The House That Jack Built, Cannes Film Festival


Enfant awful Lars von Trier returned to the Cannes Film Festival on Monday night and became the first director of 2018 to see mass walkouts take place. Look unpleasant? Sure. But I wouldn't want him to suddenly go chaste on us, and the career high of Nymphomaniac is a good place from which to start a new provocation.

According to Variety more than 100 people exited the screening after taking exception to the film's graphic depiction of a serial killer's murders and mutilation of women and children. You can check out a few Twitter reactions below. Despite a large number of viewers departing the screening early due to being unable to stomach the narrative of the film, the director still received a 10-minute standing ovation for the movie.

The trailer, which alludes to the life of the killer and how he sees the world, is full of blood and gore - which only rattled the anxiety around the film's upcoming release.

Cape Town - Seven years after being banned by the Cannes Film Festival, Lars Von Trier again caused a stir.

Entertainment reporter Roger Friedman described it as a "vile movie" that "should not have been made".

Dozens of people walked out in disgust when The House That Jack Built premiered at Cannes, and while I can certainly understand their reasons, I was happy to stay all the way until the jaw-dropping ending.

Von Trier was making his first appearance on the Croisette since being declared "persona not grata" by the festival over a 2011 press conference in which he joked about sympathising with the Nazis. Gross. Pretentious. Vomitive. Torturous.

IFC Films is set to release "Jack" in USA theaters in the fall. That decision was greeted negatively in some quarters, with critics pointing to allegations made by the musician Björk, who said that Von Trier had sexually harassed her on the set of his film Dancer in the Dark. Von Trier's script follows Jack's development as a murderer, following him through five important killings and providing glimpses into his troubling coming-of-age experience. You may be tempted to walk out of The House That Jack Built before then, but you'll definitely be talking about it afterwards. Let us know what you think.