Couple gets surprise from toddler during marriage proposal


Przytula's daughter is heard laughing in the background as Owen relieves himself, but the couple doesn't appear to notice until later when she draws attention to his antics.

Allyssa Anter said "yes" Saturday to the question popped by her boyfriend, Kevin Przytula.

Luckily, family members were on hand to capture the hilarious moment for posterity - and for the enjoyment of YouTube viewers everywhere.

A proposal must be one of the most nerve-wracking things you'll ever have to do - not only praying that the other person says yes, but also that everything you've arranged goes to plan.

Przytula stopped his girlfriend in front of a fountain and romantically dropped down to one knee. However, the man recording the proposal couldn't hold back his laughter any longer as Owen took a leak.

However, just as Kevin gets down on one knee, nature calls and Owen pulls down his trousers and take a pee. I mean, when you've got to go, you've got to go.

She said he just goes without telling anyone it's happening - which is exactly what happened on Saturday. She said yes. The couple got an even bigger surprise when they found 3-year-old Owen practicing something his parents had been urging for the past month - potty training.

Though Facebook has since deleted the video that the lovebirds shared online, Przytula said it had over 56,000 views and roughly 300 shares.