School District to search for new superintendent


These areas are open to students of all ages and feature a range of different activities that include: cardboard construction, building blocks, robotics and sewing.

The project also will resolve elementary school space issues.

Page also said a new school year could also bring new needs for the district.

Woodstock North High School had 942 students in 2017, and Woodstock High School had 1,026, according to the Illinois State Board of Education.

"As far as the rumor you're hearing that I am taking PTO the rest of year, that is not true", Nybladh said last week before saying Saturday he would use paid leave to take the rest of the year off "because of all of the controversy" surrounding the verbal confrontation.

The school board agreed Tuesday to have open enrollment for additional choice students in kindergarten and grades 7 to 12, but to cap the number of new out-of-district children at 10 each in grades 1 to 6.

Wood said that he felt that it would be foolish not to build core spaces that are larger than the minimum because it would be hard to expand the core spaces once the building is finished. "They're not going to be working during the school day, they'll be in the evening". Meggen Sande said she contacted board member Eric Burin to discuss a matter regarding Nybladh, but he didn't reply, she said.

Marchese implored the school board to not sell the project short.

The committee lessened the tax impact by applying $725,000 in school choice funds and $80,000 in other revenue to the proposed budget.

In an email statement, Superintendent Paul Schley said this is the seventh year in a row the elementary school was given this honor and the second consecutive year the middle school has been honored. Also, the district is now paying for a full-time superintendent on its own, since the end of the shared services agreement with Barker Central School District in light of Roger Klatt's retirement.

"Right now, we have a governance model that was built 50 years ago", said Levesque, CEO of the non-profit Foundation for Excellence in Education and executive director of the Foundation for Florida's Future.

School Board members Charles Beatty III and Auerbach both indicated that they were in favor of keeping the funding level at $105 million to start the planning.

Local real estate tax revenue needed to cover the school budget increase will rise almost $262,000, from $8.72 million to $8.98 million.

In this case, Carpenter and Spivey said the School Board president should address complaints against the superintendent.

Only two other superintendents in the county make more than $200,000 - Santa Rosa, with 14,346 students, will pay its superintendent $201,200 this year, while Cotati-Rohnert Park, with 5,557 students, will pay its superintendent $204,662 this year.