Afghan, Pakistan Security Forces Clash at Border


A cross-border gunfight between Pakistani and Afghan security forces on Sunday left at least two people dead, officials from both countries said, amid simmering tensions between the neighbours.

Later, Afghan provincial administration spokesman Talib Mangal said six Pakistani troops, an Afghan border guard and a civilian were killed during an exchange of fire at the Lando Ghar, Nazo Ghar and Khawna Ghonday mountains. Announcements were made through loudspeakers in mosques, asking the Turi Bangash and other tribesmen to move to the border areas.

The ISPR statement further said that the officials were reviewing fencing arrangements on the border when the incident occurred.

According to foreign news agencies, the casualties were the result of ongoing clashes along the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Col. Hanan added that local villagers and the Afghan Border Police retaliated with gunfire.

Afghanistan and Pakistan share a 2,430-kilometer (1,510-mile) long disputed border region called the Durand Line, named after the British colonial officer Sir Mortimer Durand who drew it between the then British India and Afghanistan in 1896. Clashes are still underway, Col Hanan said. He claimed that the Afghan forces have also captured Pakistani soldiers, but refused to reveal their number.

The bodies of the two Pakistanis were found on the Afghan side of the border near Pakistan's tribal belt, Zadran told AFP.

In earlier reports, the security forces confirmed injuries to three personnel but later the ISPR informed that two personnel were martyred and three injured.

The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), the military's media wing, in a statement said that the Frontier Corps personnel deployed in Kurram Agency were attacked from Afghanistan. It was once an ideal point for militants to move across the border in the past.