Lenovo Z5 Confirmed to Offer More Than 95% Screen-to-Body Ratio


Among the other bits and pieces of the new Z5 that is evident from the teaser pic released recently on Weibo include a USB Type-C port along the bottom. Then, the antenna bands are present on the left side presumably suggesting a metallic chassis.

The post has been shared with a hashtag searching 'the new national leader revelation on Weibo. This was accomplished by decreasing the space devoured by the radio wire groups, camera, and size of bezels.

According to the provided picture, this summer we will see the first truly frameless smartphone.

The way Lenovo seems to have positioned the Z5, it is clear that this is going to be a high-end phone. While Lenovo is not talking about the hardware inside the Z5, it is nearly certain that the phone will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, which nearly all high-end Android phones use.

Elaborating further, Chang said they achieved the breakthrough 95 percent screen-to-body ratio by significantly reducing the space needed to fit in the antenna bands, camera and of course the bezel themselves. The Z5 will be launched to take on the likes of Xiaomi's Mi Mix 2S, Mi Mix and other phones with a comprehensive display.

Lenovo is reportedly working on a fully bezel-less smartphone to break away from the new trend of shipping smartphones with a notch.

There are speculations that company could launch the phone on June 14. Lenovo Z5 aims to do that. If this is so, some of the advanced features will be the flip-up selfie camera, under-display fingerprint scanner, and in-screen earpiece. This phone could end the notch culture. This made the company come up and debut last month the cheap budget-friendly smartphones like the 5.72-inch Lenovo K5 and the 5.7-inch K5 Lite as well as the mid-range phone Lenovo S5.

The declaration from Chang also affirms now Lenovo is in no plans to offer Motorola mobile under ZUK marking any longer.