Author: 0 May fighting to hang on after gamble fails

Just after noon, she was driven the short distance from Downing Street to Buckingham Palace to ask Queen Elizabeth for permission to form a government - a formality under the British system. German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she doesn't expect any delays in the start of Brexit talks between the European Union and the United Kingdom despite the outcome of this week's British election.

Industry Grocery store stocks plummet after Amazon-Whole Foods deal
Author: 0 Grocery store stocks plummet after Amazon-Whole Foods deal

Several workers expressed relief and happiness about the planned sale, which came as Whole Foods faced pressure from hedge fund investor Jana Partners to improve results. Amazon could expand that technology or enhance its online grocery business with the Whole Foods assets, said von Massow, who works in the university's food, agriculture and resource economics department.

Author: 0 7 things you need to know about Spider-Man for PlayStation 4

And the young star also admitted his "Heart Of The Sea" co-star Chris Hemsworth - who plays Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - wasn't particularly helpful when Tom asked him to put in a good word after his audition. Under the terms of their agreement, Marvel Studios takes the creative lead on a new Spider-Man movie and the character makes cameo appearances in films such as Avengers: Infinity War .

Author: 0 'Minecraft' Will Offer Cross-Platform Play, Other Enhancements Coming

They'll add more in the future. Scope out the trailer below for more details. Perhaps that's why Final Fantasy XIV still hasn't made it's way to Xbox One players yet. The Xbox 360 and Wii U editions still remain separate for now. However, this version will be limited to high-end Windows 10 and Xbox devices. The convergence of Minecraft is something that Microsoft and developer Mojang have worked toward for years.

Author: 0 Xbox One X at E3, in moving pictures

Speaking during the interview , he put the Xbox One X's lead over the PS4 down to the impressive hardware and wide roster of launch games. The all new console is all black and boxy just like the original Xbox One and Microsoft is claiming that it is the smallest console ever.

Industry Abu Salem, five others convicted
Author: 0 Abu Salem, five others convicted

The sentence announcement is expected next week by the court.A seventh defendant - Abdul Qayoom Shaikh - was acquitted of all charges. On March 12, 1993, a series of 13 blasts shaken the Mumbai citizens leaving 257 people to death and more than 700 injured.

Author: 0 Singer Adele pays visit to Grenfell Tower fire site

London police say that the death toll in the apartment building fire has increased to 17 people and is likely to rise even further. A total of 30 people are still in hospital, and 15 of whom are said to be in a critical condition. Emergency accommodation had been provided to 44 households affected by the fire. Sandrin described the last call as "a farewell" in which Trevisan, 27, thanked her mother for all she had done.

Author: 0 4 takeaways from Sessions' feisty testimony to Congress about Russian Federation

They have shifted their attention to a claim of presidential obstruction of an investigation into the collusion that wasn't there. The letter said the investigation will also probe Comey's testimony that Loretta Lynch, as President Barack Obama's attorney general, had directed him to describe an FBI probe into Hillary Clinton's email practices as merely a "matter" and to avoid calling it an investigation.

Author: 0 Super Mario Odyssey jumps onto the Switch October 27

All in all, the game just looks a lot more complex and well thought-out over other titles similar to this. Nintendo also released a new trailer for the game, bringing Dinosaurs into the fray. Amongst those was obviously Nintendo's press conference where it announced tons of new stuff especially for the new Switch console. Super Mario Odyssey got new gameplay footage, showing off the hat capture mechanic where Mario can transform into a ton of enemies and objects ...

Industry HTC U11 'Squeezable Phone' Set to Launch in India on Friday
Author: 0 HTC U11 'Squeezable Phone' Set to Launch in India on Friday

U11's key user-selling point (USP) is its ability to perform a variety of tasks using the new Edge Sense technology, wherein a user can launch apps or shoot a photo on the camera by simply squeezing the phone on its edges. The front-facing camera has a 16MP sensor. The primary camera is of 16megapixel and features voice selfie, panorama, live makeup, BSI sensor, among others.

Industry Injustice 2 Sub-Zero DLC Trailer
Author: 0 Injustice 2 Sub-Zero DLC Trailer

Injustice 2 is no stranger to ice based characters with Captain Cold, but Sub Zero's ability to change frost into melee weapons makes him feel very different. To purchase Sub Zero for the PS4 or Xbox One, you either have to buy the season pass ($39.99 USD) or fighter pack 1 ($19.99 USD) as the DLC characters are not yet available to purchase one at a time.

Author: 0 Best iOS 11 Features

As EUC and mobile folks, we need to be prepared-come mid-September, all these new features are coming to our environments no matter what. All of these questions and more are answered in this complete guide. The uses are nearly endless: show someone how to do something on their iPhone by recording yourself doing it and sending the the video file; captures website navigation; or even just record FaceTime calls.

Industry Trump Visits Wounded Congressman, Still In Critical Condition After Shooting
Author: 0 Trump Visits Wounded Congressman, Still In Critical Condition After Shooting

He was in a critical condition Wednesday night and doctors said he would need several more operations. How bad, but we're just grateful he's alive. At the game Thursday night, U.S. Capitol Police checked bags with dogs in tow, in an atmosphere that attendees said seemed particularly alert. "He was in the outfield", Williams said about Barth during a news conference on Wednesday.

Industry Super Mario Odyssey Looks Strange and Fun, Releasing In October
Author: 0 Super Mario Odyssey Looks Strange and Fun, Releasing In October

Attendees at the E3 2017 Spotlight presentation of Nintendo were treated with a cinematic trailer of Super Mario Odyssey that revealed Mario in a new costume, frolicking in the game's open world and showing his new abilities. You can throw it at enemies to try and clear a path or you can throw it in front of you to use it as a platform to jump on to, to name just a couple.

