Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate - Announcement Trailer


Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, the follow up to the 3DS' Monster Hunter Generations, heads to Nintendo Switch in August.

According to the official announcement, the western version of Monster Hunter XX will be called Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate and will be available in physical and digital format from August 28. There's also the "G" rank quest, where players face off against new and stronger versions of monsters they've seen before.

Co-op multiplayer - Join up and hunt online with up to three other hunters, or meet-up and play together via local play.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate will feature " a blend of classic gameplay and unique new twists, [and] brand new exportable areas and monsters".

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is a fairly standard entry in the long-running series, in which players pick from one of fourteen different weapon types before heading out into the field to do battle with giant monsters. This lets newcomers to the traditionally hard series execute powerful moves with just a quick tap on the touch screen. This means that Monster Hunter fans in this part of the world will finally be able to take the title for a spin on the Nintendo Switch. The quest level sports the highest level of difficulty for the monsters in the game.

In terms of improvements over the 3DS version there's a range of new, old, and slightly-altered monsters, including fan favourites Barioth and Diablos, six extra-hard Deviant monsters, Elder Dragon Valstrax, and final boss Ahtal-Ka. "With Brave Style, "[players are rewarded] with new moves for landing successive attacks".

Alchemy Style - Support teammates by creating useful field items on the fly during combat.