Xiaomi is bringing its Assistant-loaded smart home products to the US


Xiaomi on Friday announced that its variety of sensible home products will probably now buy Google Assistant service, enabling people to restrain those products using Google household clever speakers or perhaps the Google Assistant app on smartphones and tablets.

Xiaomi makes pretty much everything you can imagine, and in the smart home arena that includes lighting, power control, and more. Now the two teams are turning their attention to your living room rather than your handset, and will be bringing to the US the Mi Bedside Lamp, the Mi LED Smart Bulb, and the Mi Smart Plug.

For Xiaomi the announcement is a big one, as it not only expands the functionality of the three items, making them smarter and more cohesive with other smart products, it's also allowing Xiaomi to tap into a big market where the smart home is not just a novel idea but also being adopted widely throughout homes.

Xiaomi might be popular with its smartphones, but it also has an in-house IoT ecosystem thanks to the booming startup industry in China. It has a claimed 16 million color customisations and, thus, can be configured for different colours, moods, or user choices.

Mi LED Smart Bulb will add color to any room, supporting up to 16 million colors.

The Mi bed-side Lamp might look as though it but it truly isn't a typical desk lamp. In addition to the touch-sensitive panel at the top and the Mi Home app, users can now use the Google Assistant to control Mi Bedside Lamp through voice control. But what if you're happy with your bulbs or what to turn some of your other "dumb" appliances smart? These smart home products will hit the USA markets soon, beginning with Mi Bedside Lamp in May. Lastly, the Mi Smart Plug can be used to turn regular gadgets into smart home products.