Android P will indeed have a 'Clear All' button


However, users may have other reasons for closing apps - call it old habits or wanting a clean smartphone interface - and Google seems to be taking that feedback seriously.

Support for multiple displays has also been improved, and more capable hardware like the Pixelbook can connect to a maximum of seven displays simultaneously, Google said.

Google Assistant was super impressive at the I/O keynote address.

Android will provide a better understanding of how you use your phone over time. By adding the Google Assistant to the webOS platform of LG's 2018 AI TVs, the advanced machine learning and natural language processing technologies that Google is known for will simplify life for consumers worldwide, the statement said.

Tell the Google Assistant to book a table for four at 6:00 pm, it tends to the phone call in a human-sounding voice complete with "ums" and "likes", and sends you a message with the details.

At Google I/O 2018 this week, Google has made a ton of announcements, including the arrival of Android P's beta.

As one can guess, rolling out Android P Beta program to non-Pixel smartphones, which also happen to be some of the popular ones, would let Google bring the new OS version to them easily and quickly. "With great partners like Google, we expect there to be many more exciting AI news to come from LG". With Project Treble and new efforts to get manufacturers to roll out regular security updates, the company clearly wants to get updates (both software and security) to end users quicker.

While Google Assistant will soon make calls on behalf of users in the U.S., its capabilities will be limited to just three tasks: booking a restaurant, a hair salon appointment and checking closing/holiday hours for a business.

Experts have warned of the possible misuse of this feature by marketers, politicians, and businesses. It is almost impossible to discern which voice belongs to the human, and which belongs to the bot making the call, complete with natural pauses, inflection and crutches like "uh" and "um".

The company acquired Deep Mind, which was at the time British artificial intelligence startup company. Apart from using it for Android Auto functions, it can be used to control vehicle features like AC and music system also. Social media fuels that debate from time-to-time, with fake news, spreading extremism and more.

We've moved into an era where big data has become so valuable that companies are trying to figure out each and every way they can track you. There are icons to switch the top and bottom app, activate picture in picture, close the split screen mode, and also a smart selection that will pin whatever you select to the top of the screen.