Jaguars QB Blake Bortles nearly had truck stolen at party


Horton was caught on video trying to steal Bortles' truck. Something pinged Bortles as suspicious about the young man, who certainly didn't appear to be one of the invited guests.

It turns out that Horton had pilfered his new black Ford F-150 truck parked in front of the party, which was unlocked with its keys inside, according to TMZ.

The video reportedly showed Horton moving Bortles's truck back and forth in the driveway. Horton couldn't get it out of a packed driveway and went inside. He instead entered the home, but police were called when no one knew who he was.

Duval County jail records show 18-year-old Joseph Arthur Horton is charged with auto theft, auto burglary and trespassing. Blake and Jags lineman Chris Reed were all at a party at the Jacksonville Beach home of offensive lineman Brandon Linder when they noticed a odd young man skulking around the house.

Bortles, Linder and Reed stayed with Horton until officers arrived, the report said.

According to the Jacksonville Beach Police, Joseph Horton stole Bortles' truck and was found trespassing inside of a Jaguars player's home.

Surveillance footage at the home caught the thief on camera and allegedly shows the suspect taking Bortles' wallet and attempting to steal the auto. When asked why he was at the party, Horton claimed he was searching for his ex-girlfriend, but no actual guests of the party had any connection to him.

Horton gave police his address, which turned out to be a multimillion-dollar home on the Intracoastal Waterway just a few blocks down the street.