Battlefield V Reveal Event Panel Announced


"The next chapter of EA DICE's groundbreaking all-out war saga is Battlefield V", the teaser sites says. Today, we got some more news about the event. Every battle is unique, and every mode brings its own challenges - from the way you interact with the environment around you, to compelling single-player stories, to the next level of large-scale multiplayer that spans across multiple maps and modes.

What do you expect from Battlefield V?

Noah's announcement video teased the "V" in the new Battlefield's title, while some of the earliest reports about the sequel first suggested it would be titled Battlefield V, and that it will feature a WWII setting. According to EA DICE, the following developers are going to discuss the game on May 23 during a live stream on YouTube. It was codenamed as Battlefield V although the final name of the game appears to be the same as the initial leak. You'll know if you watch the live reveal! Predictably, there are no details on where exactly Battlefield V will be set, but previous rumours have pointed to World War II.

The teaser website isn't much beyond a blue background with "May 23, 2018" emblazoned across it, accompanied by the hashtag "Battlefield".

Battlefield V was just confirmed by EA. I don't think that's terribly likely, but a battle royale mode?

If it does end up being set in WW2, it'd be cool to see the Pacific and Eastern Front theatres represented, rather than the same Western Front business nearly every other WW2 game featured.

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