European Under-17 Championship: Red-card drama as Republic exit on penalties


Norwich City's Adam Idah missed Ireland's first spot-kick, with the following four players for the Dutch and for the Irish all scoring with theirs.

Alas, for the Irish, referee Zbynek Proske judged Corcoran (correctly) to have been well off his line when making the save.

Ireland goalkeeper Jimmy Corcoran saved Redan's effort, seemingly forcing sudden death.

The quarter-final against the Netherlands ended in weird circumstances as Corcoran was shown a second yellow card for coming off his line before saving a spot-kick.

With Corcoran off the pitch, it fell to Newcastle central defender Oisin McEntee to put on the gloves as Redan stepped up to retake.

Republic of Ireland senior manager Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane were both at the game and O'Neill made his way pitchside after the final penalty towards the referee.

The penalty was ordered to be retaken, but before it was, Corcocan was sent off.

It was a moment that had social media collectively aghast and head scratching.

Former Premier League official Mark Halsey was asked on Twitter what he thought of the situation.

Ireland U17 manager Colin O'Brien said that the referee had warned the Dutch goalkeeper twice previously for moving before the whistle had been blown during the shootout.

The still image suggests that even if Corcoran had moved from his line, it wasn't by much.

Corcoran was part of the Republic of Ireland u-16s team that won the Victory Shield for the second year in a row, after defeating Scotland 2-0 in Bangor at the end October last year.