One-stop shop for youth services offers Mental Health Week tips


Children and young people in the poorest households are three times more likely to have a mental health problem than those growing up in better-off homes. For Mental Health Week, British Columbians and Canadians are being called on to speak out, to #GetLoud on social media and in the community about what mental health means to you, and the people you care about. The Government's plans will fail a generation. But their report says the Green Paper is "not clear" and does not refer to any specific actions. Living a healthy lifestyle may not be easy, but by looking at your overall health every day - both physically and mentally - you can go a long way in ensuring that you focus on your Fitness #4Mind4Body. If the Government is serious about tackling injustices in our society, it must ensure proper targeted funding of support for those most in need'.

Mental Health Week is underway across Canada and in Nipissing District.

"It raises awareness of mental illness and it raises awareness of the programming that exists within the community for those who do have mental illness or families that are affected", Bater said.

"As the report outlines, it is very hard for colleges now to find adequate resources to support young people and help to build their resilience".

The Ministry of Education is addressing early intervention and prevention in schools by adding more supports, so students can begin to discuss mental-health challenges with their teachers or counsellors as soon as these issues develop.

An inquiry into the proposals by the education and health committees raised questions about the amount of training and pay available for new school mental health leads. A number have strong relationships with local NHS and mental health teams. We want to see more evidence that Government will join up services in a way which places children and young people at their heart and that improves services to all children rather than a minority'.

May 7-13 is the Canadian Mental Health Association's Mental Health Week, a national endeavour to spread the message that mental health relates to more than just mental illness - and share the notion that everyone deserves to feel well regardless of their experience with mental health.

He recommended the Kelty Dennehy Mental Health Resource Centre located at Lions Gate Hospital's HOpe Centre, as well as Foundry North Shore, for adults and young people seeking more information on self-care and other mental health tips. But these schemes are set to roll out in only a fifth to a quarter of the country by 2022/23.

A spokesperson for the government said ministers will formally respond to the consultation in the coming months.

The Recovery College courses are free to the community and open to anyone interested in learning ways to improve their own mental health or how to support a loved one.

Two children are diagnosed with serious medical conditions - one child is diagnosed and has a plan for health-based school services put into place almost immediately, while it takes nearly two years for the other child to receive the health services and supports in school that they need.