Kristen Stewart Just Broke All The Red Carpet Rules At Cannes


As reported by the Telegraph, Kristen Stewart was attending the premiere of her movie BlacKkKlansman when she made a decision to ditch her black Louboutins and walk up the stairs barefoot.

But just before she entered the screening, she slipped off her shoes and walked up the stairs barefooted.

The 2018 Cannes Film Festival is well underway, and some of those attending have used the festival as a platform to show support for protestors in Gaza. Telling reporters back in 2017 that found the rules outdated Stewart has been vocal about dressing the way she pleases.

Even though multiple Cannes officials have denied that the high heel policy exists, Kristen Stewart seemingly believes that it does.

"If [a man and I] were walking the red carpet together and someone stopped me and said, 'Excuse me, young lady, you're not wearing heels". You can not come in.' Then (I'm going to say), 'Neither is my friend. Does he have to wear heels?' It can work both ways. With the festival making headlines during previous years for its "no flats" rule, actresses have been outspoken about the dress code and its adherence to behind the times gender roles. "It can work both ways".

In 2014, actress Emma Thompson famously carried her heels on stage at the Golden Globes while also holding a martini glass when she appeared to present an award. "I feel like you can't ask that anymore, but it's still a given", said Stewart.

She utilized the platform of Cannes Red Carpet to draw the world's attention towards Killing of Palestinians. "I get the black-tie thing but you should be able to do either version-flats or heels", she explained.

Stewart isn't the first to go barefoot at Cannes, in 2016 actress Julia Roberts went shoeless to the premiere of Money Monster.