Author: 0 Supreme Court to re-evaluate authority to detain immigrants indefinitely

Phillips runs his cake business guided by religious principles, closing on Sunday and refusing to make cakes containing alcohol or celebrating Halloween. Phillips has said that if he were required to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple it would constitute coerced speech. People leave the Supreme Court in Washington , Monday, June 26, 2017.

U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on Wisconsin mapmaking case could impact gerrymandering across US
Author: 0 Supreme Court's ruling on Wisconsin mapmaking case could impact gerrymandering across US

The court will examine a case from Wisconsin , in which a group of voters from across the state contend Republican state legislatures acted unconstitutionally in drawing the map to benefit their party. The "wasted votes" is regarding the simple majority of 50.1 percent required to win a race. The lower court ruled that the Republican-led legislature's redrawing of state legislative districts in 2011 amounted to "an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander ".

Author: 0 With hugs and praise, Modi and Trump strike rapport

Speaking in the Rose Garden after their talks, Trump said: "Both our nations have been struck by the evils of terrorism, and we are both determined to destroy terrorist organizations and the radical ideology that drives them. Trump's was one of the strongest pro-India statements to come from an American president in recent history where there has never been a shortage of hyperbole in describing relations.

Author: 0 Wedding cake case heads to Supreme Court

The Colorado Supreme Court declined to take the case after the state's Court of Appeals affirmed a Colorado Civil Rights Commission decision from May 2014. Potentially, it could sweep even more broadly, opening a religious exemption to civil rights laws that could allow discrimination against other groups.

U.S. Weed killer cancer causer?
Author: 0 Weed killer cancer causer?

The agency said the designation under a state law known as Proposition 65 will proceed following an unsuccessful attempt by seeds and chemicals company Monsanto to block the listing in trial court. A number of chemical companies have products containing glyphosate and they are given one year from the effective date of the listing to come into compliance with the rule, either relabeling all their products or removing them from store shelves.

U.S. US Democrats look to future after dispiriting loss in Georgia election
Author: 0 US Democrats look to future after dispiriting loss in Georgia election

Ellison said the Georgia 6th was not as competitive as 64 other House seats that Democrats could win in 2018 to wrest control away from Republicans, adding, "They're the ones who better be anxious". Georgia and the GOP go hand-in-hand like California and Democrats. Handel also turned Ossoff's residency about two miles outside the district into a cultural argument that his heart was actually 2,100 miles away, in San Francisco.

U.S. Helmut Kohl, chancellor who reunited Germany, dies at 87
Author: 0 Helmut Kohl, chancellor who reunited Germany, dies at 87

In 2002, Kohl resigned from lower house of the parliament Bundestag and officially left politics. "Throughout our endeavours, Helmut was a rock - both steady and strong". The party leaders hinted that Kohl's tenure was more productive than his successors Gerhard Schröder and Merkel. "They thought - and were right about it - that if Germany doesn't adopt the euro, nobody will".

U.S. Supreme Court Partially Lifts Injunctions Against Trump's Travel Ban
Author: 0 Supreme Court Partially Lifts Injunctions Against Trump's Travel Ban

A 90-day ban on citizens from six blacklisted countries, namely - Iran , Libya , Somalia , Sudan , Syria and Yemen - will come into place from Thursday, June 29. The travel ban had been blocked by two lower courts , which ruled that Trump abused his authority and discriminated against Muslims as a religious minority by issuing the ban by executive order.

U.S. Mayors Focus on Bipartisan, Local Leadership
Author: 0 Mayors Focus on Bipartisan, Local Leadership

ALLEN: Last month, after President Trump announced his plan to withdraw from the Paris climate accord, Levine and other members of the U.S. Conference of Mayors protested. Thirty-six cities across the US have now committed to transition to 100 percent clean and renewable energy. Now, cities large and small are purchasing electric vehicles and buses, buying renewable energy when possible, installing solar panels on municipal buildings, redesigning more walkable neighborhoods, and promoting ...

U.S. 'Woke' added to Oxford English Dictionary
Author: 0 'Woke' added to Oxford English Dictionary

Robert McNicol, Librarian at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club (AELTC), who was invited to offer his expertise on the tennis-themed words for their inclusion in the dictionary, said the words were part of tennis' tradition. Since the introduction of the term "academy" to the English school system in 2000, this type of independently publicly run school has featured heavily in United Kingdom news.

U.S. Lightning-caused fires active in 4 WA counties
Author: 0 Lightning-caused fires active in 4 WA counties

Level 2 means to be ready to leave in an instant. With structures at risk, Krake said, officials chose to order a Type-3 incident management team. Firefighters are working to hold the fire west of the highway and north of Colockum Road, officials closed the Alcoa and Malaga Highway at milepost eight.

U.S. 18 protesters in Minnesota arrested after Philando Castile verdict
Author: 0 18 protesters in Minnesota arrested after Philando Castile verdict

Shortly after the verdict, the city of St. Anthony announced that Yanez would not be returning to work for its police department. However, 18 people were taken into custody during the protests, CNN reported . They spent a lot of time dissecting the "culpable negligence" requirement for conviction, and the last two holdouts agreed Friday on acquittal. Ploussard declined to say whether he thought Yanez acted appropriately.

Author: 0 Religious schools get another chance at state funding in Colorado

That no money shall ever be taken from the public treasury, directly or indirectly, in aid of any church, sect or denomination of religion, or in aid of any priest, preacher, minister or teacher thereof, as such; and that no preference shall be given to nor any discrimination made against any church, sect or creed of religion, or any form of religious faith or worship.

