Wenger: European Super League is "inevitable"


His most cherished memory: "Maybe my first title here because I came completely unknown and in my first full year I won the championship". I would say the legacy is what you think is important, with the way you behave with your players.

Arsenal were hoping to have Wenger for one more game as they fought to reach the Europa League final, falling to Atletico Madrid in the semi-finals. He said, "I have always encouraged Arsenal to organise a tour in India".

Protesting Arsenal fans finally saw off Arsene Wenger on Sunday when the manager's 22-year reign ended with a 1-0 victory at Huddersfield.

Greeted by headlines asking 'Arsene who?' when he was hired in 1996, Wenger departs firmly established as Arsenal's greatest manager. "I think that is the next step we will see", he said. "But one can be sure, I will visit India", he said.

Wenger has signed his past two Arsenal contracts amid supporter unrest over his continued leadership - but on both occasions the deal has not been agreed until the end of the campaign.

"The Emirates for me was like buying a new house". The idea that you want to give from the game you love.

'Footballers need readability and clearly in the intervening time we do not know who's going to be coming in to take the reins, ' he told Sky Sports.

Highbury that you could never recreate when you build something new. I thought maybe we won't score the second goal, but we can not concede - they never crossed the halfway line.

"Because there was more questioning as well, you do not feel the same adhesion to what you do and when you stay here for such a long period you question yourself 'is it time now to go or not?'" There would be a trickle down into the football league too as it would be more hard for lower league clubs to make the jump into the top tier.

A sixth place finish - 37 points behind champions Manchester City - was a reminder how far Arsenal's standards had slipped in Wenger's final years. "When you have that you have less good players", he added.