Mother's Day history : When and Why it was started


Maybe offer to watch their little one (s) so their partners can take them out for a special day.

To celebrate Mother's Day, moms get 50 percent off fresh baked cookies at participating stores. Happy Mother's Day! Love you mom.

There are millions of mothers, and there are millions of ways to acknowledge Mom on Mother's Day.

Anna Jarvis would likely turn over in her grave if she knew how commercialized Mother's Day has become over the years.

In 1914, Congress made the second Sunday in May Mother's Day after the holiday was such a success across the nation that Congress was asked to set aside a day to honor mothers.

Jarvis was very intentional about the name of her holiday.

"You mean more to our family than you know". It's Mother's Day - as in one mom. Children and teens today may have foster moms, stepmoms, substitute and surrogate moms. They have clung to me all my life.

Mom took the time to praise us when we were right and scolded us when we were wrong.

White carnation flowers, her mother's personal favorite, were given to each mother and child who attended the service. And to all the mothers who've raised them, we recognize it's often a hard, exhausting and thankless job, and we thank you for selflessly doing it anyway. For those Moms that hanged around during tough times "for the sake of the children" - I salute you. "One of the important truths she taught me was to be thankful-both to people and to God", Olive Slye said of her mother Esther Horsager. I can always be sure the NCAA basketball tournament has officially begun when I start getting text messages from Remle, celebrating the wins and lamenting the losses of her beloved Midwestern teams.

We all should get those mother's day nanny quotes just to surprise our nannies with.

While Anna Jarvis passed away in 1948, her holiday continues to thrive in a way that she would never be supportive of. What are you planning on doing about work?' to the woman.

Sonakshi Sinha: Happy Mothers day to my first role model, my first love and my first friend! She's my reminder of why I'm here; why I put so much time into this.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers and expecting mothers out there today! Not just because of the silliness of it, but because I chose this story to honor her memory. "By the way, I honestly think she would rather have me gift her a saree than speak so sentimentally about her!" My mom is more of a baseball fan herself, but that never stopped her from allowing me to complain about football on a regular basis every fall.

Jarvis' mother, Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis, had 11 children, but seven of them died due to infections before reaching adulthood.

I pray that's all you'll ever have to do - imagine that scenario - rather than someday live it. Think it through, and you'll likely have a greater appreciation for Mom.