Manchester City crowned champions but Vincent Kompany already wants more


Their dominance of the league, with 28 wins and just two defeats bear that out, but the circumstances in which they have been handed the title were surprising.

Manchester United captain Michael Carrick says he didn't hesitate when offered a coaching job by manager Jose Mourinho.

Paul Pogba starts again in his favourite position again for Manchester United in today's English Premier League clash against West Bromwich Albion at Old Trafford.

This unlikely scenario caused much amusement for some.

Former Manchester City defender Andy Hinchcliffe on Sky Sports: They have been the dominant force this season and, with the style in which they play, they are the best side the Premier League I have seen.

Other players, analysts and broadcasters congratulated the champions, with varying degrees of joy and despair.

'The commitment, the desire, and I asked if Pogba can do that all the time, the way he played against City. As sweet as such a triumph would have been - United's 3-2 win, after being 2-0 down, denied their neighbours the title that day - the emphasis placed on being crowned champions by defeating their bitter rivals might just have overshadowed the true magnitude of City's third. A 16-point lead with five games to play and 93 goals scored represents an emphatic response, not that any doubts ever existed inside the City dressing room. That's Liverpooling more than Liverpool have ever Liverpooled this season.

"I have won titles, I would not be happy if someone said the title was won if someone loses a match. We have the chance to win it at home and I will be very excited to be champions with our fans and it will remain in our hearts for the rest of our lives".

"I saw lots of people on the moon because we won against City". Previous times, we almost threw it away and that was a feature of every season we won it.

"They won the title because they were the best team".

The Baggies are sitting at the base of the English Premier League table standings and will find it hard to stop a Manchester United side that is pushing to finish second in the league this year.