Justin Bieber Dances Shirtless at Coachella


Fresh off of watch Yodelling Kid on stage, the "Sorry" singer reportedly punched a man who grabbed a woman by the throat, at a Coachella party. According to the source, the woman "appeared to be the man's ex-girlfriend".

The source claims that a man who seemed to be intoxicated entered the party and approached the young woman, placed his hands around her neck and refused to release her.

Justin Bieber came to the rescue of a fellow party guest at Patrick Schwarzenegger's Coachella bash on Saturday night, April 14 during a fight. Justin was talking to some people when a guy walked in, spotted a woman. and went ballistic.

Justin, the Woman Respecter, made quick tracks to diffuse the situation - by giving old mate a swift knuckle sandwich to the face and held him against the wall so the woman could get away from him. The guy was reportedly then thrown out of the event and was soon after seen chasing an SUV that he apparently though Justin was inside of. The man was eventually arrested.

He was in good spirits and, two days before the brawl, was even spotted taking selfies with 11-year-old internet sensation Mason "Walmart Kid" Ramsey who became a viral hit when he was filmed yodelling inside the USA discount store last month.