Google One Is Google's Paid Storage Service


A new Google service will offer you more bang for your buck when it comes to cloud storage. The company this week announced "a simple plan for expanded storage that includes extra benefits" dubbed Google One.

Google has also dropped the 1TB package and lowered the price of its 2TB plan from $19.99 per month to $9.99.

Also, a much-requested option to share access to cloud storage with family members has been added.

Google users now get 15GB of free storage for their accounts, with Google One there will be new tiers available with Google advising 100GB plans will start at $1.99USD, with 200GB costing $2.99USD and 2TB will be available for $9.99USD per month.

The new plans give users more options for every budget, but you're also getting more for your money.

Google One customers will also gain one-tap access to product experts in case they run into an issue with any of Google's services. If you pay for space in Google Drive, Gmail, Photos or other apps, you'll do it through Google One.

Apparently, Google has not made any changes to the basic storage capacity of 15GB for free users. In addition, Google One will provide more features for subscribers.

Lastly, Google Drive isn't going anywhere. All 1TB plans at $9.99/month will be upgraded to 2TB plans free of charge, meaning there's no more 1TB plan. Each of the members will get their own private storage as well as the other standard Google One perks. However, this change doesn't affect G Suite business customers. So, if you're not a storage hogger, then the Google One program doesn't matter for you. It's unclear exactly what this means, but we'll likely know more soon. A global expansion will follow after. Before the upgrade, users will receive a confirmation email where they will be able to manage their storage plan and benefits.

Access to Google experts for customer support.