Microsoft Lets You Gift Digital PC Games Now


You'll now be able to gift DLC and full game purchases to your friends on PC, locking them into the often bad UWP apps featured on the Windows store.

Microsoft last fall introduced limited Xbox One gifting options in the Microsoft Store.

Enter the email address of the gift recipient. It was initially only possible on PC as consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One were lacking this now-essential feature used by many gamers. The recipient must be on your Xbox Live friends list. On Xbox One, gift recipients will receive a system message with a clickable redemption button.

The gifting feature has been expanded to include PC games from the Store, and PC games' DLC.

The gift recipient will receive a code for their product along with instructions on how to redeem the code. However there is no such limit on full-price digital goods. Do keep in mind that the Gift Card is not redeemable for cash, so you'll have to spend it at Newegg. As well, the inability to gift pre-orders is an odd stipulation as well, especially considering some games have pre-order bonuses or editions with extra goodies. The first is a little odd, as you're limited to making two discounted gift purchases - and 10 discounted purchases in general - every 14 days. Also, you can't gift across regions with this function - the person you're sending the gift to needs to be in the same region where the game or content was purchased.

It just got a little bit easier to find a gift for that special gamer in your life, in case you want to get a head start on the holiday shopping season. Additionally, you can not gift pre-orders or consumable DLC such as in-game currency. Yup, that's right, PC games have been invited to the gifting party! We are hard at work on improving digital gifting, adding new capabilities as well as support for new content types.