Rage 2 Announcement Trailer Leaked


Every esoteric hint put out by Bethesda over the past few days has been meticulously critiqued, with many believing they point to an announcement coming on May 14.

A series of tweets are showing that Bethesda is planning a big surprise for all of us.

While none of this really allude to a RAGE 2 announcement, it's highly likely given the correlation between RAGE's Walmart tweet and the pink colours used in these later images.

According to this Image, we will most probably hear something from Bethesda on May 14th. Whether the actual images-the rocket and Big Ben-have any meaning remains to be seen. They seem to have nothing in color but, in fact, all of them have some pink traces in them. This could indicate RAGE 2 will have an online live service component of some sort with more widespread and dynamic multiplayer action, possibly both drop-in/drop-out online co-op and/or competitive play. Sequel to 2011's Rage it was first revealed via listing on the Walmart Canada website. Afterwards, Bethesda made a decision to share three more images with clues in it, and all of them contained the color pink.

There's two main things going on with these tweets, the first of which is the repetition of the numbers 5 and 14. The third image was of a crosswalk but, this time, it had no hint in it. "We've been working on E3 for this year since September of last year". Some say that these are for Rage 2 and others think it is Starfield. She has been playing games for as long as she can remember, and one of her first memories of gaming comes from playing Super Mario World on the SNES with her aunt.