Blue Jays-Royals cancelled by roof damage from falling ice


The Kansas City Royals have had another game postponed.

A few hours after the Blue Jays posted that original tweet, ice fell from CN Tower onto Rogers Centre' roof, according to a Toronto TV station.

The Blue Jays tweeted at 2 p.m. that they are assessing the situation and will make an announcement about if the game will be played.

This is Toronto's third straight postponement and the fourth of the season for Kansas City. After all, Rogers Centre has a retractable dome that comes in handy on days like Monday - when it's cold and raining and feels nothing like mid-April.

Snow is on the field after falling ice from the CN Tower smashed a hole in the Rogers Centre, home of the Toronto Blue Jays, over right field Monday afternoon.

But chunks ice falling from the CN Tower damaged the roof and allowed water to seep into the stadium.

The Jays last played on Friday, when they beat the Indians 8-4 in their series opener in Cleveland.

Fans with tickets to Tuesday's game will be able to attend both games of the double-header, the team said.

Damage from the ice has been reported to other surrounding buildings, but police units are still working on confirming the extent.

The Toronto Blue Jays said they were working with the CN Tower and local police to evaluate conditions around the stadium and expected to provide an update later in the day.

Instead, the rain and sleet storm that has ravaged Toronto and Southern Ontario throughout the weekend resulted in several leaks in the roof of the domed facility. More than 120,000 customers remain without power.