevada senator Dean Heller has become the fifth Republican to come out in opposition to the current draft version of the Senate healthcare bill.

Author: 0 Senate's version of health care plan is very bad

The Senate legislation drew support from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which said it would "stabilize crumbling insurance markets" and curb premium increases. The draft bill comes nearly two months after the House passed its own measure. "I regret that our Democratic friends made clear early on that they did not want to work with us in a serious, bipartisan way to address the Obamacare status quo".

Author: 0 Deadlocked jury told to try again at cop's trial

Dozens of people demonstrated in steady rain outside the Hamilton County courthouse. He's standing near a vehicle after driver Samuel Dubose was shot during a 2015 traffic stop in Cincinnati, Ohio. The 27-year-old Tensing testified he feared he was going to be killed. Prosecutors were barred from showing jurors the shirt Tensing was wearing under his uniform at the time of the shooting, which depicted a Confederate battle flag .

Author: 0 Murkowski: Health care changes must be 'done right'

Republicans view the law, formally known as the Affordable Care Act , as a costly government intrusion and say individual insurance markets created by it are collapsing. Sens. Paul Ryan of Kentucky, Ted Cruz of Texas , Mike Lee of Utah and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin all said they would not support the current bill after its long-awaited reveal.

U.S. United States top court rules in favor of Serb stripped of U.S. citizenship
Author: 0 United States top court rules in favor of Serb stripped of U.S. citizenship

She entered the United States as a refugee. "The most natural understanding is that the illegal act must have somehow contributed to the obtaining of citizenship", writes Justice Elena Kagan in the majority opinion . As a result, government lawyers argued that the USA citizenship Maslenjak obtained eight years later was void. The jurors had been told that a lie doesn't need to be material to lead to a conviction.

Author: 0 McConnell's focus: finding votes for Senate health care bill

Besides Sandoval, Ohio Governor John Kasich also says the GOP plan could leave hundreds of thousands of people in their states without coverage, including those dealing with chronic health problems. Numerous companies help manage state Medicaid programs, meaning their profits can be hurt by those cuts as well. "I am very supportive of the Senate #HealthcareBill", Mr Trump tweeted.

U.S. Wondering about Tropical Storm Cindy's impact on North Texas?
Author: 0 Wondering about Tropical Storm Cindy's impact on North Texas?

The storms stretching for hundreds of miles (kilometers) are expected to push river levels higher in coming days as the remnants of a tropical storm cross Tennessee and Kentucky into West Virginia. Spots from Louisiana west to the Florida Panhandle experienced flooding Wednesday and some spots of wind damage as bands of storms made their way onshore.

U.S. Republican wins Georgia election, blow to anti-Trump effort
Author: 0 Republican wins Georgia election, blow to anti-Trump effort

Though Pelosi has done some good work, Ossoff's loss raises an interesting question - does the Democratic party need to rid itself of some of its most toxic symbols of establishment if we hope to regain anything in 2018 and beyond? Some on the left argued for a sharper progressive message and more pointed attacks on Republicans and Trump , while Democrats from Midwestern and working-class districts emphasized the importance of an economic message that could appeal to working ...

Author: 0 Nevada's Heller is fifth GOP senator to oppose health-care bill

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell unveiled the Bill at a closed-door session with party faithful on Thursday. But if this effort continues, any bill reforming Medicaid payments (absent the expansion population) should be a data-driven analysis of funding levels needed to protect the most at-risk patients.

U.S. U.S. lawmaker shot by anti-Trump gunman showing improvement
Author: 0 U.S. lawmaker shot by anti-Trump gunman showing improvement

Since then, the lawmaker has undergone multiple surgeries and procedures to stop the bleeding and fix bone. "The Scalise family greatly appreciates the outpouring of thoughts and prayers". Hodgkinson, from IL, who had lashed out against U.S. president Donald Trump and other Republicans over social media, was killed by Mr Scalise's security detail and other police officers.

U.S. Military chiefs want 6-month hold on transgender enlistments
Author: 0 Military chiefs want 6-month hold on transgender enlistments

The services were given until July 1 to develop policies to let transgender individuals join the military, if they meet physical and other standards. According to the Associated Press , service leaders are asking for a six month delay, rejecting Air Force and Army requests to delay the new policy for two years.

Author: 0 Obama denounces 'fundamental meanness' of Senate GOP health care bill

Erasing Obama's law has been a marquee pledge for Trump and virtually the entire party for years. It, however, delays cuts to the Medicaid programme and maintains for two years the tax credits included in the Affordable Care Act - commonly known as Obamacare - to help lower-income Americans purchase coverage.

Author: 0 Russian warships fire missiles at ISIS targets in Syria

F-15E Strike Eagle at approximately 12:30 a.m. local time (5:30 p.m. EDT) after it displayed hostile intent and advanced on Coalition forces", according to the press release from Combined Joint Task Force - Operation Inherent Resolve. Elsewhere, government air and artillery bombardments hit rebel-held areas of the Syrian city of Deraa after a two-day ceasefire expired, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

Author: 0 Other Opinion: Republican's health care hypocrisy is on full display

She says she'd like to see a more open debate. But perhaps the most troubling - even to many Republican public officials - is the drastic changes in Medicaid. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has stated that basing tax credits on age would increase out-of-pocket costs for many low-income Americans, according to the AP.

Author: 0 Tropical Storm Cindy makes landfall in Louisiana, Texas

Flash flooding is a very risky situation. The school district's superintendent says about 10 classrooms were damaged. The graphic highlights expected rainfall through Saturday night. Cindy made landfall as a tropical storm, and was downgraded on Thursday. National Weather Service forecasters estimated the storm had dumped anywhere from 2 to 10 inches (50 to 250 millimeters) of rain on various spots along the Gulf Coast from southern Louisiana to the Florida panhandle as of Wednesday.

Author: 0 Fultz steps out in shoes made of basketballs

The 2017 NBA Draft is here! But Danny Ainge and the Boston front office weren't exactly enamored with Fultz, which allowed the Sixers to trade up to the top spot by combining a couple of valuable future picks that former general manager Sam Hinkie acquired from the Los Angeles Lakers and Sacramento Kings as the sweetener to get the deal done.