Accessible Xbox One controller leaked


Microsoft may be working on a thoroughly unique Xbox One controller created to assist gamers with accessibility needs. The controller has two circular buttons that are similar to the touchpad found on the current generation of touchpad controllers. These "A" and "B" buttons look to be programmable and will help gamers who do better with touch than sight.

Is this a new Xbox One controller developed by Microsoft?

Sending someone a game gift can be done using Windows 10, any Xbox One, or in a web browser. The folks at Windows Central have also noted a three-light LED indicator which suggests that there could be programming layers, indicating that the controller could be customized according to the gamer's needs. More details about this new Xbox One controller should be announced by Microsoft very soon. Microsoft might also have included a 3.5 mm headphone jack with a micro USB port for charging and data syncing.

Bleeping Computer has contacted Microsoft regarding this controller but they do not have any comment at this time.

The new controller might look amusing to most gamers, but this one is being designed for accessibility purposes. Twitter user h0x0d found a promotional image for the supposed new controller, which you can see below. These kinds of peripherals will make gaming easier for an enormous number of people, and other companies would be wise to follow suit. If this leak proves true, the accessibility-minded controller option could open up Xbox One games to an even wider audience.