Author: 0 HomePod: New Intelligent Home Speakers From Apple

Certainly, the device can fill a room with impressive, dynamic sound. Its strategy has been unfolding for a couple of years now, through the launch of HomeKit for connected device developers , and then the addition of the Home app to iOS 10.

Industry Canadiens acquire Drouin from Lightning — CP NewsAlert
Author: 0 Canadiens acquire Drouin from Lightning — CP NewsAlert

Drafted as a center but often played as a winger, the Canadiens are now looking for a defender to recoup what they lost in Sergachev. "I'm trading a young prospect for sure, a player that we really like". With Druin gone, the Lightning can now protect another important forward like 24-year-old Vladislav Namestnikov. They could lose a defenseman, perhaps Braydon Coburn or Jason Garrison, but Sergachev is exempt.

Industry Facebook Rolls Out GIF Buttons For Comments
Author: 0 Facebook Rolls Out GIF Buttons For Comments

Reply threads on Facebook are about to get a lot more animated. Naturally, the best way to mark this historical development is by using GIFs as liberally as possible, and if you haven't already figured out how to use Facebook's GIF button , today is the day.

Industry Spotify reaches 140 million users
Author: 0 Spotify reaches 140 million users

Combined with the admission that it had 50 million paid subscribers back in March , it's safe to deduce that around 90 million or so of its listeners utilize the free tier. That's a 50 percent jump in revenue year-over-year. They are also looking to make some heavy-duty payments to the record companies, to the tune of $2 billion.

Industry What's different with Twitter after it rolled out a new look?
Author: 0 What's different with Twitter after it rolled out a new look?

In a more subtle change, Twitter has tweaked its typography to make it more consistent, and added bolder headlines to make it easier for tweeters focus on what's happening. Twitter is giving us a new way to look at Donald Trump's eyebrow-raising tweets - and everything else on the social media network. Twitter also replaced its reply arrow with a speech bubble, something that's familiar to anyone who has ever used Instagram.

Industry Verizon completes Yahoo deal, Marissa Mayer resigns
Author: 0 Verizon completes Yahoo deal, Marissa Mayer resigns

Verizon said in a statement , "Verizon wishes Mayer well in her future endeavors". Tim Armstrong, chief executive officer of Oath , Verizon's Internet media division, is in Sunnyvale, California, this week overseeing about 2,100 staff cuts as he starts integrating the Yahoo businesses.

Author: 0 Microsoft Office Released On Windows Store

Office in the Windows Store is not now available to those on Office 365 business plans. Other editions of Office 365 will also be supported on Windows 10 S , but the scope has been limited to Office 365 Personal, Home, Education E5, and Education Plus.

Industry Is your iPhone or iPad ready for AR?
Author: 0 Is your iPhone or iPad ready for AR?

We're guessing that this is as much of a preview as we're going to get of the next iPhone display: wider, slimmer bezels, great display. When is the iOS 11 release date? What's really cool about the new feature is that after you stop recording, you can make edits and annotations to your recording.

Industry UPS shooter was armed with assault pistol
Author: 0 UPS shooter was armed with assault pistol

Lam appeared to target the three drivers who died, chasing at least one of them out of the building, Cilia said. While witnesses said the shooter was wearing a UPS uniform, and the package delivery company said earlier that the shooter and all victims were its employees, Assistant Chief Chaplin declined to identify those killed and injured.

Industry Sony Isn't Letting PS4 Gamers Play With Other Consoles
Author: 0 Sony Isn't Letting PS4 Gamers Play With Other Consoles

With the update, " Minecraft " players who are using Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch will have access to the "Bedrock" version. This new update is going to unify all versions of the game , be it Windows 10 , mobile platform and console, all under one single edition.

Industry Mercedes-AMG G 63 'Edition 463' launched at Rs. 2.17 crore
Author: 0 Mercedes-AMG G 63 'Edition 463' launched at Rs. 2.17 crore

Both SUVs offer top-of-the-line performance tuned by the folks at Affalterbach, Germany. It has an electronically limited top speed of 210 kmph. Propelled by a supercharged 5.5-litre V8-engine, the G63 AMG Edition 463 develops 563 hp at 5500 rpm and a torque of 760 Nm at 5000 rpm.

Author: 0 New Spider-Man Game Is A PS4 Exclusive Due Next Year

Sony also announced that a Spider-Man game would be released in 2018 exclusively on PlayStation, keeping the pressure on Microsoft in the battle for console dominance. The unexpected reveal of Shadow of the Colossus during PlayStation's E3 2017 Media Showcase was a rare moment of true surprise and delight. Most people think that Sony could do better against the Xbox One X if it dropped the price of the PS4 Pro by $50 to $349.

Author: 0 Sony tries to defend their refusal to open up cross-network play

Eurogamer had a great interview with Sony's Jim Ryan about this. There's a console missing from that equation, and Sony's explanation for why that's the case is not good. And as you're buying things in Minecraft , you want to make sure you have them available on other platforms, so we have to know who you are. Saying goodbye to a launch day PS4 and picking up a new PS4 Pro I made a decision to see exactly what these iterations have to offer, and unfortunately found out that it's been ...

Industry Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Reveals the Xbox One X, Coming in November
Author: 0 Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Reveals the Xbox One X, Coming in November

Going by the specifications and stats, One X looks an terrible lot like a very high-end gaming PC and they usually run somewhere in the region of €1,000 or higher - so for bargain-hunting players, it's a cheap way of getting one. Coming to games any game that can be played on Xbox One and Xbox One S can be played on this console plus the 42 games announced in the E3 event.

Industry Here Is An iPhone 8 Running iOS 11 [CONCEPT]
Author: 0 Here Is An iPhone 8 Running iOS 11 [CONCEPT]

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro is the same size as the previous-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro . It's a whole lot clearer and there's more compromise so drivers like you and me can still use our navigation apps on our devices without getting flagged down.

