President Buhari returns to Nigeria


The president confirmed that he went to the United Kingdom for further medical checkup.

"The constitution does not say the president must disclose his health status, it only says he should make his medical vacation public to the House of Assembly". He arrived this evening from London.

"The president asked his son to be treated in Nigeria".

Mr Buhari left Abuja on Tuesday on a four-day medical trip to the UK. President Buhari is not a thief.

PDP spokesman Kola Ologbodiyan said: "We need full disclosure about the president's health. He can't travel for an official meeting to the USA and sneak into London to see his doctor, then tell Nigerians it was a technical stopover due to flight issues".

Using his official Twitter handle @MBuhari, the President also announced his returned to the country. He will return Sat, May 12th. "The doctor requested the President to return for a meeting which he agreed to do".

"These medical trips by the President and the rich in Nigeria expose our country to ridicule because you cannot justify that a little of enormous resources cannot fix a few hospitals to the extent that everybody can be treated in Nigeria", Falana said.

Buhari travelled to the United Kingdom on Tuesday and was expected to return on Saturday. He also said he had "blood transfusions, going to the laboratories and so on and so forth". Man cannot even guarantee life because somebody that is here in the morning could be gone in the afternoon; so in terms of guarantee, nobody can guarantee anything.

"I can not speak for the President because he is an individual". There's nobody that is 100% healthy.

"But like I said, you know, it is only God that has a final authority on things but all things being equal, he'll be back on Saturday".