Microsoft Unveils Gorgeous New Surface Hub 2


In 2018 we will begin to test Surface Hub 2 with select commercial customers.

Coming to Windows Hello, Microsoft will allow multiple user accounts to be created and users can use biometrics to access their account and start from where they left off.

Microsoft showed off this concept years ago in one of its futuristic "envisioning" videos. Microsoft says it will bring as much Surface Hub 2 software functionality as is possible to the previous generation Hubs.

And as you can see from the video, it can easily be rotated between horizontal and vertical orientations, and the 4K cameras rotate with the device as well. "The gorgeous 4K+ 50.5" multi-touch display creates an inviting canvas to co-create, harnessing the power of Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Whiteboard, Office 365, Windows 10 and the intelligent cloud. When I asked Seiler if users would be able to do this kind of cross-device content sharing with Surface Hub 2, she would only say "you can manipulate content from a variety of devices".

Microsoft has announced the Surface Hub 2, a brand new interactive whiteboard aimed at helping professionals to work creatively and collaboratively. Pen input is still available as well and I'm told the input accuracy should match that of other Surface products.

Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't plan to share further details of the Surface Hub 2 until later this year, including the price. Remember the $9,000 MSRP for the 55-inch version of the first-generation hub. It's also not clear what sort of smarts Microsoft will be able to add to the Hub 2, when it's a feature update or two behind-remember, the original didn't even ship with Cortana enabled.

Interestingly, the Surface Hub 2 has a hinge system which allows it to be rotated between landscape and portrait mode, and can be mounted on a wall or used with a rolling stand to make it more accessible. And of course, we have no idea of the components inside. The one on the Surface Hub 2 takes some cues from those on Surface Studio and Surface Book, said Seiler, but is still unique, as it is designed for "dynamic rotation". We've sold to more than 5000 customers across 25 markets.