YouTube 'Take a Break' Feature Rolling Out on Android Devices


Video streaming platform YouTube is also a region of the initiative, under that users are going to be able to schedule customized breaks to step off in their online lives for a short time.

When Google held the I/O this week, the company announced a lot of new and important features and changes that will be here in Android P. While Android P itself will not be officially released until the fall, there are beta versions out now if you are interested.

Google is trying to make sure that more users use its apps meaningfully at Google IO this week. What did you like the most from the Google I/O?

You can not just open the app by ignoring the time limit either. How many times can you learn how Burger Chef failed, or watch Chris Chambliss' 1976 pennant winning homer for the Yankees, or even replay Ray Allen's miracle 3-pointer that helped LeBron win his second title with the Heat.

The YouTube Take a Break feature is available on the mobile app Setting screen.

Now, a half swipe up from the new home slider will show you a preview of your active apps and a full swipe will take you to the app tray. Once the time is up, the app icon will end up graying out on you.

This "take a break" feature does exactly what it sounds like. The big question is whether you will actually heed the warning on the screen. So whenever yo want to set a reminder to stop watching the YouTube's videos, you can go to the Settings option and can set the reminder as per your requirements.

These functions won't be the last ones from Google which have been created to aid users get less deflected because of technology.

If you have missed the 48-hours refund period as well, you won't see a refund button. In case you have somehow made an in-app purchase unwittingly, getting a refund for this may not be easy as returning paid apps. From there, just remove the time limit from that app. With the rollout, this update YouTube will allow the users to set reminders at a specific interval of time.