PUBG Mobile updated with new Miramar Map, progress missions, more


The games official Twitter account posted a quick tweet that shared key highlights of the update, but even that list isn't everything you'll get from PUBG Mobile v0.5.0 starting today. While the developer continues refine the new map and add more details with each test period, the most recent trial saw players finding mysterious golden chests taking up space in various locations around the island.

Progress missions dole out certain amounts of in-game BP, though you can also do things like join a crew or give BP to a friend to net additional BP. They have apparently helped to drastically increase the company's headset sales due to team-based gameplay and requirements to be coordinated during games. Players can now team up with nearby friends locally by inputting a six-digit code.

"The business is doing really, really well and what's driving that - beyond our strategy and being a good quality product - is the Fortnite, PUBG, and battle royale craze, which has introduced a bunch of new people into games", said Stark. On both PC and consoles the games have both sold millions of copies and have huge numbers of players in them, and are constantly being updated all the time.

Additionally, PUBG says they've added a Secret Stash, where players can purchase special discounted items.

Keep in mind that the update does not include the ability to choose your region and flag.

The PUBG Mobile update is available on the Play Store and weighs in at over 700MB.