Commonwealth Games 2018: WATCH shocking moment Callum Hawkins COLLAPSES in marathon


Callum Hawkins gave so much only for victory to be cruelly snatched away which is why we will relish his next success all the more. "It got me going - when I was half way round and they said Callum was in the lead, I was thinking "I want to get to the end" so I could be part of the Scottish team and do the whole team proud". "It's a time to look, in the cold light of day, to see what lessons can be learned for future marathons around the world in these conditions, which were unbelievably tough".

Team Scotland later shared a positive update on Twitter, saying there were no major concerns and revealing Hawkins was sitting up in bed and talking with his Dad.

While Hawkins may have been resistant to receive treatment knowing it would constitute an instant disqualification from the race - which was eventually won by Australia's Michael Shelley - under IAAF rules, authorities have the power to force a retirement and administer treatment straightaway "if ordered to do so by the Medical Delegate, or a medical doctor who is a member of the official medical staff".

"I'm just concerned for his welfare".

"You can't have medical people on every kilometre of the race", insisted Mark Peters, the CEO of GOLDOC.

"This is not in keeping with the spirit of GC2018".

"I thought hopefully I can get to the finish line because I was starting to get cramps in my hands".

"Thanks for all your messages of support today and to the Gold Coast University Hospital staff", said Hawkins from hospital, where he remained overnight.

As you know the global rules are very clear in that an athlete has to declare themselves unfit to race (before they can receive any medical attention).

"I saw him and just tried to hang on".

"They are professionally positioned as they are for our Gold Coast marathon when we have 30,000 people running".

"We need to check the facts out.obviously the health of the athlete is absolute prime", he said. When I was coming down the home straight I tried to accelerate but I was just gone.

"I'm glad to be finished to be honest", added Shelley.

Mr Peters said he was anxious about the actions of some spectators when Hawkins collapsed.

"Medics were shockingly slow to get there and then to act when they did".

"So what you think you want - sometimes you get ideas in you head that you think is what's happening - can be quite different from reality".

"I heard he is a bit better so I really hope he's alright".

The 37-year-old's global career came to a close with a time of 1:30:26 to win by over a minute ahead of John Smith and Simon Lawson, who claimed two medals for England. Hawkins had about a two-minute lead over Shelley but became disoriented in the humid conditions.

Fellow Tanzanian Saidi Juma Makula collapsed close to the finish line before being helped into an ambulance - one of seven of the 24 starters who failed to complete the race.