Cohen Again Denies He Made Prague Visit During Trump Campaign


A grand jury investigating possible crimes by Cohen for months, and that covert surveillance was conducted on several email accounts of his before Monday's raid.

Now, thanks to new court filings we have a better idea. The filing came in response to Cohen's effort to block prosecutors from reviewing documents seized in searches of his home and office on Monday. Previous search warrants allowed NY federal prosecutors to search multiple email accounts, the filing said.

Proof of Cohen's presence in Prague would amount to the strongest evidence yet that the Trump campaign colluded with Russian Federation to help Trump win the 2016 election.

Hilariously, prosecutors also slammed Cohen's claims of attorney-client privilege. Why?

The president has maintained that special counsel Robert Mueller's probe is a political witch hunt against his campaign. Mueller's office referred the case about his business dealings to NY but hasn't been involved since, the Manhattan prosecutors said.

[Mueller's investigators] have traced evidence that Cohen entered the Czech Republic through Germany, apparently during August or early September of 2016 as the ex-spy reported, said the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is confidential.

Hendon, who said Trump hired her on Wednesday evening, urged Wood not to decide who gets first shot to review seized documents until after she files a brief by Sunday night.

Later, he points out that Cohen's claims the he had cooperated with Congressional investigations into Russian meddling in U.S. politics are contradicted in an interview he did with Time. "If they in fact do exist, Attorney Davidson will pursue all his legal rights under the law", said a spokesman for Davidson, Dave Wedge.

Like we said last week, awash in troubles of his own making (Stormy, Mueller, tariffs, Cohen, Syria hedging, etc.), images of Trump seemed to cast him more clearly on the defensive.

Cohen's lawyers, for their part, have asked to review the material for themselves, a proposal which the Manhattan prosecutors are fighting. The agenda, says the dossier, covered questions on covering up payments to Europe-based hackers targeting Hillary Clinton's campaign and "Moscow's secret liaison with the TRUMP team more generally".

"She also wants to ensure that she is heard and that she's represented at the hearing".

The Justice Department is asking for a so-called taint team to vet the material seized in the raids Monday, as is standard process. All lawyers are deflated and concerned!