Overwatch Anniversary Celebration Begins Next Week


Following a leak over the weekend, Blizzard has now officially confirmed all the details about Overwatch's next event, Anniversary. To celebrate, there'll be more than 50 new cosmetic items to unlock, new Deathmatch map Petra, and all of last year's items and seasonal brawls to boot.

Blizzard also announced a "Legendary" edition of Overwatch that is due to launch on May 22, which is when the game's second anniversary event begins.

The new cosmetic items will include eight new Legendary skins and dance emotes for Doomfist, Moira, and Brigitte (Overwatch's three newest characters). Previous seasonal loot will also be included in Loot Boxes during the anniversary event. If none of that piques your interest, you'll also be able to play on the new Deathmatch map Petra. Oh, and a "Legendary Edition" is coming on May 22 with "Legendary, Epic and Origin skins for a total of 15 skins with purchase".

Overwatch is turning two years next week and just like last year's anniversary celebration, there will be another one this year and it should come with a range of new skins and possibly a new game mode as well. If you decide to buy the 50 Loot Box Bundle, you'll receive an additional Legendary Anniversary Loot Box for free. Everyone who logs in during the event gets one free loot box that guarantees a Legendary-level item.

The most important news however is the expansion of the deathmatch mode - Blizzard promises "placement matches, skill rating tiers, and leaderboards" for the event.