Author: 0 Trump administration rejects the future in rejecting Paris Agreement

North Korea previously issued a "declaration of war" against deforestation, and the country reportedly embraces renewable energy. The missive takes a strong stance against the US, typical for the secretive regime. So even though the USA administration is out, the world continues to move ahead. "The measure adopted relevant sections of the Paris agreement as state law, which gives us legal basis to continue adaptation and mitigation strategies for Hawai'i, despite the Federal government's ...

Research DNA shows early spread of cats in human world
Author: 0 DNA shows early spread of cats in human world

It's not clear when cats became domesticated but the Egyptians might have had the first some 6,000 years ago. A second wave of domestication pushed Near Eastern wildcats as far north as Viking territory several thousand years later. Sailors brought cats aboard trading ships to hunt vermin. First, if the internet is any indicator, humans love cats . But that's only half the story.

Author: 0 Here is how Ram Nath Kovind emerged as NDA's presidential choice

Earlier, in Patna Yadav had said he knew Kovind since long and also knows his commitment towards the have-nots of society. The function was attended by the top flights of the cooperative world including the state cooperation minister Alok Mehta, NCUI President Chandra Pal Singh Yadav, Biscomaun Chairman Sunil Singh and several others.

Research Car ploughs into police van in Paris Champs-Elysees 'attack'
Author: 0 Car ploughs into police van in Paris Champs-Elysees 'attack'

The attacker died shortly after the incident, the French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb said. "Once again, French police were targeted with this attempted terror attack on the Champs-Elysées", Collomb said, while adding that the attacker's motives weren't immediately clear.

Research 'BulgariaSat-1': Launch of Bulgarian satellite delayed yet again
Author: 0 'BulgariaSat-1': Launch of Bulgarian satellite delayed yet again

EDT (18:10 GMT) tomorrow. At about 3:29 p.m., the company posted on Twitter that its launch of a Bulgarian satellite , which had been planned for Monday morning, was going to be pushed back to either Friday or Saturday. The rocket is scheduled to make its second spaceflight on June 23. With the next set of Iridium Next satellites scheduled to launch on June 25 from Vandenberg Air Force Base , the company could potentially launch two satellites within a 48-hour period.

Research SpaceX wins launch of US Air Force X-37B space plane
Author: 0 SpaceX wins launch of US Air Force X-37B space plane

Wilson and U.S. Air Force chief of staff General David Goldfein were giving testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee on the posture of the Air Force and its fiscal year 2018 budget request. Because the X-37B program is largely a confidential military endeavor, the financial terms of the SpaceX deal were not revealed, and the company declined to comment.

Research Amazon is buying Whole Foods in $13.7B deal
Author: 0 Amazon is buying Whole Foods in $13.7B deal

Kroger , which had been rumored late previous year to be considering a takeover of Whole Foods , fell by 9 percent Friday. The Journal said buying Whole Foods allows Amazon to quickly grab a bigger portion of the estimated $674 billion USA market for edible groceries, according to consulting firm Kantar Retail.

Author: 0 Energy chief: Carbon dioxide not prime driver of warming

Technically, Perry is inadvertenly endorsing the belief that Carbon dioxide is the leading greenhouse gas accelerating global warming, if only because greenhouse gases are part of "this environment we live in". "They've also soaked up most of man-made global warming's excess heat, putting tremendous stress on marine life". During the interview, Perry said , "This idea that science is just absolutely settled and if you don't believe it's settled then somehow you're another neanderthal, ...

Author: 0 IPhone 8 screen protector listing confirms bezel-less design

Apple is expected to unveil their flagship smartphone during a special event in mid-September and showcase the iPhone 8's new concept and design. We now know nearly everything there is to know about the iPhone 8, this year's flagship 10th anniversary iPhone from the house of Apple .

