Why WWE couldn't wait for Ronda Rousey's first title match


However, it seems they will be looking to capitalise on "Rowdy" Ronda's unprecedented momentum coming out of WM34's most entertaining match, when she teamed with Kurt Angle to take on Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Rousey wasted no time in accepting the challenge, setting the stage for a major match between "The Irresistible Force" and "The Baddest Woman on the Planet". Never one to back down from either a challenge or an opportunity, a bewildered Rousey agreed to the match.

- Former WWE Tag Team Champion and current New Japan Pro Wrestling star Davey Boy Smith Jr.is backstage for tonight's RAW in London.

Although many WWE matches are set up from bitter feuds, that was not the case as Rousey explained at NBCUniversal Upfront.

"We can still get along for now, but once we get in the ring, it's over". Keep in mind that WWE has yet to officially announce the match for this show but will likely be doing so here shortly.

Ronda Rousey accepted the challenge while sounding like someone invited to the wedding of the century. "All bets are off, right?"

"We're professionals, so when we get in there, there's a job to be done", Rousey added.

Just when Ronda's interview was going on at the event where she was talking about her WWE debut, her Wrestlemania moment, she was joined by Charlotte Flair. We all have the same goals. I'm very intrigued by how WWE will build this up and how the match will go.

There has been talk WWE would like to get Money in the Bank considered on par with their Big 4 pay-per-views. It's an exciting prospect, to say the least!