Ariana Grande, Jimmy Fallon, and The Roots Rock Out With Nintendo Labo


Yup, her and "The Roots" will be using cardboard instruments to recreate a pop song; Nintendo Labo is seriously diverse.

You can see and hear the performance for yourself below.

This episode was aired on Monday and the fans enjoyed the show thoroughly.

In 2016, Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime appeared on Fallon's late night TV show to show off the Nintendo Switch.

We've already seen The Roots and company using schoolroom instruments to make some incredible music, so it's no surprise to see what they can do with the power of the Labo suite.

If you were impressed by the projects included with the Variety Kit or Robot Kit, you'll really be impressed by this cardboard/Nintendo Switch instrument ensemble. When Ariana Grande made an appearance on the show, one of the famous band group The Roots were also there. Nintendo just stood them up. We asked if we could make other cardboard things like guitars and they [Nintendo] said, of course, we'll help you do it. Every time he raised it up it would make a amusing noise, nearly like a theremin.

When asked about the experience, Fallon stated, "It was totally weird and such a gamble". Fallon said that they got the song right on the second take, which is pretty impressive considering these are real musicians playing cardboard with something roughly the size of an iPad Mini attached to it.