Research Golden state led 3:0 in the NBA Finals
Author: 0 Golden state led 3:0 in the NBA Finals

The Cleveland Cavaliers have had no answer for Golden State forward Kevin Durant in the 2017 NBA Finals , and that continued in Game 3 of the best-of-seven series. Overall, it was just an incredibly tough, resilient performance. I just play my game. "And nothing was really going our way, but we were still there.

Author: 0 Russia Suspends Memorandum of Cooperation with U.S. in Syria

In response, Russia's defence ministry said it would suspend coordination with the U.S. over deconfliction zones and begin tracking coalition jets operating in Assad-held areas west of the Euphrates river. Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan has said the new mission will not include sending troops into Syria, but has not otherwise commented on whether the Auroras and Polaris will stay in the region.

Research Apple Music Annual Subscription Tier Added
Author: 0 Apple Music Annual Subscription Tier Added

If you purchase a monthly Apple Music subscription for $10, or are an existing subscriber, you will be able to pay $99.00 for a 12-month subscription and save some cash. Simply tap that option to switch your account. Now, you can simply make the switch right from your iOS device. The company already offers monthly and family subscription plans but it hasn't offered an annual tier, until now.

Author: 0 GJM strike enters day 8, Toy Train services affected

But apart from the usual arms and clashes, the forces are battling a new adversary: stone pelters who are allegedly backed by the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) that is helming the movement for a new state. Before catching the flight Ms Banerjee said she would love to see that peace and harmony was restored in the Hills, which always in her heart. GJM supporters assembled at the Chowk Bazar in protest against the death of three activists.

Research Korea's first nuclear power reactor turned off for good
Author: 0 Korea's first nuclear power reactor turned off for good

South Korean president Moon Jae-in has used the permanent shutdown of Kori unit 1 to outline his intended nuclear energy phase-out policy. "Up until now, our country's energy policy has been focused on low price and efficiency only, thus neglecting the safety of..." Some experts hope that shutting the reactor may help South Korea catch up to the United States, Japan and Germany in decommissioning plants.

Research OnePlus CEO hints at universal flash storage in OnePlus 5
Author: 0 OnePlus CEO hints at universal flash storage in OnePlus 5

The highly awaited OnePlus 5 made a surprise appearance via a TV ad. Users can go on Amazon India , find the OnePlus 5 sale page and click on notify me to keep updated. At this stage, the only thing really left to leak is the official pricing and release strategy. We've already started our countdown to the official unveiling of the OnePlus 5 .

Research Better gyms and coop battles are coming to Pokemon GO
Author: 0 Better gyms and coop battles are coming to Pokemon GO

Strap yourself in folks; it's going to take a while to cover everything. These updates will start with the refresh to gyms. The new an improved Gyms will also feature six permanent slots that can be filled by the controlling team's Pokemon.

Author: 0 In spite of tweet, lawyer says Trump not under investigation

Rosenstein is the only official who could fire Mueller , because Attorney General Jeff Sessions previously recused himself from the probe into Russian interference in last year's presidential campaign and whether anyone close to Trump colluded with the Russians.

Author: 0 NASA Telescope Finds 10 More Planets That Could Have Life

But those 10 were joined by an additional 209 more garden-variety planets that are unlikely to be hospitable to life because they are too gassy, too hot, too cold or otherwise unlike the only known planet to host life: Earth. "I am really excited to see what people are going to do with this catalog". The exoplanet totals announced Monday reflect a final, extraordinarily detailed analysis of data collected over the first four years of Kepler's observations.

Author: 0 OpenIV Shuts Down, Fans Launch Petition

They concluded with "So, we chose to agree with their claims and we're stopping distribution of OpenIV ". In particular, Force Hax allowed users to carry out nefarious actions in another user's name, such as kicking other players out of GTA Online , freezing the game so it stops working, or deliberately killing or trapping another user to prevent them from playing the game.

