'Last Man Standing' gets second life at Fox


Ratings aside, however, it was clear that the success of Roseanne played a major role in the decision to renew Last Man Standing.

After actor Tim Allen confirmed that Fox was picking up his show, "Last Man Standing", fans and big-name conservatives celebrated by calling it the "best week of winning".

Fox's upfront event - when it will present its new shows to potential advertisers - will take place Monday afternoon at New York City's Beacon Theatre. It performed best in our Sunday night lineup.

A follow-up question was asked about why they would cancel Brooklyn Nine-Nine and renew Last Man Standing, and the answer was that Brooklyn Nine-Nine had more hard point of entry than Last Man Standing and that Last Man Standing was averaging more than double the viewers of Brooklyn Nine-Nine week in and week out.

Fox had wanted to rescue "Last Man" previous year when it was unexpectedly axed by ABC.

Walden said the opportunity to revive "Last Man Standing" was a no-brainer. This year, the timing for "Last Man" was ideal as Fox sought broad meat-and-potatoes comedies to land on Friday to take advantage of the promotional platform offered by another newcomer to its schedule, "Thursday Night Football". "We just think it's a really amusing show" with general appeal, he said in announcing the network's 2018-19 schedule with fellow chairman and CEO Dana Walden. He also disputed the notion that Allen's unwavering support of Donald Trump was a reason ABC made a decision to remove the show from its lineup.

It nearly seemed that the incredible run of quite possibly the funniest show on television would end without a fight from anyone but the actors and the fans - at least until NBC stepped in and picked the show up. We always felt like ABC didn't really prioritize Last Man Standing.

The network has ground to make up in ratings: Fox is averaging 5 million viewers in prime time this season, down 17 percent from 6 million past year. "We always wondered how it would do if it were. prioritized more".

Walden said that after a five-season run by "Brooklyn Nine-Nine", the network didn't have the right place to put it.

"Last Man Standing" tells the story of a married father of three who tries to maintain his manliness in a world often dominated by women.

Despite the comparisons to Roseanne, Newman insists that Allen's conservative politics will not factor into the show.

Tim Allen's personal political beliefs don't overshadow "Last Man Standing", say Fox execs.

Fox also explained why it saved "Last Man Standing."

"I'm not sure I think that [ABC's] cancellation had anything to do with politics", he said.