The Chicago Tribune: The case for Gina Haspel as Central Intelligence Agency director


John McCain has been a frequent critic of Trump. John McCain's brain cancer diagnosis at an internal meeting on Thursday, a day after the Arizona Republican announced his opposition to President Trump's nominee for Central Intelligence Agency director, Gina Haspel. "I really feel like I understand the meaning of life, and it is not how you die, it's how you live", she said. "...we're supposed to be this shining beacon to the world that we're above that, that we believe in the presumption of innocence that we believe in trials...."

While the GOP's narrow hold on the Senate, 51-49, has been further slimmed with McCain's absence, Haspel appeared to be gaining support. Most of those Democrats have pledged to oppose her nomination - though panel vice chairman Mark R. Warner, D-Va., who called the lack of transparency "unacceptable" in a letter to Haspel earlier this week, has yet to decide how he will vote.

Cindy McCain also chastised Fox Business Network and Making Money host Charles Payne Thursday for a comment made by retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney during a discussion about McCain's opposition to Haspel and his opinion that torture is not effective.

And McCain's daughter, Meghan McCain, weighed in on "The View".

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said later on Friday that Sadler still works at the White House, and refused to confirm or deny what Sadler had said.

John McCain, who has spent the last several weeks convalescing at his home in Arizona as he battles brain cancer, released a statement after Haspel's Senate confirmation hearing on Wednesday, slamming her for refusing to condemn torture. Haspel gets rave reviews from former national security officials from Democratic and Republican administrations, and is said to be strongly supported by agency employees. "I'm willing to bet she's a regular church goer, probably praying for McCain's death.", a follow-up tweet read. "I like people that weren't captured", he said.

But the Republican senator from Arizona alluded to her record and testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee to urge his fellow lawmakers to vote down her nomination.

'You tell me that the only method we have is please, please, pretty please, tell us what you know?

I respect her desire to not speak ill of a company that she has put so much of herself in to, but there is something to be said for someone who can recognize where we went wrong and how we can improve. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, who said he thought "it's ridiculous" that McCain doesn't want President Trump to attend his funeral. However, the President of trump insists on the approval by the Congress, its candidate.