Research Proposed ballot measure would set age limits on smartphone sales
Author: 0 Proposed ballot measure would set age limits on smartphone sales

According to a report by Influence Central , the average for a child getting their first smartphone is around 10 years old. These numbers aren't entirely surprising. Be Civil - It's OK to have a difference in opinion but there's no need to be a jerk. At home, Farnum's two young sons no longer have smartphones - at least for now.

Author: 0 Surface Laptop owners can now revert back to Windows 10 S

While most regular laptops have components which stay together with the use of screws, the Microsoft Surface Laptop has actually been put together using glue and clips. You'll need to either sign into your Microsoft account so you can download images for your registered devices, or provide the serial number of the device you're using.

Author: 0 Public Protector to oppose Zuma's review on State of Capture report

She has referred the matter to the Special Investigating Unit (SIU). ANCYL President Collin Maine says they are willing to work with Mkhwebane to ensure the money is paid back. The request was made through the South African Secret Service. Ratings agencies have previously cited the independence of the Reserve Bank as one of the institutional strengths that counts in the country's favour.

Research Golden State Warriors NBA Championship Victory Parade
Author: 0 Golden State Warriors NBA Championship Victory Parade

This is a moment that we all need to enjoy together. "This whole day, this whole atmosphere, is unbelievable". Fresh off their second championship in three years, the Golden State Warriors sound like they're ready to run it back ... Two years ago, the Warriors' meteoric rise was touted as a metaphor for that of the city itself, which was beginning to shed its reputation as the crime-plagued and protest-studded stepchild of San Francisco to become a must-go destination featured in ...

Author: 0 Google tightens measures to remove extremist content on YouTube

After the great YouTube non-search advertising boycott that saw some of Alphabet's biggest clients pull out portions of their business, Google has done a lot to address the issue. Facebook said that it uses Artificial Intelligence to remove the terror-related content. During the final six months of 2017, Twitter suspended nearly 377,000 accounts for promoting terrorism.

Author: 0 Pence legal counsel is well-respected Richmond attorney

Jarrod Agen , a spokesman for Pence, confirmed the news in an email to the Post . Vice President Mike Pence has hired McGuireWoods chairman Richard Cullen to represent him in the congressional and special counsel's investigations into Russian influence.

Research China Launches Its First X-Ray Space Telescope
Author: 0 China Launches Its First X-Ray Space Telescope

China launched its first X-ray space telescope on Thursday to analyse black holes, pulsars and gamma-ray bursts. Chinese astronomers also plan to use the satellite to observe the interiors and magnetic fields of pulsars, rapidly rotating neutron stars; search for gamma-ray bursts, and explore the use of pulsars as navigation tools for spacecraft.

Research Android 7.1.1 Nougat update finally arrives on the Moto G4 Play
Author: 0 Android 7.1.1 Nougat update finally arrives on the Moto G4 Play

Further, the company also says that the smartphone will be made a Flipkart exclusive product. According to Motorola, users who wish to install the latest update on their Moto G4 Play devices need to ensure that the battery level is at least 50 percent before proceeding with the upgrade process.

Research Interview: Psyonix on How Nintendo Wanted Rocket League on the Switch
Author: 0 Interview: Psyonix on How Nintendo Wanted Rocket League on the Switch

One example he gave: in Rocket League , PC players can't text or voice chat with those on PlayStation 4 . The game was already available on several platforms. Being able to connect many Joy-Con to a Switch opens the door for group play in local multiplayer, and " Rocket League " is going to have that. During Microsoft's event they revealed that Minecraft will be getting cross-network play on all platforms, well , all platforms but PlayStation 4 .

Research The Best and Worst of E3 2017
Author: 0 The Best and Worst of E3 2017

The PlayStation 4 however, which already allows Rocket League matches between Steam and PS4 players, is notably absent from that list. "We've got to be mindful of our responsibility to our install base", Ryan continued. One thing the Switch version will have over the other versions is the addition of ad hoc multiplayer. The Switch lends itself to competitive local multiplayer and having the console version of Federation Internationale de Football Association on the go would lead to many ...