Minecraft Bedrock update brings PC, Switch, Xbox One users together in June


The new version of Minecraft is an entirely separate game, so those owning Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition will be given the new version of the game for free.

The retail version of Minecraft for Switch is slated to launch on the same day, and will include the update in the package. "With previously released content like the Super Mario Mash-Up included, players everywhere can experience what it's like when Minecraft meets the Mushroom Kingdom!" Sony isn't getting in on the crossplay action.

Owners of Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition - which is now only available via the Nintendo Switch eShop - will be able to download the new version of the game free of charge.

The way it works is somewhat unprecedented in gaming.

This is the first Switch title to feature cross-play support with Windows 10 PCs, Xbox One, Android devices, iOS phones and tablets, and VR platforms. Will you be playing this updated version of Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch?

"Minecraft" on Nintendo Switch will soon allow cross-platform play.

Starting in September, Switch owners will need to pay a fee to play games online. Microsoft introduced the Marketplace in June 2017 and invited 12 community members to become partners.

"Minecraft" will join the small handful of Switch games that can do online multiplayer with other consoles.

An exact release date for this big Minecraft update was not given, but considering E3 2018 is in June it's likely being saved for Nintendo's announcements on June 12. It also finally opens up the Marketplace for the Switch, increasing the number of things Switch owners can spend their money on.