Trump Goes On Sunday Morning Twitter Rant Against 'Slimeball' James Comey


James Comey is embarking on a publicity tour.

President Trump slammed ex-FBI Director James Comey again over the weekend, this time for assuming Hillary Clinton would pummel the former reality TV star in the presidential election.

There's a lot going on in Trump's Sunday morning tweets, so let's back up a bit to see what he's trying to get at. CNN's Jake Tapper is set to interview Comey on April 19.

Comey's new book, "A Higher Loyalty", will be released on Tuesday, although multiple news outlets, including CBS News, have obtained copies of the book ahead of time.

The interviews are Comey's first public comments since he testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee last June, when he accused Trump of firing him to undermine the FBI's Russian Federation investigation.

Trump and his allies have already launched a counterattack.

"With former FBI Director #James Comey releasing his new book titled "#A Higher Truth" next week, Donald Trump has not been happy about what has been revealed.

In the ABC News interview to be broadcast in full later on Sunday, Mr Comey discusses his handling of the FBI investigation into Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server when she was secretary of state under then-President Barack Obama.

Clinton has in the past blamed her defeat in 2016 on Comey. The Comey and McCabe memos are very real. 3.

The publicity tour - and the book - will be the first time the American public has heard extensively from Comey since his explosive testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee in June of a year ago.

Refuting the contents of the book, excerpts of which have appeared in the American press, Trump said he never asked Comey for personal loyalty.

Trump recently accused Comey of leaking classified information, saying he should be prosecuted for lying to Congress under oath.

After an hour of trashing Comey's character and reputation, Trump posted that he barely knew Comey, his favourite way of distancing himself from a contentious figure.

Many social media users however took a dim view of Comey's revelations and of his book as a whole. While Comey does not outline the details of the information - and says he didn't see indications of Lynch inappropriately influencing the investigation - he says it anxious him that the material could be used to attack the integrity of the probe and the FBI's independence. In the clip, Comey characterizes the situation as surreal.