Author: 0 West Virginia: Cindy's remnants raise flood threat

In New Orleans, Louisiana , a tropical storm named Cindy formed on Tuesday in the Gulf of Mexico, which raises eyebrows of many people living alongside the Gulf Coast, who fears where is the storm heading exactly to, and if they get any time to brace themselves.

U.S. State AG disappointed as Sea-Tac prepares to enforce travel ban
Author: 0 State AG disappointed as Sea-Tac prepares to enforce travel ban

That includes family members of US residents; students admitted to American universities; workers accepting a job offer in the USA; and speakers invited to address an American audience. Mr Trump, though, hailed the high court's order as a "clear victory for our national security". Attorney Greg Lawson of Sound Immigration says the problem is the definition of " bona fide relationship '".

Author: 0 Subway power outage halts A, B, C, D train lines in Harlem

The Fire Department of NY said a handful of people were treated for minor injuries at around 10 a.m. The chairman of New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority says transit officials are investigating why the train's emergency brakes went on before the derailment approaching the station at 125th Street and St.

U.S. Scotland's Zamir White picks Georgia
Author: 0 Scotland's Zamir White picks Georgia

Both services rank him as the No. 1 running back in the country. White, the nation's top running back, announced his commitment to Georgia on Tuesday afternoon. "There's not much White doesn't do at a very high level", says Scout recruiting analyst Micheal Clarke. The 6-foot-1, 225-pounder has averaged more than 8.5 yards per rushing attempt in his high school career.

Author: 0 DFW Attorneys Ready To Assist Those Affected By Travel Ban

But the court's ruling also underscores the view that Trump was overreaching when he banned all travel into the United States by certain refugees and foreign nationals from six countries. The court said a "close familial relationship is required". The court suggested that the administration could complete its internal reviews over the summer, raising the prospect that the case could be moot by the time it was argued.

Author: 0 Ray Tensing Trial: Mistrial Declared for a Second Time

She called on the Cincinnati community to join them in "peaceful protest" of what she called an "unjust result". Tensing, a former officer in the University of Cincinnati Police Department, shot DuBose on July 19, 2015 , after a traffic stop turned confrontational.

U.S. Walt Disney's hand drawn map of Disneyland just sold for over $971950
Author: 0 Walt Disney's hand drawn map of Disneyland just sold for over $971950

Disneyland Park, California opened in 1955 and was the only Disney theme park built under the direct supervision of the animator himself. The two artists created the map over the space of a weekend in September 1953 so that Walt's brother, Roy Disney could present the concept to potential backers in NY.

U.S. Del. Pool Where Biden Worked as Teen Named After Him
Author: 0 Del. Pool Where Biden Worked as Teen Named After Him

The pool is now called the Joseph R. Biden Sr. "It's a great honor". Biden told the crowd gathered at the inner-city pool on Monday that as a child growing up in suburban Mayfield, Delaware, he wanted to get more involved. Biden, 74, was all smiles on Monday at the dedication ceremony, even taking a seat in the lifeguard's chair and pretending to take a dive. More than four decades later, he went on to serve as vice president for Barack Obama, the first black president in the U.S.

U.S. Alabama base, Redstone Arsenal, on lockdown after reports of active shooter
Author: 0 Alabama base, Redstone Arsenal, on lockdown after reports of active shooter

The Arsenal's Twitter account posted that the "installation is locked down". All gates to the arsenal are closed, according to WAFF-48, The Decatur Daily's news partner. An alert from the Marshall Space Flight Center said a "situation exists near the Sparkman Center, RSA bldg". All gates at the US Army Base were closed at about 11:30 a.m.

Author: 0 CNN Retracts Russian Investment Fund Story; Trump Ally Accepts Apology

The story, published Thursday, laid out the latest in the ongoing reporting saga of President Trump and hotly-contested ties to shadowy Russian officials. Scaramucci wrote on Saturday that " CNN did the right thing". It was also reported that three staffers with United States media outlet CNN resigned over the controversial story .

Author: 0 Jared Kushner speaks publicly for first time since the election

In May, Trump created an American Technology Council , his latest effort since taking office to modernize the USA government. "Many of our federal systems are decades old with our ten oldest being between 39 and 56 years old", Kushner said.

U.S. Czech Nuclear Power Plant Used A Bikini Contest To Hire Interns
Author: 0 Czech Nuclear Power Plant Used A Bikini Contest To Hire Interns

A nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic made its intern search look more like Miss Hawaiian Tropic. and as you'd probably guess someone's in really hot water. Social media users blamed the power station of giving importance to looks over qualification and knowledge while hiring interns. "We think photographs are very tasteful".

Author: 0 GOP leaders add penalty for lapsed coverage to health bill

The Senate bill unveiled last week was immediately criticized by both conservatives and moderates in the party, casting doubt over whether Republicans could win passage. In an interview on Monday with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, the Wisconsin senator rejected political pressure to pass the Senate bill as it stands, calling it "wimpy reform".

Author: 0 These senators will make or break the GOP's health care push

Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska is the latest in a slew of Republican lawmakers to say they are now uncomfortable with voting for the Senate GOP's Obamacare repeal bill. The CBO estimates that modification in the bill would slightly increase the number of people buying insurance in the individual market compared to what the bill would do without it.

Author: 0 Ruling in travel ban leaves myriad questions unanswered

The justices at the highest USA court narrowed the scope of lower court rulings that had completely blocked Trump's March 6 executive order. In reinstating part of the president's order on Monday, the Supreme Court said those without an established, bona fide tie to a person, school, workplace, university or other entity in the United States could be temporarily barred from the country.