Author: 0 Spider-Man PS4 Gameplay Trailer from Sony's E3 Presentation

Pre-order customers will be able to try out the new Call of Duty WW2 beta on August 25. Shadow of the Colossus's protagonist Wander will still have to shoot arrows at Colossi to get their attention, before climbing on top of them and stabbing them in a collection of magic symbols on their bodies.

Author: 0 Mojang Announces the Better Together Update for Minecraft with Cross-Platform Support

Minecraft and Rocket League are wonderful choices because they can work seamlessly on all platforms without demanding high hardware specifications. It was not only with Microsoft but Sony is also not interested in working with any other developer. At least, that was the original idea until PS4 was removed off the list later.

Author: 0 Sessions vigorously denies improper Russia contacts

When McCain, a Russia hawk who sits on the Senate Armed Services Committeee, asked whether Sessions had ever discussed any issues of national security while meeting with Russian officials in his capacity as a member of that committee, Sessions again said he couldn't remember.

Author: 0 Members of Congress receive threats, consider security following shooting

In his remarks, Trump did not speculate or comment on the motive of the shooter, reported by The Washington Post to be James T. Hodgkinson, 66, of Belleville, Illinois. Many have credited the U.S. Capitol Police for effectively engaging with the gunman , using their pistols against his rifle - a decidedly uneven matchup across a wide open space.

Industry Loan Waiver not an Issue in Madhya Pradesh, Says BJP
Author: 0 Loan Waiver not an Issue in Madhya Pradesh, Says BJP

This brings to four the number of farmer suicides reported in the past three days. Two allegedly debt-ridden farmers committed suicide at Jajna village under Rehti police station area in Sehore district and in Bhairpur village of Hoshangabad district, respectively.

Industry Metroid Prime 4 Details Revealed, New Studio Helming Project
Author: 0 Metroid Prime 4 Details Revealed, New Studio Helming Project

Metroid: Samus Returns will be released on September 15 for the 3DS. The actual cover for Metroid: Samus Returns has yet to be revealed. However, an Amazon listing says the game would be released on December 28, 2019. " Metroid Prime 4 " is officially heading to the Nintendo Switch . The video begins with an acknowledgement that Samus Returns is the first 2D Metroid game since Zero Mission launched for the Game Boy Advance in 2004.

Author: 0 Xbox One X is Microsoft's powerful new game console

Frustrated with the reputation, Microsoft has stated throughout the X's development that it'll be the most powerful console in history. The same can't be said of Microsoft's new console; for all its power, the Xbox One X will never see Uncharted or God of War .

Industry The 10.5-Inch iPad Pro Arrives in Stores Alongside New Larger Model
Author: 0 The 10.5-Inch iPad Pro Arrives in Stores Alongside New Larger Model

The debate is still on regarding this, with some believing Apple will disguise them completely and other pointing towards a small sensor bar being present on top. The File app is updated to accommodate local, iCloud Drive, Dropbox, etc. files accordingly. OK, so what's the real plan here? For one, speech is improving dramatically.

Author: 0 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro Available in Apple Stores

Those are costs you should consider on top of the iPad Pro's own NZ$1099 starting price tag. 27-inch iMac Radeon Pro 575 versus 580 - However, when I worked through the 27-inch iMac configurations, I found the same issue as with the 21.5-inch models.

Author: 0 India, Pakistan armies exchange fire along LoC in Nowshera sector

The Indian Army has given Pakistan a befitting response following a cease fire violation in Jammu and Kashmir. The firing incidents along the LoC have increased in recent days. Indian Army says it is being done by Pakistan to facilitate the infiltration of militants into the Indian side. Over a span of four hours on Tuesday evening, four attacks took place across Kashmir in which 13 security personnel were injured.

Industry Microsoft researchers master Ms. Pac-Man with AI
Author: 0 Microsoft researchers master Ms. Pac-Man with AI

Pac-Man. But now it's come for our video games - the robots have bested us at Ms. Pac-Man. Instead, a Microsoft-owned AI team has achieved a flawless score of 999,990 on the arcade classic Ms. In fact, Microsoft's blog quotes an associate professor at Montreal's McGill University who also sees it as a major achievement among researchers in the AI field.

Author: 0 Nvidia bundles Destiny 2 with GTX 1080, 1080 Ti GPUs

Destiny 2 is one of the more hotly anticipated shooters of this year and like most new shooter releases , it looks gorgeous in its pre-release trailers and artwork. Nvidia are going in hard on Destiny 2 , offering both the game and early PC beta access with GTX 1080 and 1080ti purchases. " Xbox One X is the most powerful console ever built, and this fall it will be the most powerful console in the market".

Author: 0 Step aside, Stuxnet - Industroyer is here

Two cyber security firms have uncovered malicious software that they believe caused a December 2016 Ukraine power outage, they said on Monday, warning the malware could be easily modified to harm critical infrastructure operations around the globe.

Author: 0 Special counsel investigating Trump for obstruction of justice

Ruddy argued that Mueller's appointment is "illegitimate" because there are no criminal allegations to justify the investigation. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein says he has seen no evidence of good cause to fire the special prosecutor overseeing the Russian Federation investigation.

Industry Motorola press invite for June 27 hints at another smartphone launch
Author: 0 Motorola press invite for June 27 hints at another smartphone launch

By using the brand Moto , Motorola not only hoped to cash in on the legacy of Motorola , which was more recognisable for phones, but also hoped to create a new image of the youthful brand that was fun, funky and lively. We don't have additional specs, but it's a good bet that 4GB or 6GB of RAM will go in it alongside the processor, as well as a dual camera setup and a big, high-resolution display.