Co-pilot 'sucked halfway out' plane when windshield blows out at 32000 feet


And then on Monday, the co-pilot of a Chinese Sichuan Airlines flight was also nearly sucked out of his plane after a part of the cockpit windshield broke.

A pilot is being called a hero after making an emergency landing when the plane's windshield cracked mid-flight.

A co-pilot cheated death when a cockpit window broke and fell out during a flight in China.

The plane was flying from Chongqing to the Tibetan city of Lhasa when the cockpit windshield shattered.

The captain told reporters that when he looked to the other side of the cockpit, he could see that the co-pilot was "partially blown out of the aircraft". A separate report said the aircraft had accumulated 19,912 flight hours since entering service at Sichuan Airlines in July 2011.

In a statement posted on social media, the airline said that 29 of the plane's 119 passengers were sent to a hospital for examination.

Video footage shot by passengers showed baggage falling from overhead lockers during the emergency landing and oxygen masks dropping for use.

This is similar to another accident which happened on June 10, 1990 (BA 5390). Most of the equipment malfunctioned and I couldn't hear the radio. The co-pilot suffered scratches and a sprained wrist, the CAA said, adding that a flight attendant was also injured but passengers were mostly shaken by the near-escape.

The plane landed at the airport after 20 minutes but the pilot says he had to manually do everything because the automatic features were not functioning.

Liu was previously a military pilot before he started working for Sichuan Airlines in 2006.

State media quoted a civil aviation official, Jiang Wenxue, as saying the pilot "truly performed a miracle".

While the airline has officially maintained that an investigation is still underway as to the exact cause of the windshield failure, passengers have praised the crew for safely landing the Airbus A319 under such conditions. People were screaming, while bags and trays were flying everywhere, he said. "All we could do was wait".

No passengers were injured in the incident but a cabin crew was injured during the descent. Liu then grabbed the co-pilot and strapped him back into his seat.