Author: 0 A Mainline Pokemon Game Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

We discussed everything we expect from E3 2017 on our weekly gaming podcast Transition. The game will release for Switch on 27 October 2017. That's right, you can possess the body of your enemies and random bystanders in Super Mario Odyssey .

Industry Instagram wants influencers to label sponsored posts
Author: 0 Instagram wants influencers to label sponsored posts

Direct feature in Instagram now supports web links as well as different photo orientations. It will easier to label posts on paid promotions. Any Instagram post that acts as an advertisement must feature #ad or #sponsored somewhere in the caption that is plain to see - i.e not at the very end so that Instagram cuts it off.

Author: 0 Firefighters begin grim search for those missing following horror London tower fire

People have been desperately seeking news of missing family and friends, including artist Khadjia Saye who is thought to have been on the 20th floor during the time of the fire. Earlier on Thursday, Fire Commissioner Cotton had said her crew had reached the top floor of the building and conducted visual searches. According to the Independent , the building had a large number of unaddressed fire hazards, despite the residents making many complaints to the building management in the past.

Industry Thursday Apple Rumors: Siri Sounds More Human in iOS 11
Author: 0 Thursday Apple Rumors: Siri Sounds More Human in iOS 11

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro is the same size as the previous-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro . You can blame the device's strong adhesives for the low score. With all these new features and the arrival of iOS 11 , One even comes to wonder if buying a laptop will not soon become obsolete. Those are costs you should consider on top of the iPad Pro's own NZ$1099 starting price tag.

Industry Xbox Game Pass will get 'at least' 5 new games each month
Author: 0 Xbox Game Pass will get 'at least' 5 new games each month

Every game is different, every engine is different, and every developer is trying to do different things. The service, which requires games are fully downloaded, not streamed, before play, also offers a 20% discount on Xbox One game purchases, and 10% off related add-ons, including DLC and Season Passes.

Industry LG G7 rumored to debut earlier in the year than G6
Author: 0 LG G7 rumored to debut earlier in the year than G6

LG also plans to unveil the bigger-screen V30 in August this year, a month earlier than the July debut of the V20 last year. The manufacturer has resorted to all sorts of unconventional approaches, from making the 2016 LG G5 modular, to releasing this year's G6 in March with the hopes of selling as many units as possible before the Galaxy S8 and other Android flagships managed to hit the shelves.

Author: 0 Get ready for the coming iOS 11 'Appocalypse'

If you are among those iPhone users who have had the app forever on your device, but never used it, or looked at it and haven't been able to make sense of the data, read on. Apple has been notoriously opaque about its review process, which has been a source of frustration to many developers over the years. "To get 200 subscribers from 50,000 downloads, they just need to convert 0.4% to purchases-or maybe even fewer, because these subscriptions are automatically renewing, so the ...

Industry MSI's GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GAMING X versus 4k gaming
Author: 0 MSI's GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GAMING X versus 4k gaming

Then yesterday Nvidia published a video of Destiny 2 running at 4K 60fps in a "gameplay first look". Destiny 2 is best played on Xbox One X . Destiny 2 will be out on the PS4 and Xbox One first this September. Bungie has confirmed during E3 2017 that Destiny 2 will run at 30 frames-per-second (fps) on Xbox One X .

Industry Toyota Just Set The Fastest Lap Ever At Le Mans
Author: 0 Toyota Just Set The Fastest Lap Ever At Le Mans

Conway had already beaten Kobayashi's Wednesday benchmark on his first run, producing a 3m18.651s - which stood as the fastest time when the session was stopped after 17 minutes due to a crash for Erik Maris's #33 Ligier at the first Mulsanne chicane.

Author: 0 Watch the Nintendo E3 Showcase live right here

Release dates for the Amiibo were not revealed . The trailer showed everything you'd expect from an RPG, some flashy battles, and some hearty melodrama. On the Nintendo Switch front, it was already announced that Super Mario Odyssey will be a huge focus at this year's show. If that wasn't enough Nintendo then finished the briefing with an absolute blinder of a trailer for it's all new stand-alone Mario title Mario Odyssey .

Industry The Amazon Dash Wand Is Now Alexa-Enabled - and (ALMOST) Free
Author: 0 The Amazon Dash Wand Is Now Alexa-Enabled - and (ALMOST) Free

Amazon launched its new Dash Wand on Thursday, which lets you order groceries by voice command. It is magnetic so easily sticks to your fridge and also has a loop so you can hang it in your kitchen. At a low (or free) price and a lot of functionality, the Dash Wand looks to be a great product. Amazon's umbrella description of the Dash Wand is "a wifi enabled kitchen assistant that helps you shop AmazonFresh".

Author: 0 E3 Day Three Podcast: Nintendo, Super Mario Odyssey

We will know more soon. A quick logo trailer confirmed the much-request Metroid Prime 4 is in development for Switch . Celebrating the original game's 25th anniversary this year , the tentatively titled Kirby showcased everything expected in a new addition to the franchise, including classic platforming and the ability to swallow enemies and copy powers.

Author: 0 Rocket League Announced for Switch

Watch the whole trailer below - and dig that catchy song. The player can even assemble them for one powerful attack. As expected, the trailer had multiple references to a "blade" - it's called Xenoblade - but didn't provide an exact release date.

Author: 0 Jury questions posed during Bill Cosby's sex assault trial

At this point, the jury could come back with a partial verdict or no verdict on any of the three felony indecent sexual-assault charges Cosby faces. A partial verdict of guilt on any of these charges could mean that the prosecution may or may not opt to retry the remaining charges. The note explaining the status of the jury's deliberations was time-stamped 11:06 a.m.